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The controversial Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa called this “spiritual materialism”.
When a Buddhist stands before a shrine, the objects he sees on it help him to recall the qualities that are found in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. A simple Buddhist shrine, common to nearly all Buddhist traditions, has a Buddha statue or picture, and perhaps a candle, incense, and flowers.
May the Buddha be at my head, the Dhamma in my heart and the Sangha at my side to protect and guide me always. The first extreme is to seek to extinguish suffering through the pursuit of  pleasures and the indulgence of desire.
So, neither path is effective because they both acknowledge the existence of an inherent self, the first by wallowing in the desires of the perceived self and the second by denying said pleasures and causing harm to the physical self hoping to move beyond or tame the desires. For others to achieve Nirvana, or the end of suffering, they must follow the Noble Eightfold Path as set forth by Buddha over 2,500 years ago. The next article talks about the Sections of the Eightfold Path from there we will go into each step in detail.
In the past few articles we discussed and identified the causes of suffering, thus we are now ready to discuss how to put an end to suffering. To understand the truth of the end of suffering, one of the obstacles that we have to overcome is the doubt that an end of suffering is even possible. One day a turtle crawled up out of the water and sat on the bank looking at the sun, clouds, trees, birds and other wonderful sights. We have to be on guard against dismissing the possibility of the complete end of suffering or the possibility of attaining Nirvana simply because we have not experienced it ourselves. Now that we know that life is suffering, ignorance and desire cause suffering and that we must have confidence in the path to attain Enlightenment. Meditation is not a separate thing from life; it is the very essence of life, the very essence of daily living.
My recent experiences with yoga studios have caused me to draw inward and reflect on human nature.
The lines “We separate ourselves from everything, and then from this isolation look and listen to all things. Mike always has the best posts in his blog Silent Musings — short, pithy, and exceedingly on point about spirituality. As yoga practitioners and meditators we run from one form or style to another, always seeking, never stopping.
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The popular John Lennon song "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" speaks to us about how we have not done much for those who are suffering yet fails to share suffering's remedy; the true meaning of Christmas and the hope it brings through perfect love that drives out fear.
What if we were to cease starring in the role of Bystander and not just hope that the coming year is indeed a good one without any fear?
Join me in today's VOX Daily as we explore what this time of year is truly calling us to and how you can make a difference, despite the odds. That being said, I have decided to do something radical and not set foot in a mall, period.
There is a hole in our hearts that cannot be filled by things that perish such as food, clothing, toys, electronics, automobiles and so on. The list comprises of a few things, and surprisingly, they cannot be bought, cost us nothing and have infinite worth. For me, the birth of Jesus Christ, who came for all people, is why Christmas is celebrated.
While the magi who followed the star gave this little king costly gifts including gold, frankincense and myrrh, Jesus, the one who gave his life that we might live, simply asks for our hearts. Hear me now when I say that gift giving in itself isn't wrong, nor is it wrong to spend money on gifts to give to other people. Thank you for your comments :) I appreciate them and am encouraged by your words of affirmation. Good article, it is such a shame, that I have to see articles like this and many young people I meet today have to read an article like this to perhaps take action. And don't let this type of concern only show it's self during the Holidays, during the year keep the spirit with you every where you go. Sorry this is so late in coming - I've been offline for a couple of weeks due to this busy, busy season). Thanks first for the reminder that we all need at this time of year - that "more" is really less when when it comes to our REAL needs. Vox Daily offers a daily dose of voice acting news, articles, tutorials, interviews, intelligent conversation and business ideas for voice talent and voice actors. In this modern spiritual classic, the Tibetan meditation master Chogyam Trungpa highlights the commonest pitfall to which every aspirant on the spiritual path falls prey: what he calls spiritual materialism. Book shelves are filled with literature on creating financial prosperity and the promise of revealing absolute secrets insuring your desired outcome. I chose this topic because after nearly two and a half very stress filled years, I finally sold my home in Hawaii. Under stressful times it is very interesting truly living in the moment, trying to focus on work, and to do simple things like walking the dogs, exercise, eating right, and other disciplines.
