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There is NOTHING boring about being a kid, but one little girl is going to have to prove it in this anything-but-boring picture book from comedian Michael Ian Black.Just when a little girl thinks she could not possibly be more bored, she stumbles upon a potato who turns the tables on her by declaring that children are boring. On Facebook, I saw a great quote that I recognized immediately from one of my favorite episodes. I hand my kids a garbage bag and tell them to pack their toys up and we will donate them since they obviously don’t need them anymore.

But this girl is not going to let a vegetable tell her what is what, so she sets out to show the unimpressed potato all the amazing things kids can do. K., for getting insight to my daughter, making her happy, and rescuing our family from a cranky morning. Too bad the potato is anything but interested.This tongue-in-cheek twist on a familiar topic is sure to entertain anyone who has ever been bored or had to hear about someone else being bored, and is filled with comedian Michael Ian Black's trademark dry wit, accompanied by charismatic illustrations from newcomer Debbie Ridpath Ohi.

When she asks it why it's bored, he says it's because he has to hang out with her, a kid, which is boring.

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