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Primordial Sound Meditation is a healing practice that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. In the 21st century, the restful awareness we experience during meditation is more valuable than ever. Primordial Sound Meditation isn’t about forcing your mind to be quiet, but about experiencing the quiet that is already there.
Julia will need your date, place and time of birth ~ this information is required to calculate the ‘song the universe was making at the moment of your birth. Once your Primordial Sound Mantra has been determined by the Chopra Center in California, Julia will teach you how to use it and will help you integrate this practice into your daily life, reawakening balance, tranquility and compassion within. In Session One, Julia will introduce you to the basic principles of meditation; its history and the importance of your mantra. In Session Two, you will receive personal instruction in your Primordial Sound Mantra and learn how to use it.  You will experience meditation for the time using your Primordial Sound Mantra. In Session Three, you will learn the practical aspects of meditation, share your experiences, receive answers to any questions you may have and meditate as a group or with Julia. In Session Four, Julia will share Deepak Chopra’s vision of the Higher States of Consciousness that can be achieved with regular Primordial Sound Meditation practice.
TestimonialsI've tried a number of different yoga classes over the years and having experienced Yog Sundari's classes I would never go anywhere else.
Zen meditation vigorously discourages mental withdrawal from the world and dreaminess, and instead asks one to keep fully aware with a vigilant attitude. To see what effects Zen meditation might have on the brain, scientists compared 12 people from the Atlanta area with more than three years of daily practice in Zen meditation with 12 novices who had never practiced meditation.
Their scans revealed that Zen training led to different activity in a set of brain regions known as the "default network," which is linked with spontaneous bursts of thought and wandering minds.

Zen meditation discourages mental withdrawal from the world and dreaminess, and instead asks one to keep fully aware with a vigilant attitude.
The seemingly nonsensical Zen practice of "thinking about not thinking" could help free the mind of distractions, new brain scans reveal. This suggests Zen meditation could help treat attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (so-called ADD or ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, major depression and other disorders marked by distracting thoughts.
In the last decade, there has been a resurgence of scientific research into meditation, due in part to the wide availability and increasing sophistication of brain-scanning techniques. Pagnoni and his colleagues investigated Zen meditation, which Pagnoni himself has practiced while studying for his doctorate in Italy. By teaching people how to clear their minds of interruptions, Zen meditation could help disorders marked by distracting thoughts, Pagnoni said. Pagnoni added that the default mode network might be especially vulnerable to Alzheimer's disease. Pagnoni noted one potential failing of the study was that the volunteers experienced in Zen meditation might have some innate capacity for controlling their thoughts, explaining the differences seen.
Purchases over $50 receive a FREE DOWNLOAD CARD of my unique relaxation music (shipped with your order). For thousands of years, people have used meditation to move beyond the mind’s busy activity and emotional turbulence into profound peace and expanded awareness. The pace of life has accelerated, every day we are bombarded with more information and stimulation than our ancestors encountered during entire lifetimes.
As scientific research reveals, when you meditate, your breathing slows, blood pressure decreases, and stress hormone levels fall. Even when your mind is filled with agitated thoughts, you still have access to the inner stillness and calm that always lies beneath the choppy surface of thought and emotion.

Every once in a while, they had to distinguish a real word from a nonsense word displayed at random times on a computer screen and, having done that, promptly try and focus on their breathing again. After volunteers experienced in Zen were distracted by the computer, their brains returned faster to how they were before the interruption than novice brains did. Typically one focuses on breathing and posture and aims to dismiss thoughts as they arise. For instance, scientists recently found that months of intense training in meditation can sharpen a person's brain enough to help them notice details they might otherwise miss. Ideally, scientists could track novices as they grow experienced in Zen meditation, to see if their brains change or not, he said. Not surprisingly, the number of people suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic health problems is on the rise – and many are searching for peace of mind. This effect was especially striking in the angular gyrus, a brain region important for processing language.
In this article, we will tell you the meaning of Om symbol, which will help you understand what does this Hindu symbol Om signify. Julia's classes are a completely different experience - she encourages you to really listen to your body and to do what is right for you.

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