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Tokeymart is a place in the cruiser that lets contestants buy items in exchange for Tokies.
Gives all of your votes to a contestant of your choice, and, if you are not UFE, you can use it on a contestant, but you MUST have already been UFE, so the contestant of the user's choice will get all the votes of the RTXL's user's votes in the LAST elimination the user was in.. Defends you from bad tokens being used, and puts the effects of the bad tokens on the bad token users.
Lets you sacrifice yourself to let an eliminated contestant of your choice rejoin the game. Warps all contestants to the underworld, and makes it so the losing team wins, and the winning team is UFE.

Gives you immunity for the current elimination, but in the next elimination, half of the votes you got last time are given back to you. Temporarily forces you swap teams AND USERS with a random contestant for 1 challenge and 1 elimination. You get to ask a contestant to trade items with you, but the other contestant has to accept the request. Personalise this Blue Heart Small Crystal Block with any message over 2 lines up to 15 characters per line. WARNING: Your text will be printed exactly as you have entered it, so please double check spelling, punctuation and capitalisation.

This item will turn the holder into a bot, which makes them automatically participate for 7 challenges. If you or the person you swap with is eliminated, then you have to stay on the team you were sent to, or vice versa.

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