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I asked God for something this weekend, and he answered my prayers today so I thought I’d share how you can get what you want too. So the excitement of the holidays is coming to an end and you may be feel blue and sad for some unknown reason? Combined with the winter blues, post holiday depression can take a good few weeks or even months to lift. Stay connected to loved ones and if you are single, why not go out there and meet someone new?
If you feel that your depression is bigger than just post holiday blues, seek professional help so that you can live the rest of your life happy.
When people hear of the words addiction, they immediately think of negative associations such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, porn, over-eating etc. Look for something that could provides some value to your life in some way physically, mentally or spiritually.
Maybe you are already deep into a positive addiction and did not even know it. Doing continuous self discovery work as you walk through life is always encouraged and is a great way to learn about who you are in this present moment in time. Studies say that you need to do something respectively for 28 days before it becomes a habit. Ok, I know the title of this post sounds very contradictory but I promise I am heading somewhere with this and it can be achieved and yes, I will show you how.
Being a naturally highly motivated and inspired person 90% of my life, I am well aware of when I absolutely just don’t want to do anything.
So in order to fix the issues, we must first recognize there is one. I already know that I am not naturally a person who tends to procrastinate (quite the contrary), so it must be my own perceived definition of the word. Things like having a clean home, nurtured relationships, good sleep, healthy habits, social interactions etc., all contribute so much to achieving dreams and goals. The next time you think about why you are procrastinating, think of it in a positive light instead of a negative one. Knowing what to do is always the first step, but doing anything worth any value that promotes real change takes time and effort.
Just thinking about something does not get it done, you just have to go do it and if you make mistakes, that’s even better.
Finding a quick fix solution to something as important as your life details is never a good idea – no matter how convenient or easy it may seem at the time. If you never give up, you can never be beaten because it means you are learning and growing to a stronger and better you.
By taking a few moments to step back and simplify (de-clutter) life each year is a great way to make sure you are on the right track and that you are still focused on what’s important in the grand scheme of things. Here is an article that maybe will change your perspective a bit and guide you back in the right direction.
It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, how much money you make, I guarantee you, everyone has stresses in life that are extremely overwhelming and painful.
It is never good to compare ourselves to others as that is one of the main roots of suffering but I personally find it the easiest and fastest way to keep myself in check with reality.
Comparing to extremes will inspire and motivate you on one end and humble you on the other. I frequently look at my life and envision it in a worst case scenario such as being stuck in a third world country sick with no help and really cold, dirty and hungry. The hardest part about being an enlightened person is falling back into the realms of unclarity. So now that you know this is the goal, all you need to do is learn fast because getting there faster gives you more time to enjoy! If you can learn to accept and love what you have, be grateful for right now — simply right now, then not only do you win, you simply cannot lose. I feel bad that I will be getting rid of so many things but I’ve learned from Secrets of Simplicity that my need to hold on to certain things is crazy, especially when I yearn to live in a clutter-free environment. Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe it was fate, but whatever it ways, my heart wanted it and the universe heard me and answered because I was open to receive.

