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This was the first healing workshop that I had attended and so wasn’t quite sure what was going to be involved but it was an extremely enjoyable and enlightening experience for me. This is a fantastic workshop that i would highly recommend to anyone intetested in healing. I have been interested in healing for some time, so this workshop was a great opportunity for me to learn as much as I could. Having been interested in healing for some time now and when i read about Medium Michelle Stokotelny offering this workshop I immediately decided that I wanted to do this. The entire premise and perspective of this article is based on the purpose of life, one of which is to grow spiritually and help others not merely at worldly level but with the focus to grow spiritually.
Learn in a few minutes how spiritual healing can help you now to get a healthy and happy human..
Important: Human Beings are spiritual nature and can be helped best in the spiritual way. Medical control is always advice to monitor the healing process, support the physical functions thru medicine and to avoid healing crisis. It is important to supplement the body with alkaline food to detoxify your whole biological system. Spiritual healing is not new, this has been practiced for thousands of years, and other forms of spiritual healing include Energy Medicine, Energy Therapy, Energy Healing, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch.
Another thing to keep in mind, when we use the word a€?Spirita€™ we are not solely talking about God and religious faith, in fact it is not required or one to have faith in order for spiritual healing to work. When a spiritual healer is being used the healing doesna€™t come just from their hands but it is a combination of their healing forces injunction with the spirit, or medium, of the healer. As with everything else in the medical area, if you do know that something is not right and you are continuing to get sick or feel pain and all forms of healing has not worked then the best thing to do is to see a doctor.A  But remember you are not alone out there and if you want more information if spiritual healing has helped others why not try some psychic chat rooms, there may be many other people out there having the same problems you are. Michelle teaches with love, clarity and understanding and so I gained the maximum from this session. I wasn’t quite sure what was going to be involved but the experience was amazing, extremely enlightening and so enjoyable. The more we are aligned to helping a person grow spiritually when we practice spiritual healing, the less we risk being misaligned with the purpose of life and a resultant reduction in our spiritual capability to heal.

Many healers work directly with their patients – it is also possible and effective to work over unlimited distance and it is called REMOTE HEALING (click here).
SPIRITUAL HEALING, help always in one way or another – including all human ailments.
God initiates through the Holy Spirit higher beings to help and heal you in your problems.
But patience, consistency and faith are always important to pass negative situations in life.
Doctors and healer should cooperate for the sake of the patients – England demonstrates that it perfectly works. With people with whom you are in bad terms - send them positive vibes and see yourself in harmony with them. Get the latest information on Spiritual- Reiki and Energy Healing and receive your FREE Spiritual Healing Session. Spiritual Healing is a healer that can channel healing energies into a person using nontraditional methods. All one must have is trust in the healer and to be open to the possibilities in healing, having a positive attitude is stronger than you may believe.
The souls from the other side who assist with the healing, an energy you cannot see that is flowing through the healers hands and body to help heal the wounded. The meditations, straight from her guides, were unique and powerful and gave me the best results I’ve ever had from a guided meditation.
In tandem with her wonderful guides she leads you through 2 wonderful meditations and leaves you feeling peaceful and ready to begin sending healing loving energy.
Michelle along with her spirit guides teach this with clarity, love and understanding allowing you to gain the maximum from this workshop.
In this article we define what we mean by the phrase spiritual healing and discuss the principles behind how it works.
Therefore all kind of diseases, problems and adversities are clouds which don’t really exist. Spiritual healing is to some the belief that religious faith can bring about healing through prayers or other rituals.

If you go into a healing feeling negative about what is about to happen then you are closed from the possibilities, but if you go feeling positive it can work then you have a greater chance for the healing to work. These spiritual healers have an amazing gift that cana€™t be seen with the naked eye; they can feel where the pain is and have the ability to help heal it. The healing itself was, again, a powerful (literally) experience as the energy in the room was palpable and resulted in a ball of almost solid energy in my hands. If yo want to learn about healing, look no further, you won’t find a better teacher anywhere.
Michelle then leads you through 2 amazing live meditations, which are so unique as they come directly form her guides.
The divine healing energy passes from the Zero Zone Field through higher beings: angelic beings, great prophets or avartars, holy masters, saints, great spiritual teachers, healing angels, and others. But also animals and plants successfully experience healing, so that the imagination as the only source of healing must be excluded.
To others spiritual healing is a person who allows him or herself to be used as a channel for the flow of healing light and energy. The meditations, for me, were so powerful that I could feel so much energy emanating not only from the room but from my own being. Then THRU THE SPIRIT of the healer the energy will be directed to the patient’s etheric and physical bodies. As a team Michelle and her guides teach with such clarity you are never left with any unanswered questions but always wanting to learn more. So if you are interested in working with spirit and reading these testimonials, you have come to the right place!
Also important is the positive mental attitude of the patient, a healthy lifestyle and a harmonious surrounding.

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