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The world we are living in today has taken away our ability to truly appreciate the little things that we should be thankful for.
Our legs are our unsung heroes that take us to and fro, day in and day out, throughout our lives.
Research shows that people who practice writing in a journal reap physical and emotional benefits. Breaking down your goals into smaller ones helps you be more specific to what you aim to achieve on a daily basis. Taking the time to observe the people around you helps you notice things that seemed oblivious before. Research suggests that human beings who live for others lead incredibly successful lives, and show lower rates of depression and stress. Laughing releases endorphins and brings more oxygen and energy into your body while also improving your immune system. Engaging in creative work helps you get into a flow state of heightened awareness and consciousness. When you exercise, you focus your attention on your sensations, breathing, and the movements of your body. A soothing hot bath relaxes your tired muscles and provides you with a relaxing atmosphere, allowing you the temporary feeling of escape from your daily activities. Mindfulness helps us see the little things that we have unconsciously neglected due to the hectic daily routines and busy schedule in our lives. Take a longer inhale than you usually do, and then take a longer exhale than you usually do.
You can see how you look when you smile or when you frown, even when you are feeling angry.
Lay down or sit in the most comfortable position, close your eyes and feel the music in your soul. Going for a walk gives you the opportunity to show gratitude to your legs as well as your entire body, while appreciating the things around you. Getting organized is a simple way to reduce your stress and improve the quality of your life.

The process of cooking, like chopping vegetables; for example, can actually take the edge off a stressful day. You get an idea of the variety of perspectives, raising your awareness by releasing the norms and values from different people. A simple gesture like helping your family with chores or helping an elderly cross the road can do wonders. Some of us may need the assistance of entertainment to laugh, but really you can find humor in every little thing in life. Creative activities like baking, doodling, or singing help you quiet down your mind and help you focus on the moment, thus improving your practice of mindfulness. Take the time to put down all the things that you are working on, sit down in a comfortable position, and observe your entire body. This helps you let go of distractions and your endless thoughts while developing a healthy loving relationship with your body. Simply write down things that you want to remind yourself to remember and stick them around your house or your desk at work.
It helps your breathing become slower and deeper, allowing you to stay in the present moment. For example, you could tell them something like, “I appreciate the way you smiled generously at that stranger earlier today”.
Stay in the loop with our classes, free open days and events, teacher training, and retreats. Being mindful not only helps us become a calmer individual, but also saves us from a lot of trouble.
This will help you better adjust to your reaction towards others when you are dealing with them.
While you are picking up bits and pieces of objects during the process, you are also practicing mindfulness when you consciously observe each placement of the object while organizing them. Sharing your thoughts in your journal helps you reduce the amount of worry and depressive symptoms. Take the time to acknowledge yourself for each goal that has been accomplished, and for doing something meaningful for yourself.

This also gives you an eye-opening experience, helping you better learn the quality of mindfulness.
By doing someone a small favor, you increase positive feelings toward yourself while making their life a little better. Just try laughing for the sake of laughing and you will realize that you are actually very present during the process. This helps you put yourself under the right condition while you freshen up before proceeding with the endless task on your to-do list.
Focus on feeling each part of your body functioning while clearing away the stress that you obtain throughout the day. You can jot down “smile” or “be mindful” to remind yourself to do the simple gesture you normally get distracted from.
This practice of noticing what people around you do well and giving genuine compliments adds new warmth, intimacy, and responsiveness to your relationship with them. This practice will help you to calm yourself down during those situations, while observing your physical and emotional state.
This will not only help with your digestive system, but also help you practice focusing on your current action and appreciating the food you are eating. You clarify your thoughts and emotions when you express them in writing, and that helps you better understand yourself at a deeper level.
You will find yourself much more productive after the simple break and refreshing yourself with this tip.
Often, we make bad decisions or mistakes because we weren’t mindful enough to notice the subtle things that are happening around us.
However, if we practice mindfulness, we will gradually become more aware of the things that are happening around us. We also better understand our own emotions and our physical state, which lead us to a healthier and happier life.

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