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Studies suggest that meditation does all sorts of great stuff for you, like increasing memory and awareness while decreasing stress and negative emotions.
Originally taught by the Buddha 2,500 years ago, this ancient practice has helped people tackle life’s changes for a long time.
About two thirds of the way through your session, stop counting, but continue observing your breath. Writing meditation helps you reprogram your subconscious for more wholesome attitudes and behavior. With mindfulness meditation, you’ll develop the awareness and clarity to clear through stresses and hurt and cope with the unexpected.
In the Resources section of our site you can also find the goal statement exercise and a group starter kit. Mindfulness Meditation is a research-based form of meditation derived from an ancient Buddhist practice called Vipassana or Insight Meditation. It was designed to prevent the mind from experiencing fear and anxiety by focusing your attention on your breath and other inner and outer experiences with acceptance and compassion.
By paying attention to your thoughts, physical sensations, sights, sounds, smells and anything else that you might not normally notice you cultivate a peaceful state.
Although mindfulness skills sound simple, they take a lot of practice to perfect since being mindful is so different to your normal way of thinking.
Our minds are often engaged in thoughts about the past or the future – thinking abut what we need to do or going over what we have done, which prevents us from being in the moment and from knowing what is going on around us at any given time. The primary focus in Mindfulness Meditation is your breathing, but the primary goal is a calm, non-judgmental awareness, allowing thoughts and feelings to come and go without engaging with them, which eliminates excessive worrying and anxiety.
Direct your attention to your breathing, making sure to breathe in and out deeply through your diaphragm.
When thoughts, emotions, physical feelings or external sounds occur, simply accept them and allow them to come and go without judgment. When you notice that your attention has drifted off and is focused on your thoughts or feelings, simply recognize this and gently bring your awareness back to your breath. Practice Mindfulness Meditation for 15 minutes each day to realize the benefits of a calm, peaceful and relaxed mind. MINDFULNESS WELLINGTON, PETONE, LOWER HUTT AND UPPER HUTT: $95 for entire course including four classes, guided mindfulness meditation downloads, weekly articles, instructions and email reflections.
Regular early evening and daytime courses, specifically designed for  people with busy schedules.
This particular course emphasises your own natural wisdom, your own innate OKness, right here and now.
Mindfulness and meditation are both gaining in popularity as more and more people discover how this simple skill can have a profoundly positive impact on your life.
Once a course has started, full refunds are only available if you attend every class of the course and feel you have not got value. The approach by all Mindfulness Works teachers is straightforward, practical and heartfelt and directed towards you discovering your own innate wisdom and authentic experience. Jan Rivers came to meditation about 20 years ago through a psychotherapy practice called Psychosynthesis and attended Psychosynthesis  institutes both in NZ and in the UK as a student.
Like mindfulness practice, Pyschosynthesis uses a modern understanding of psychology coupled with ideas about mindfulness that are ancient.
Lucy Schwabe has a bachelor of health science, is a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, qualified acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. She has been practising Taiji since 1987 and meditation since 1995, and is passionate about mind-body interventions as a holistic approach to health and well-being. Lucy started Wholistic Health Works in 1997, enjoys working with people in the community and offering mindfulness-based interventions for individuals and groups.
She is inspired by being in nature, is often seen practising taiji in the Wellington Botanic Garden and loves exploring the path of simplicity with others.
Previously, Martin was a partner in a large commercial law firm and then established his own legal practice.
Juggling the challenges of being a busy lawyer, a parent and an over-thinking, over-achieving self, contributed to Martin’s first ‘foray’ into meditation 20 years ago.

