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I recently ventured into the heart of Brazil to visit a spiritual healer in Abadiania Goias.
But you don’t have to travel to Brazil, or any other healing center, to tap into your best self.
She is an inspirational author, speaker, travel writer, and life coach who left her successful career in advertising several years ago to follow her heart and be a writer. Awakening KundaliniIn Sahaja Yoga there is a simple ritual that helps awaken the Kundalini energy.
A guide to awaken your Kundalini energyHere are a few steps to follow to actually awaken your Kundalini.
Now put your hand on the left side of your neck and you can say: A« Mother, I am not guilty A». Now you can put your hand on your forehead and say: A« I forgive everyone and I forgive myself A». Now we can put our hand on our head and in this moment we connect we ask this energy to connect us with our true self. CoolCheck :: Learn and Enjoy Free Meditation and Relaxation TechniquesLearn more about other experiences in meditation and how it helps many people to study, teach and get through this life! Benefits of Meditation: Awakening AwarenessMany people think that meditation is a state of thoughtfulness. 9Science in SocietyThe Path of the Perfect Man: What Are the Rules of Confucius?As the wise men would say, we do live in the world of changes, and we do need balance to feel comfortable and stable in this life. Popular9Exploring Religious OptionsRitual Symbols of the Voudou Spirits: Voudou Vevesby Denise M.

I spent two weeks doing nothing but sleeping, eating, and meditating. For me, this time away from my overworked, fast-paced lifestyle saved my life. Everything we need in life is already inside us, and sometimes all we need is a moment to disconnect and refocus our minds. Here are seven tips I learned in Brazil that will help you reconnect to your true self. Nurture your younger self. Although we are adults, most of us have an inner child who needs tender love and care.
Release control. When we feel overwhelmed and exhausted from life’s demands, we can surrender fully and ask the universe for help. Let yourself believe in miracles. Many of us feel jaded and sad from the negative experiences of our life.
Don’t take advice from others. We often lean on others for help when we don’t trust ourselves. This energy was discovered thousands of years ago in India but it was only known to a limited number of enlightened people.
And we really need to ask this because very often our social interactions get in the way of our real perception of who we are. Guilt is a very negative feeling, that can affect us in a very bad way, so we really need to ask our inner mother to get us rid of the guilt.
Forgiving is a very important part of our interactions with ourselves and other people that liberates us from so many relationship problems, so we need to forgive and be forgiven. When you gossip, but fail to tell the source of your problem, you are misdirecting your anger.
Let your ego and pride subside and recognize that being vulnerable is the gateway to peace. Trust that the universe is always working on your behalf, to give you what you need.

But every person with an opinion is shaped by experiences, beliefs, insecurities and dreams.
You’re also missing a chance to learn and expand your relationship by spend time with that person, and letting them be your teacher. But instead of giving that little child attention we choose to eat over it, work over it, do drugs over it, get anger over it, etc. Once we learn to let go of expectations, we can fully experience the miracles that happen daily. Instead, state a positive intention, and follow by gratitude for your healing and positive outcome.
And many people can receive a great amount of knowledge that can help them make their lives better. But if you use it, you grow spiritually and you transform yourself into a better and fuller being. When we are born to this world, this energy penetrates our body through the fontanel bone and then stays in the sacrum bone. Awakening of the Kundalini in the past used to be a very difficult process that demanded real spiritual effort on behalf of a man like long periods of asceticism, meditations, fast, self isolation, etc.
And if you want to keep in contact with this energy of ours that you just felt keep on meditating.

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