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If I'm stressed he'll sit in the recliner with me, yes he thinks he's a lap dog, and lay with me. I had a friend who was an avid runner and he suffered a spinal cord injury due to being in a car accident and could no longer run. Guys i want a guy friend that can fangirl with me even if he doesn't like the band that much for him to have my back and talk and text a lot and a guy that wont judge me WHERE R U!!!! Through everything, he always stood by Scott even when others walked away, and when Scott failed to care or see how faithful Stiles was to him.
He asks me all the time if I'll take him back when I come back in December, I tell him no and to leave me alone.

I can't seem to let him go and we fight and we broke up and he call me and say that he loves me and I would forgive him..
Knowing how much it hurts to be the monster, and to be alone with that feeling, he couldn't bring himself to tell her his name and make her feel as alone as he feels. Because through everything, even when I feel like I'm completely overlooked or under-appreciated, my friends still have me at the end of it all. Like everything that I've posted on here, like staying away from people and putting up walls, he basically told me those things (about me) and really tried to help me.
My best guy friend is the only one who can help me, hes been through everything and always cares about me.

It's too bad that I'll only see him for anther 2 weeks and then we will be going to a different high school.

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