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On the whole, I swear that I am a pretty even keeled individual, but lately I’ve developed a real distaste with the vast number of individuals I encounter who are skinny-fat and seemingly proud of it. Academically, I suppose we could label skinny-fatness as the condition where someone has a healthy body mass index (BMI: 18-25), but a body composition* that is anything but. Whereas skinny-fatness used to be a look primarily reserved for Hollywood Starlets, more and more females seem to want to emulate this physique. I’ll use a recent celebrity case to help you appreciate the thinking that leads to skinny-fatness. Several weeks ago, Hollywood starlet Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that she is suffering from osteopenia, a condition commonly viewed as the precursor to full blown osteoporosis.
Normally when we think of osteoporotic women, we picture a 75-year old female who has long since passed through menopause and whose body now suffers from the loss of the bone protecting hormones, estrogen and progesterone. However, Gwyneth is only 37 and completes 2 hours of combined resistance and cardio training daily, frequently under the watchful eye of her trainer. Which begs the question: just how does someone 37-years old working under the supervision of a professional become osteopenic anyway?!?!?
It happens because Gwyneth and her pea-brained trainer, Tracy Anderson, are the poster children for everything that is wrong with the conventional approach to female physical fitness. Anyway, Anderson is well-known for her Tracy Anderson Method, a fitness program that counsels females to never lift a weight HEAVIER THAN 3 LBS. Now it would be bad enough if that is all that the Tracy Anderson Method about, but there’s far more to her assinine program.

Honestly, how is it even possible to devise a meal plan with 3 meals centered around kale, while keeping a straight face? Although Gwyneth is a more extreme example, I had to share her story with you because it perfectly represents the distorted mindset that underlies the skinny-fat mantra. It’s no secret now that we love tall, slender nudes here at Skinny Teen and our friends over at Slim Angels are in no short supply of such models as we can see here in these wonderful pics.
These are definitely some well photographed erotic nudes and sometimes outdoor nudes just aren’t done right, but the photography was is excellent in these. I originally had planned to update the site with some nice videos of Kennedy from Nubiles, but they’ll just have to wait until tomorrow Our friends over at Absolute Skinny have given me a few samples to show you of their latest model. The widespread media coverage these individuals enjoy allows them to propagate their programs and products to millions… and the health of women everywhere suffers. As any 1st year kinesiology student could tell you, resistance training is supposed to be good for your bones. Now when it comes to determining who is a big-time trainer in Hollywood, that designation stems from the quality of your marketing materials and how many names you can drop in a minute… it really has nothing to do with your knowledge or actual qualifications.
I tried to alternate between the higher and lower protein options suggested by Madamoiselle Anderson so as not to bias my results, but something tells me it probably wouldn’t have mattered. This anemic amount of total calories, fat and protein is insufficient for someone who sits at a desk all day, let alone someone exercising 2 hours a day.
Even the most militant vegan dietitian would consider this to be cruel and unusual punishment.

These are exclusive photos and I was given permission to publish them, so how could I refuse? However, I do find it interesting and there are definitely people out there who love this type of shit.
A tight young pussy, long skinny legs and hips, tiny little tits and the need to get freaky as shown here. Very sexy eyes, very beautiful skin tone (you already know I love those pale brunettes lol) and I think she has a beautiful body, but to each his own. While the site doesn’t necessarily promote itself as a teen site, they definitely have a lot of young teen models. Unfortunately I don’t have any sample pics for you guys and I’m sure some of you are probably glad for that haha! Before her and her gal pal Lay the Kat were flying solo, these girls were all part of the Young Porn crowd. After catching a glimpse of that outstanding ass of hers one might be tempted to use them as handles Ahhhh, we can all dream right?

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