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Out of ideas? Try our fun things to do when bored list that WON'T rob you of your cash! NO MORE OF THIS! Do you want some more THINGS TO DO WHEN BORED?Sign up for our MONTHLY E-Zine - filled with loads of exciting things to do. Whether those words are uttered in the middle of summer holidays or on the first day, it's always frustrating for parents.
If you're looking for ideas to customize your list, you can check out my Summer board on Pinterest.

How often do your kids say "I'm bored!"?  What do you do when they say the dreaded words?  Please share your tips in the comments! Admire the peace and tranquility of the night sky. View the strangest homepage on the net! Click to view Thousands and Thousands and MORE Thousands of Shoes If you love shoes, you'll never be bored again! Go for a midnight or midday swim. You will find other BORED people just like you there! Make a list of all the things that you know how to do. Choose one of the above and build a website about it.

Search "live web cams". Find your home (address) & images on "Google Earth" compare the size of your home with the Jones'es.

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