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Often named the world’s best CEO, Steve Jobs has been quoted regularly on all sorts of topics, but the most powerful to me are his messages to simplify. I recently read an article by Christian Zibreg with a list of takeaways from two recent books on Steve Jobs. Blunt communication works – it leaves no room for confusion, distraction or complexity.
Small groups work better – keep meetings small by limiting to only team members that are directly involved and are able to discuss the topic at hand.
Simple names are superior – Apple does not hire naming experts, it relies on a small internal team and advertising consultants. Simplicity is human – Jobs knew that only techies would be impressed with a five-gigabyte drive on the iPod, but “a thousand songs in your pocket” was a message that spoke to everyone that enjoyed music at any level.
These are some lofty goals and insights, but if you try to start thinking this way when preparing your preowned inventory marketing programs, I believe you will see focused direction and stronger results. This entry was posted in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Remarketing Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Thought Leadership and tagged Christian Zibreg, Glenn Taylor, marketing, preowned inventory, remarketing marketing, simplicity, Steve Jobs by Glenn Taylor.
Every January, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking, looking backward at the previous year and ahead at what’s to come.
I’ve spent the past several weeks reading, researching, and delving into what it means to simplify, and I found a few common themes. We often don’t consider habits as “mental clutter,” but sometimes they are … especially if those habits are resulting in other clutter-inducing choices. Ask any entrepreneur, executive or other successful professional and they’ll all tell you setting goals is the only way to get from point A to point B. Want to learn how to be more present and not get caught up in your own inner chatter about fears or the future? Learning how to quiet your mind … and keep it quiet … is a skill that can be learned and has been proven to help decision-making, reduce stress, increase productivity and find greater happiness.
Yes, the committee needs you (otherwise they wouldn’t have asked), but will it add value to your life? As I continue on my quest for simplifying and clearing my head space in 2014, what tips do you have that have worked?
I am also trying to simplify my life this year, especially as I prepare to launch my new business. The Wise Job Search aims to provide the "Best of the Best" information, resources, and ideas to help you go from "I didn't get the job" to "I start on Monday!"Have a job search question?

Often, people that have been in a job search for a while and have been learning all they can to become more effective in their search efforts, can get too sophisticated for their own good. These Radical Expressions Worksheets are a good resource for students in the 5th Grade through the 8th Grade. These Radical Expressions Worksheets will produce problems for simplifying radical expressions. These Radical Expressions Worksheets will produce problems for adding and subtracting radical expressions. These Radical Expressions Worksheets will produce problems for multiplying radical expressions. These Radical Expressions Worksheets will produce problems for dividing radical expressions. Please consider turning off your ad blocker for our site" data-subheader-text="I depend on Advertising revenue to run the site and create new worksheets.
There were several mentions of staying simple that I feel directly relate to preowned inventory marketing and that I feel that you should consider. You need to talk to your customers with a clear direct voice that leads then through your sales funnel without being over the top. How many times have you seen great marketing ideas get bogged down in committee and end up as a watered down version of their original glory? If you want strong preowned inventory marketing, stay focused on the tasks at hand and make them happen.
This thought applies to many areas: product and service development, customer programs and incentives, not just names.
But, what you often don’t hear is that while it’s great to shoot for the stars, unless you have a plan to get there, it’ll stay out of reach. As a result, your life isn’t nearly as cluttered with negativity, worry, panic and fear, which breeds even more unnecessary and unproductive clutter.
You can select different variables to customize these Radical Expressions Worksheets for your needs. Give detailed information as it is asked for and needed, don’t lead with complex messaging.
Leave meetings with a clear list of deliverables with deadlines and someone responsible for each item. You should know your business and your customers better than anyone and be able to instinctively know the direction a new initiative should progress.

You can make all the claims you want about your products and services, but you better let your customer know why it should matter to them.
Get rid of the junk that muddles up my mind, my space and, ultimately, the path to what I’d consider a “successful” year. Study after study showed how finding and changing that one keystone habit changed lives (people who chose to quit smoking were, a year later, running marathons). Increasing revenue by 50% is great, but it’s worthless if you don’t spend every Monday following up with at least 10 prospects, following your marketing calendar without missing a single deadline, reviewing your numbers every week, and otherwise developing and following systems and routines to get where you want to go. The Radical Expressions Worksheets are randomly created and will never repeat so you have an endless supply of quality Radical Expressions Worksheets to use in the classroom or at home. Most people can easily describe “what they do” or “how they do it”, it’s the “why it matters” that resonates with people, especially customers.
I want to really look at everything – from my morning routine, to how my office is organized, to how I use my calendar, to how we set goals and market our services.
But, in order to make positive change, every habit needs to be explored, understood, and ultimately “allowed” into your life.
We have simplifying radicals, adding and subtracting radical expressions, multiplying radical expressions, dividing radical expressions, using the distance formula, using the midpoint formula, and solving radical equations. I want to see what’s taking up space simply for the sake of taking up space; I want to know what I can leave alone, what can be streamlined or made more efficient, and what I can remove all together. But, if you say yes simply because they asked, or because you feel guilty, or because it’s what you think you should do, then learn to say no. That combined with my GAPP knowledge, my CMA, and my CAPM experience makes me a perfect fit for this role.
My focus on looking for strategic advantages to improve the ROI drives me to set high expectations for both me and my team. Rapport and chemistry are very important in the networking and hiring process and people generally don’t warm up to someone that sounds like they’re reading a script, or speaking over their head!

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