7.  Free choice and free will are gifts just as uncertainty is in the duality of this Universe, but we MUST watch our every thought, word, and action. The love of God was my motivation, even when I did not fully understand what was happening. The following is an excerpt from our new book The Measure of Christ’s Love and is reprinted with the permission of Tate Publishing. Beloveds, at this present time a spiritual life is not completely understood by the majority, and it is more important than all of the material possessions on earth. Most of you have dreams where you do not feel like yourselves, and somehow know you are something more. Although, when a person is not in balance it does energetically have the power to bring forth misfortune, and misunderstandings; souls who get involved in the imbalance of materialism are sometimes called back to the center of their being through a loving act of mercy from their own God Presence. Catherine ascended on March 19, 2010 comforted by the knowledge the Office of the Christ’s work will continue to raise consciousness in the hands of her dear sister friend Vera Lauren.
Vera Lauren, Catherine’s longtime friend, is a contemporary master, a highly intuitive channel with an awakened spirit who is a writer, editor, and compiled all the books. Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive a free report on the hidden messages in the top 10 spiritual movies from the past year. It is also well known that the Buddha taught everyone, regardless of caste, race, gender, etc.

Ideally, Buddhist altars should be facing east as the Buddha was facing east where he saw the morning star, Venus, and experienced enlightenment. Here we see that to reach a higher state of wisdom we need to work on our understanding and intention. The Fourth Noble Truth is the Middle Path, a path leading to the cessation of Dukkha — and thus the path to enlightenment. Before Buddha became enlightened he was Prince Siddhartha Gautama he lived a life of luxury with all his desires fulfilled and yet he was not free from suffering.
The eight steps of the path form the fourth truth of the Four Noble Truths, which are among the most fundamental of Buddhist teachings. The eight steps that make the path or wheel result in a practical guide to ethics, mental development, and modifying the way your work, live and even breathe. Just as when one has identified the pain in your lower, left side, abdomen and you are then in a position to remove the cause of the pain. How can I believe that there can be an end to suffering?”  In response to these questions I say that if it were not for the development of radio receivers which translates the unseen radio waves into sound we would not be able to enjoy radio. When he returned to the water and told his fish friends about his experiences out of the water they did not believe him. When Marco Polo returned to Italy after traveling to the Far East, he was put in prison because what he said about how large the Far East was and other various things that challenged what was then believed about the nature of the Universe.
If we can accept that the end of suffering is possible, that we can be cured of an illness, then we can proceed with the steps, that have been taken before, that are necessary in order to achieve that cure.
Your heart was in this, and it screamed the obvious which is needed and that we are called to declare.
Young parents, teach your children this lesson easily by being an example to them so that it will be come a natural reaction for them to reach out to others.
When shopping for your regular groceries, toss in an extra can of food or package of rice and beans that can be dropped off at a food bank or shelter. As a business owner, I'm sure it's sometimes a challenge to know where to draw the line between being authentic and genuine - being who you are as a believer - and facing clients, talent, and others who don't agree with our faith.
Most of us have heard or read these familiar phrases; Ask, believe, then receive, God has a plan, it all happens in His timing, and so on.
I am a nester and found it difficult to dive into my self-imposed responsibilities when all I wanted to do was to close my eyes and wake up when it was all over.
When you are on a deeply committed spiritual path, Spirit wants this for you even more then you do. Our Creator looks at the big picture knowing every detail of our past lives and the necessary karmic balance. In this excerpt Jesus offers suggestions on creating through his beloved oracle Catherine Julian Dove and messenger Vera Lauren. It is not to say those who have a great deal cannot dwell with me, for I sanctify all who deeply crave this depth of knowledge. Yes, there are souls that chose to learn about wealth by being born rich, and do appreciate what they have. The latter are only temporary conveniences, and everyone should consider using some of their leisure time to understand the true nature of their being. In other words, you feel there is more substance to who you are than the reflection in the mirror, and the life you are leading. In the early stages you hold onto me very tightly, since you do not know the way of the divine. Jesus explains, a high level channel like Catherine only comes along every 200 years or so, if that. She was appointed by the Office of the Christ to be the president and spokesperson for the Christ Matrix. The Dharma places a higher value on a person’s ethic and virtue rather than what family or caste one was born into.