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Also known as holiday blues, post holiday syndrome or post holiday depression, this holiday mental distress is a real thing and can happen to the best of us. Now that you had a bit of a break, what new perspectives has it given you in the areas of your life, job, living situation, relationships etc.?
Set both short term goals that you can achieve along with some more difficult long term ones. Whether it be a website, an artistic piece, a new business plan, a new poem, a new blog post, a cake, a new child or whatever did not exist in this world before I created it, I am completely in my zone & a state of mental bliss afterwards. Let’s explore the different states of addiction so that you can see how it can add joy and value to your own life. With self awareness comes acceptance of yourself, and this in turn makes you more confident as you walk through life and overcome across obstacles. Studies also say that will-power only lasts an average of 2 weeks… so you if you want to make any great change in your life, you need to seriously change that mindset and make an honest effort to make it happen.
Don’t force yourself to HAVE to DO anything… if you can only muster something small, then be so be it!
If you think of life in the long-term, then what’s a few days here and there to just chill out?
Reassessing your life and getting clarity takes some deep soul searching, and sometimes it may mean, ridding yourself of things you love because it just isn’t good for you right now. Yes you read that right, don’t be afraid to make mistakes or even make a fool of yourself because mistakes are part a very important part of growth. Give yourself a gift and take time to go through the process of finding answers that are in-line and honest to your authentic self.
This is not the way to be simple and it’s definitely not a good environment for growth.
Not only is it overwhelming and exhausting trying to manage it all, but top it off with health issues, spiritual quests and social pressures, daily life can really get overwhelmingly complicated…and fast.
We are reminded and motivated to do so because useless and out of season things get in the way, take up too much space or don’t fit into what we are currently doing. Not that this fact should make you feel any better about your own situation, but it will help you understand that hardship in life is just a part of being alive and is not personal. When it rains, it pours – in some spots more than others… so how do you stay a float when it floods?
Everyone smiles for photos and always looks like they are having a great time but reality is, no one lives every day in rainbow magic land with pots of gold. I am not a jealous person by nature, but if you are, I suggest comparing yourself to extremes so that it doesn’t affect you mentally. Because you are human and you have responsibilities and stresses from every day life, it’s simply not easy to just smile all the time and remember how blessed you are.
Be grateful today that you don’t have Cancer, or lack of hearing or extreme back pain. Try to move with the Universe and let the process of life happen with flow rather than with pressure. Once you choose it, you have to be willing to sacrifice and work for cause it is not going to come easy. Maybe it wasn’t God at all, for those of you who are not religious, but nonetheless, these 4 things will get you closer to getting what you want.
You do not know when opportunities come knocking and if you aren’t ready, someone else is. The joy and stresses of shopping, entertaining, gift-giving, over-eating are now over and you need to give yourself some time to adjust. If the memories are not as joyous as you wished for, know that these feeling will pass once you get back to a more regular routine. I absolutely love creating things, and this is when I am most proud of myself. Not so bad for an addiction problem right?

There are many ways in which we can use addiction type behavior to produce positive results in our lives if we learn how to apply and harness its powers.
If anything, when you are ready to work, you are more motivated, proactive and inspired because you take the pressure away from inside out. Life should be easy…so stop complicating it because you are bored or simply too lazy to deal with issues. If anything we should celebrate our mistakes as much as our successes in life because without one you cannot have the other.
A discovery phase as the one listed above should take you a few hours and some answers may come faster than others… but don’t just think about it, really do it!
You just never know what happens tomorrow, so live a life worthy of telling by pushing your limits of what you can achieve everyday. Be gentle with yourself and understand that everything with a beginning has and end – beautiful or ugly. What I cannot sell I will donate to charity just as I did last Spring (this is an annual cleansing activity for me, though this year is the biggest one ever!). What if we were able to tune our minds to be addicted to things that were good for us rather than bad? Sweeping dust under the rug or chasing the dragon never leads to long-term fulfillment  Recognize what fuels your soul, and what hurts it and then make decisions for your future accordingly. Once you realize and accept this very enlightening fact about the journey of life, you can feel blessed with whatever life throws at you.
You have to make a conscious decision to be grateful for the small and seemingly negative things in your life. Sometimes only once and if you missed the boat…who knows if there is another one coming.
Consider yourself a collector of experiences that tally up your XP (experience points), so you can get to the next level!
Be ready to follow your heart, and even if you look like a complete idiot at times, don’t let it bring you down. On the failure end, you might compare yourself to a strung out drug addict living on the streets. Some ideas of this include, running, marathons, weight lifting, scrap-booking, cake decorating, knitting, writing or playing guitar, etc.
No one is judging you, (and even if they are), well it confirms nothing about how you will be tomorrow or even today.
These decisions are the golden lessons in life and the dues you pay to become the best ythat you can one day be. I will be needing lots of file folders and other miscellaneous storage for organizing, so I’m definitely bookmarking this site. I’m going to order the Personal Library Kit because I loan out books so often that this would help me to keep track of them. Plus, in this economy, I think good friends should be encouraging one another book to borrow things from one another now and then. What are you currently trying to take control of in your home – clutter, a reno, DIY project, cleaning?
April 30, 2008 Blue Ribbon Stationery July 26, 20073 Comments Reply paresh August 5, 2009 at 1:59 pmYes i agree with you, i also buy just one novel and then swap it with my friends. I MUST start with the linen closet as it holds my towels and sheets…and a ton of other items that I can no longer identify. I will remember to do one bit at a time and know that this will keep me from getting overwhelmed.

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