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With fewer people and details to oblige, you’ll have the option to cut down your time-line. It’s inevitable during the planning process to, at some point, want to speed up to the honeymoon.
Whether your dream is getting married on the beach or eloping at city hall, you leave the option open with a smaller guest list.
With too many guests, it could be something like herding cats to get the keepsake family photos you will someday want.
With your friends and family in a comfortable setting, you’ll feel free to dance, play music you actually like and celebrate like you just got married. If you are a business owner or wedding blogger, please use your real name not your business name or blog title. Cheese-on-rice Lizzie, I feel like you and I are cosmically linked in some way, except you are two steps ahead of me.
We had a relatively small wedding (under 100) and I couldn't agree with you more- loved being able to have the time to see everyone the day of the wedding. I do agree with all those sugestions and coments. We got married shortly after dating for three months.
With a smaller guest list, brides can often afford to carry out their wedding day themes even more elaborately!
We both had large weddings for our first marriages and downgrading (less guests) is definitely ideal this time around. Yeah the problem is, shopping for venues for a wedding with a guest list of 25 a lot of venues require minimum guest list of 60. An ancient, lone tree is so majestic and grand by itself, but adding simple touches like lanterns or swaths of fabric is another way to make it clear and differentiated as the ceremony backdrop.
I also love the idea (and this could be in conjunction with you planting your tree) of giving your guests saplings as wedding favors that they can bring home to plant and remember your marriage as they watch it mature over time. You can also carry a less literal theme of trees throughout your wedding with areas like your guest book. This “Giving Tree” save-the-date is so sweet, and is free to download if you love it too! These cakes would be perfect for a wedding where the couple was married under, or among, trees. Backyard is a suitable place to have a wedding reception since you can explore many spaces.
It is the right time for you to start thinking of backyard wedding reception ideas for your wedding reception. Commonly the wedding will be held at the wedding venue where the wedding very sweet, beautiful, glamour and sure it can cost more.
You might remember photographer Heather Jowett from this gorgeous ballroom wedding we featured a few months ago. From Heather Jowett: Ali and Marc contacted me because they wanted to do something a little different with their wedding. We all broke bread at the Common Grill in Chelsea, Mi, and while sitting at the table with them, their families made me feel like one of the gang, like I was meant to be there.
There will not more people are invited, more decorations and designs, and also other usual elements of the wedding receptions.

Have the getaway you pictured in your mind with more money available to spend and less worry on your brow while you enjoy the time away. There's a part of me that wants a small wedding but then when I get around my big boisterous family and my wonderful friends, there's no way I could ax any of them.
Very manageable, cost relatively lesser and I find it to be a lot more happier and more solemn. You get to celebrate one of the biggest days of your life surrounded by people who love you. This allows brides to splurge more on certain extravagances that they normally would not be able to splurge on(point 4). You could make your dream wedding with all the bells and whistles and then enjoy it with your special friends and family. I'm def going to have a small intimate wedding, thanx for all the tips, most likely splurge on the honeymoon, wedding dress,make up artist and photographer. My husband and I were married in June of this year and thought we had many relatives on both sides and friends, we decided to go with immediate family only and it was a terrific idea. Do you make an isle on the beach what if you don't have music do you just stand under an arch?
Planting a tree on your wedding day helps you to remember the beginning of your married lives together as you watch it grow each day.
These alternative guest books clearly have a tree theme and I love how unique, and displayable, they are.
Moreover, you can invite many people to join your wedding reception since it has many spaces for many people. You can also start to decorate your backyard so that all guests may enjoy the decoration of your wedding reception. By the budget reasons, the backyard wedding ideas on a budget are now in trend because the wedding venue is the backyard where it will not need to pay or hire for the longer time. They’re both doctors in Kansas City, but they had decided that for their marriage ceremony, they wanted to do something special, and intimate, with their closest family. Ali’s father agonized over the placement of the arbor he built for his daughter to get married under. The small wedding reception ideas are the representative of the simplicity of the wedding reception where it only has the meaning of the wedding and not for the optional decoration to show to the guests. This feeling can happen to you for planning the small intimate wedding ideas where it is fresh, warm, cute, simple and intimate. It’s not something many couples get to do on their wedding day because of stress, obligatory conversations and details they have to manage and take care off. Some couples choose a small guest list not necessarily because their budgets are small, but because they can pull out all the stops and have a truly lavish wedding. Since you won’t need a large space to accommodate your guests, many small wedding venues will be open to you. A small wedding gives you the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and make your unique wedding a reflection of the two of you. Because you will be able to spend at least some time with your guests, they will feel more at home at your wedding. A small wedding will give you the opportunity to get your loved ones involved in your special day.

One past bride had an intimate wedding and gave each of her male guests hand crafted cigars and all the women hand made Belgian chocolates.
The pressure of the wedding was lessened dramatically just knowing that we wouldn't have to be putting on a show for anyone.
Idk why but I feel like it's a bit ridiculous to wear a big fancy dress and a long walk down the aisle and dancing at the 'reception' if it's only going to be immediate family (even with immediate family it is still going to be about 30 people bc he has 3 sisters and they all have large families as well).Idk why but I guess I figure the larger the wedding then yes, the more should happen. A couple of the B&Bs even wanted us to rent out all of their rooms, regardless of wedding size. It’s a beautiful remembrance and could be an amazing tradition to continue with the birth of children as well.
You can select the guests who are going to be invited first and then you prepare some food based on the total of your guests.
Ali + Marc are doctors living in Kansas City, but decided to fly back to their hometown of Chelsea in Michigan to have a small celebration with the people that matter most to them. Sometimes it can be designed as the small wedding reception ideas where it looks simple, warm, cute and nice. This is the precious wedding decoration if you want to keep the warm accent and feeling for the wedding. Take a moment to enjoy each other on your wedding day, because that’s what it’s all about, right? Personally I couldnt care less about what they think, because I'm not marrying them, I'm marrying my fiance. Your wedding will feel more like a celebration with close-knit friends and family, than a production. A smaller guest list means more creative venue options like bed and breakfasts, museums, art galleries and restaurants. Also, when the guest list is small, guests will have a better opportunity to mingle with most of the others.
Also, it’s a lot easier pulling off a DIY wedding with a guest list under 75, than a big scale production. What am I supposed to do with 26 rooms?! Otherwise, this list is spot-on, and I'm not letting those venues change my mind. Through this article, the writer is going to discuss about backyard wedding reception ideas which are suitable for your wedding. When the guest list is small, the bride and groom can spend time with each of their guests, making them feel welcome. You’ll also have a pretty fool-proof out for those that question their lack-of-invitation…because who will argue with a polar bear?
For some that might be an out-of-this world dinner, for others it might be a five-piece jazz band or a designer wedding gown. Ali’s father even put together their super personalized cake topper, painting the dogs to match.
I love the image of the bride coming out the side door and the groom facing the opposite way in front of the purple door- such an awesome moment!

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