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There were certainly people around us who thought that the idea of a small, afternoon wedding in a garden was a little strange and could not be as remarkable as a fancier, larger wedding. At the reception a mutual friend of ours sang an old love song and we danced surrounded by our closest friends and family.
If you are a business owner or wedding blogger, please use your real name not your business name or blog title. String together long garlands of silk flowers and mix some leaved through the display to create a beautiful backdrop. Simple, I liked how the flower petals are spread in a nice whirly design on the ground of the aisle. Picking a hot time of the year to get married, why not hire some outdoor umbrellas for your guests to sit under while you say your vows. Well I hope you enjoyed my little showcase of a few different ideas for outdoor ceremony setups. Since the ideas and concepts we had were a little usual, it was challenging at times to convey that vision to others. I think it was crucial to keep in mind that this was our one and only wedding day and our happiness was what truly mattered.

Walking myself down the aisle, which was a curving stone staircase, and making eye contact with nearly every guest was a very special moment. Our littlest guests were adorable and the casual finger food and cake atmosphere made everyone feel at home.
I was able to do many DIY wedding projects, with the help of others that likely would not have been feasible on a larger scale. For Leon and I photography was the most important aspect so we decided to designate more of our budget there.
You could decorate this in so many ways, if you are good at painting, paint a mural or cover in some lovely textured wallpaper. If I see an idea and think, now that would be useful to one of my readers, you'll find it posted here. Our Justice of the Peace performed the ceremony which Leon and I had written almost entirely from scratch.
Leon and I both had the chance to visit with each guest and thank them personally for coming. My mother sewed our flower girl dresses, Leon’s mother did all our bouquets and arrangements and Leon and I spent countless hours hand-making a variety of other projects.

Having beautiful images to remember the day by was far more important to us than giving out favors. I love how you can walk up to a set of doors in an open grassed area and see down the centre to this decked stage.
After the ceremony had finished and we were walking back through the rows of chairs Leon surprised me my having guests throw fresh rose petals, something I had wanted but hadn’t had the time to organize. Seeing the vision come to together so beautifully and being able to share that experience with our loved ones made the day feel incredibly intimate. Most importantly go with what you really want and try not to be discouraged by other (less creative) people. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have an event that leaves a lasting impression.

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