A shrine makes it easier to develop a habit of contemplative practice as it gives the practitioner a defined place to practice.
But is you do not have the room for an altar you can just put up a picture or even just a simple Buddhist saying on a piece of paper to help center your practice and mind. To behave in a more ethical way we need to develop our speech, action and make our living in a ethically responsible manner. The second extreme is to seek to extinguish suffering through acesticism.  Buddha tried this path too, nearly killing himself by denying any pleasure, including eating. Once Siddhartha Gautama realized discovered this he achieved Enlightenment and was free from suffering. By achieving these eight steps, a Buddhist follower will eliminate all suffering and reach the desired state of Nirvana.
We can now start to put an end to suffering by elimination craving, ill-will and ignorance.
When we say confidence or faith we  do not speak of faith in the sense of blind acceptance but in the sense of recognizing or accepting the possibility of achieving the goal of ending suffering. Until Antony van Leeuwenhoek opened up a whole new world with his studies of the microscopic world most people did not believe in microscopic animals and plants. The fish could not believe that there existed a place that was completely dry and totally unlike what the fish knew and were familiar with. When Copernicus advanced the theory that the Earth circled the Sun instead of the opposite being true. Unless and until we believe that a cure is possible there is no question of successfully completing the treatment. What no one mentions is what happens when you religiously follow all of the instructions with seemingly no results. To better understand my perspective I will share I have been on a life-long spiritual journey.
So much so there were days I felt I should protect myself against the seemingly constant assaults from the Universe. There are the obvious problems with indulging in that behavior, like needing an income to pay the utility bills. It is also true the higher you climb the steeper the mountain, hence the more difficult the lessons can be. I was always aware situations and experiences are opportunities to show Spirit how conscious we have become. Intellectually I understand emotions block intuition and you will not clearly understand the response from Spirit.
You should receive satisfaction from all of your acquired creations, even if you only want to further enhance them; however, when you allow material things to own you, instead of solely enjoying ownership, imbalance is created.

The indwelling spirit lives in eternity, oneness, and unity, and it is not preoccupied by any sense of status in a community. This memory is given in order for the human soul to stir and hear the call I have spoken of, that knock on the door, to see if you are ready to allow me to awaken you. Your hearts and minds are challenged in various circumstances as you learn the will of Christ in your life, the Will of God, and His purpose for you.
Vera is an inspirational and empowered emotional healer, and compassionate communicator; selflessly living her life in service. The shrine also, as in my case, gives visitors a chance to become acquainted with Buddhist practices and the serenity that a shrine can bring. I suggest the following from section from morning prayers write it down and read it each day. For us to concentrate properly we must put in effort, be mindful and develop our concentration. The follower does not have to complete the steps sequentially, but rather, he may obtain them simultaneously. If you do not have faith that a doctor can cure you of your abdominal pain you will not seek out a doctor, you will never take the medicine or have an operation to help you.
I would hazard to say that few who read this, unless you are a particle physicist, have actually observed an electron and yet we accept them because there are people who have special training and instruments who have seen them and with enough studying and hard work we too could see them.
The fish would not believe that there was such a place where creatures walked and flew rather than swam, where they breathed air instead of water, and that the sun was round like a ball instead of just a glow. In order therefore to attain progress on the path, to realize, eventually, the end of suffering one has to have at least confidence in the possibility of achieving the goal, the goal of attaining Nirvana.
