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I normally like to blog in the order of the day, although I’m not really sure why, but I had to start with some from the beach. My future sister-n-law and Sarah’s real life blood sister, Stephanie, was her maid of honor and is on the right.
I love doing casual wedding party photos and with a small wedding party, it makes it so much easier! Stephanie is an amazing make-up artist and pulled double duty doing make-up and being maid of honor! This one seemed appropriate to end the blog… although it would be better if they were walking into the sunset instead of away from it. Carolyn Burke - Wedding Liaison is a wedding coordinator and officiant from St Louis, Missouri.
This was actually a question I received from a friend who was having a hard time figuring out how large her wedding party should be. 2) More Time to Have Fun- With more people doing all the work, you have more time to relax and actually enjoy your big moment.
3) Less Drama- Trying to narrow your group of friends down to three can be really difficult. 1) More Drama- Although everyone feels included, you now have more personalities in one room. 1) Scheduling- Finding times that work with eight people can be difficult, but finding times that work for three or four people is easy.
2) More Drama- When narrowing down your wedding party you may find that people are upset or offended that they didn’t make the cut.
Your first instinct may be to include everyone and not hurt anyone’s feelings, but for a more intimate wedding, a smaller wedding party may be beneficial.
Contrary to popular belief, there doesn’t need to be an equal number of attendants for the bride and groom. If you are a business owner or wedding blogger, please use your real name not your business name or blog title.

They had an afternoon wedding so we did all of the bridal party and couple shots after the wedding, at the beach.
Not everyone gets along with each other all the time and having a large group of friends with you during wedding planning can cause disagreements and tension. You have to pay for bouquets, boutonnieres, transportation, bridesmaids gifts, groomsmen gifts, etc. Instead of spending time with a few special guys and girls and having special moments with each, you end up having one big group conversation the whole time.
So even if all your bridesmaids show up to help write out invitations, it could still take a while. You can have nine bridesmaids who get along perfectly and two who hate each other and make your wedding planning unbearable. One of the first steps is to choose your wedding party and let them know their role in your wedding. Keep in mind the bigger the wedding party, the more work there is for you, not to mention costs for each person, such as flowers and transportation.
Traditionally, there should be one for every 50 guests  – but following tradition is up to you. The bigger your wedding party, the more time you could spend taking photos of everyone, as well as family portraits. It’s becoming more common to pair up one groomsmen with two bridesmaids during the processional and vice versa.
You are incredibly talented and we are so happy that we were lucky enough to have you capturing our day! Trying to choose a few special friends out of a group can cause a lot of drama and someone is always going to feel left out. Sometimes brides are expected to pay for hair and makeup for the ladies as well which can cost $100 or more per girl. This can lighten the load on everyone except the bridesmaids who might have to chip in extra for bridal showers and bachelorette activities.

Also, you have less people planning you bridal shower and bachelorette, so they may be smaller affairs.
Make sure you choose people who are helpful and drama free, and no matter how many people you choose, you will be happy.
You could also keep the wedding party strictly to siblings and family or simply a Maid of Honor and Best Man. Make sure to pick people who you know will be reliable and helpful in the planning process.
If you have a wedding planner this may not factor in, but for DIY weddings this is a major problem. If you are having only a few attendants, you can have friends and family members take on other roles such as manning the guest book or serving as an usher. And just because someone chose you for their wedding party doesn’t mean you need to include them in yours. You will see a mix of my most recent shoots, events in my life and a few of my very random thoughts. They are so adorably sweet, so caring and loving towards each other it makes the people around them smile… including me! I’m so happy I got to be a part of their day and be able to freeze the memories of their day in these photos. The decision is up to you, but most importantly, be honest with who you choose (and don’t choose).

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