Rachel has been practising meditation for over 25 years and is  a qualified teacher in a varety of fields including the moving mindfulness practices of qi gong and Feldenkrais. Rachel lives in Paekakariki, on the lovely Kapiti Coast, has a cat called Brinny, and rides her bike, walks or dances as often as possible. Christine is a naturopath and kinesiologist and runs Lifesource Yoga and Naturopathic centre, a Health and Wellness Business in Upper Hutt. She lives with her husband Eduard, on a property in the Akatarawa overlooking the river and enjoys nature walks, biking, swimming and learning about life. Jeg har netop afholdt en stilhedsretr?te i Nordindien for en gruppe meditations- og mindfulnessinstruktorer.
Sa talte vi filosofi, og det viste sig, at han er l?rd og kan tale om indisk filosofi pa hojt plan.
Min egen meditationsmester Maharajji levede efter simple living, high thinking-princippet i 10 ar, inden han slog sig ned i byen Chitrakoot, hvor han boede frem til sin dod i 2008. Denne grundl?ggende tillid til livets godhed er malet for denne livsstil, og nar den er opnaet, kan yogien ga videre med de n?ste skridt pa yogaens vej – her er det ikke l?ngere pakr?vet, at han tigger og vandrer rundt fra sted til sted. Nar egoet pa den made er blevet tyndt, bliver det transparent for livets indre helhed og tryghed. In our era of 24-hour digital distraction, the art paying attention is increasingly difficult. Basic meditation, the practice of doing nothing and being tuned in to your own mind at the same time, can be frustrating at first.
Did you notice in the February 3, 2014 issue that the woman on the cover has the exact look of contentment as the Japanese macaques soaking in the hot springs.
Children go to college, parents age, illness strikes family and friends. The practice of Mindfulness Meditation can help you handle these curveballs.
It should include what period of time you’re going to commit to learning mindfulness meditation, such as 60 or 90 days. Every day, set aside 5-10 minutes to simply copy a set of positive affirmations by hand over and over.
You’ll learn how to cultivate more peace and harmony in all your relationships, and achieve a true sense of happiness and well-being. Francis is the cofounder and director of the Mindfulness Meditation Institute, and author of the new book, Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple: Your Guide to Finding True Inner Peace. I’ve never written down a meditation goal or done meditation writing, but it sounds like a great idea. Held in Wellington and the Hutt Valley, these courses are the perfect, simple and easy way to learn mindfulness meditation or to develop a more regular practice.
The instructions and guidance will be explicitly inviting you to embrace your whole human experience as it happens, moment by moment with a radical acceptance. Jan later used this training as part of a group of peers which met regularly for several years using meditation and other approaches as a way of addressing life’s big challenges. From there he developed a broader interest and participation in mindfulness work and related self-awareness growth practice, much of which he engages in as a coach. She works individually with adults and children regarding the art of mindfulness,  teaches classes for children and regularly runs one-day and residential  mindfulness retreats.
She studied with teachers in India and has a great love and connection to the spiritual culture there. She is passionate about using her skills and experience in assisting people to reach their health and wellbeing goals and find inner happiness and peace. Christine also loves to travel and runs yoga and meditation retreats at home and in India and Bali.
Whether you want to become calmer, be more present, or simply become grounded, mindfulness meditation will help you.How long should you meditate for?If this is your first experience of meditation, just meditate for short periods of time, maybe 5 to 10 minutes. Han har rejst i hele indien ligesom jeg selv, sa vi delte forskellige oplevelser fra vores rejser med hinanden. Reglerne i simple living, high thinking er, at man intet ejer, at det eneste, man ma spise, er det, man kan tigge sig til, og at man ma hojst opholde sig pa samme sted 3 dage, undtagen i regntiden, hvor man ma opholde sig samme sted i hele perioden, sa l?nge det ikke er ens personlige hjemstavn eller ashram.
Han oplevede, at hans frygt for det uvisse bragte ham mange bekr?ftelser pa netop de ting, han frygtede.

Princippet er at udfordre egoet og stoltheden, som ingen chance har for at overleve, nar man skal tigge sig til mad og ikke kan sikre sin fremtid ved at ophobe besiddelser.
Det viser sig i yogien som indre ro, gl?de, optimisme og livskraft, som er til stede uanset ydre omst?ndigheder. But research shows it reduces stress and increases focus. Here are some simple steps to get you started. While very simple to learn, it has huge results, from improving daily coping skills to providing the peace of mind and inner grace to handle even the toughest situations. It centers you in the present moment, reducing the hurt of past experiences and memories so you can move forward.
Then write down how often you are going to meditate — it might be every day, or every other day. The idea is to bring your attention back to your breath and to keep making progress. The more you practice, the calmer your mind becomes, and the easier it is to stay focused.
For example, a writing meditation for yourself might include, “May I be courageous when dealing with difficulties, and always meet with success.” It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had unwanted habits. At just $95 for four weeks and including two downloadable mindfulness meditation audio files as well as handouts and weekly emails this is great value and the ideal starting point for you to de-stress, learn a new skill with support from a group and an experienced facilitator.
In recent years Christine has deepened her meditation at silent mindfulness retreats and continues to develop and enjoy this daily practice. Efter en tid slap frygten sit greb om hans sind, og han fandt en stor tryghed og indre ro, som kom af, at han oplevede, at livet altid bragte ham det, han behovede, nar han behovede det, saledes at han aldrig matte lide nod trods det, at han intet ejede. It deepens an understanding of painful situations, enabling us to achieve perspective, let go of the hurt, and transform our relationships. Keep your attention on the sensation of air passing through the tip of your nose.If your mind wanders, just quickly bring your attention back to your breath, and continue counting. He is a speaker and consultant, and has a passion for helping people and organizations realize their full potential through the practice of mindfulness. Modern research about mindfulness and meditation shows measurable and significant benefits to people including less stress, less anxiety, greater focus, calm and happiness.
Jan has found mindfulness and meditation to be a hugely positive and beneficial aspect of her  life and is keen to share the simple benefits of mindfulness meditation with others. You can either sit on the ground with a firm cushion to elevate your back side, or sit on a straight-backed chair. You’ll get satisfaction from helping others find their inner peace, and you’ll have fun doing it. If you train yourself to gently return your soft attention to the breath, your mind will become steadier. It takes time to learn it.When you first start out, mindfulness meditation will feel strange. As well, meditation has immense health benefits: it strengthens the immune system, lowers your blood pressure and pulse rate, and lifts your mood. Meditation is a wonderful gift to yourself!If you want to start meditating the easy way, CLICK HERE to get the Goodlife ZEN Meditation Guide. In this regard, two subtle but powerful facts that I gathered from your article are as under; 1. Set yourself a regular schedule, but make sure this schedule is ‘too easy’, and ‘too short’.
If you want to create a habit of daily meditation, you’re much more likely to be successful if you treat yourself with kindness and don’t demand the impossible. Meditation strengthens the immune system, lowers your blood pressure and pulse rate, and lifts your mood.I would add Emotional Freedom Technique also to bring us into the present moment.
The thing that has worked best for me and been the most powerful has been to meditate by finding something to focus on; this seems to slow my busy mind.

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