I did put things in perspective, counting my blessings and keeping my focus on what I did have and not just the preferred outcome. The saints experienced communion with me because they placed that as their most valued commodity, and they did not obsess very much over the outer world. As you learn more of whom you are your light grows in accordance with your divine and true nature, and I will continue to work to expand your spiritual development. Dove’s spiritual journey was heightened with visitations from Mother Mary and Jesus as well as many other ascended masters such as; Lord Kuthumi, who is an incarnation of Saint Francis, Sanat Kumara, also known as The Ancient of Days, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Buddha, members of the Karmic Board, and many other ascended masters and Archangels who come through the Christ Matrix, a grid from Alpha and Omega of the Great Central Sun, utilizing and developing the Christ energies. Catherine left Vera with an enormous reserve of her channelings combined with Vera’s knowledgeable background, channeling, writing and editing skills, readers will be thrilled to know there are many, many teachings soon to come. If you plan on visiting the Art Institute you should check out their Art Access website first.
Thus, you will die as a result of an illness that could have been cured it you had faith that going to a doctor would help you. The same applies in regards to the possibility of the end of suffering and of attaining Nirvana; we ought not to reject the possibility of attain Nirvana outright simply because we have not experienced it ourselves. If you listened to the sound of those bells with complete silence, you would be riding on it–or, rather, the sound would carry you across the valley and over the hill. So this motivates me not to waste time and to constantly ask: What is the lesson I am supposed to be learning.
When you make it to the other side it is what Jesus was referring to when he said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God….”  What this means is first seek God out of love and greater love will be returned to you. They helped direct me to that stillness; expanding my consciousness to awakening and to hear God’s whisper within, demonstrating His unconditional love and compassion.
Subsequently, they are actually supporting a belief in limitation and lack, which is fear-based. I am truly an instructor of the soul, and a doorway for you, and those who call themselves my disciples, and I love everyone. The lessons are intended to be about kindness, forgiveness, love, and the sharing of God’s light, for all who ask to partake of it, because everyone has a dwelling place within the Lord. Since Jesus is the author, through his oracle, Catherine Julian Dove, rest assured all future books using Catherine’s prolific channelings from Jesus, will be written by his messenger, Vera Lauren, in the exact style, integrity, and moral high bar as the first book. Lauren perpetually contributes to the planetary ascension process and truly lives as an example of her philosophies of higher consciousness. But every journey starts with the first step and now that we are on this journey together I look forward to traveling with you.
So, confidence, belief in the possibility of being cured is an indispensable prerequisite to stopping suffering. I don't want to be part of traditions of man when I clearly know I need to obey the commands of God. Until this recent ordeal, friends and associates considered me quite adept at co-creating and patiently applying the Universal laws including karma—cause and effect, surrender, and acceptance.  By nature, I am a happy soul and an optimist. Whatever hurdles we are facing, we can all eventually  prosper by resurrecting our own consciousness. Your customs have brought about monumental misunderstandings, and often those people do not remember or experience the simple pleasures, and some loose a considerable amount of light in these endeavors.
When communing we create a ripple in the fabric of this universe, and I generate wave patterns that bring knowledge, and understanding. When I was the embodiment of Jesus, I healed many so they would have the opportunity to love God, and to know they were loved, cherished, and perfect in God’s Eyes.
As I have been saying, each one of you, along with your planet, is on a journey of understanding, and experiencing divine love as it moves through innumerable systems of thought. She is a straightforward and loving spiritual counselor and continues to be blessed by visions from many masters. No one was more surprised than I the home did not immediately sell, even in consideration of the poor market conditions. During the process of initiation seals are opened, and you receive a deeper comprehension of the Allness of the Divine, and how It relates Itself to levels within creation. To be whole and healed again requires forgiving all others and holding a just mind; this is what I taught. We are here for a higher cause, we are not our own, and our purpose was Divinely granted if people could just take their eyes off themselves and refocus. Yes, you must be practical, however, the market could be terrific and if all things for you are not in alignment, you might not sell.
I prayed and meditated, visualized the home already sold and the new owners enjoying it, recited daily affirmations, wrote myself a mock check, devotionally said countless thank you prayers, wrote in my gratitude journal often, looked for the humor in the experience, applied Feng Shui, and took many other positive actions.

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