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Full Catastrophe Living is an excellent book about using meditation and mindfulness for facing illness, pain and stress. The Open Focus Brain is a fascinating guide to changing the way we use our brains in order to foster better health, well-being, and even performance. I also love this post about improving your child’s immune system by teaching him or her to meditate. Do you meditate?  What has been most helpful for you in getting started and continuing your practice?
One suggestion – especially for beginners- is try not focus on the idea or goal of clearing the mind but rather letting thoughts pass through it like clouds passing in the sky. I usually start with some deep breathing exercises this helps me still my mind because I’m focused on the breath. I’m brand new to practicing meditation, but the more I read, the more it seems to be very much like self hypnosis. We have quick and easy meditation techniques designed for beginners and people on the run who may have only a few moments to spare (as well as links to many more meditation pages). A meditation practice doesn't have to be a strenuous hour-long affair held at five in the morning. According to tradition the ideal meditation position is a full lotus with a straight yet relaxed spine.
With the right easy meditation techniques for beginners you'll be feeling calm, cool and collected in 5 minutes a day. Please follow Healthy & Natural World on Facebook to be updated every time we publish a new article on how to improve your health and on a how to make natural products using natural ingredients.
You may be surprised to discover that many of the most effective meditation techniques can be done without actually sitting down to meditate. I’ve already written in the past about natural remedies for stress and anxiety, but you can also effectively reduce stress using meditation without actually sitting down to meditate. The next time stress threatens to derail you try breathing slowly and deeply to center yourself.
When you tune into your body on a regular basis you nip stress in the bud before it has the chance to rage out of control. Feed your mind with positive thoughts by creating a few simple affirmations to repeat throughout your day. When you are stressed there is a tendency to scrunch your shoulders, and to tighten muscles in your jaw, and stomach. When you bring meditation into your everyday life, you begin to notice yourself responding differently to stress. This is a guest post written by Mary Meckley, a meditation teacher who shows you how to make meditation easy. Meditation is an excellent way to relieve stress and improve your health while giving yourself a sense of control and well-being. Thank you, kindly for all the valuable information we can use daily to improve the quality of life we have.
This website is designed for educational and informational purposes only, and the content herein should not be mistaken for professional health advice. To create a state of balance and harmony and to do any type of energy healing, you need mental quiet so you can sense the energy and the areas in which it’s blocked. Your ‘energy body’ is the collection of various energies that make up your physical body; but more than that, it is also your thoughts and emotions.
Just like eating healthy foods positively influences your physical body, a ‘diet’ of positive thoughts nurtures your energy body. If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt a certain vibe even without receiving physical clues such as people’s speech or body language, then you know how powerfully energy can influence you. Meditation is the perfect opportunity to change the tone of your thoughts toward the positive and to clear and balance your chakras.
Once you are relaxed use your imagination (an immensely powerful manifesting, healing and creative tool) to visualize your root chakra, at the base of your spine. Once your meditation has taken you through each chakra, imagine them spinning in harmony, each ‘wheel’ as bright and vibrant as the next. Today I train tens of thousands of people across the world to use their Chakras to improve their lives in every aspect–be it with money, fitness, relationships or emotional wellbeing.

Find a quiet place, and lie down on your back.  With your feet on the floor, bend your knees and let them lean in together comfortably. When I first read this, (skimmed with the Internet brain) I somehow saw myself as the breach with the waves coming up to the beach on the inhale and retreating on the exhale. For the five minute meditation, don't hold yourself to this standard, unless you are very comfortable with it already.
Just pay attention to the gentle flow of air filling your body and slowing leaving your body. Focus exclusively on the air entering your nostrils, traveling to your lungs, and exhaling out of your mouth. Notice any changes, any tension that has been released, any change in feelings or mental states. In fact, the real beauty of meditation happens when you take meditation techniques off the mat, and into your everyday life.
This post was written by my guest blogger Mary Meckley who is a meditation teacher, and it will teach you 7 ways to reduce stress by using simple meditation techniques – all without sitting in the lotus position! When you take a moment to slow down, and notice your present state, you are better able to put things into perspective. If you have a medical problem you should seek advice from a doctor and other health care professional.
Energetic blockages result in your chakras being out of balance; some may be overactive, some underactive. Everything can be broken down into energy; so learning to direct life-force energy ‘through’ your body is really a matter of clearing out negative energies from your aura, which is all of the different energies that make up the physical ‘you’. Your mind must be free of chatter, free from the constraints of the intellect and logic, and open to receiving the information you need for healing. And imagine – if other people’s energy can influence you, what do you think your own thoughts and emotions do within you? You need to have a quiet, calm mind with focused thoughts before you can begin focusing on your chakras. If the energy is spinning counterclockwise, the energy is moving away from the chakra (giving).
Being frustrated by an inability to ‘see’ your chakras or ‘feel’ them only adds to the negativity that is blocking your life force energy. Whenever someone tells her to imagine the beach, all she can visualise is seagulls making a racket. When I try to relax I also picture that I’m at a beach watching the waves and it really soothes me, I thought that it was just me who does that but apparently it is relaxing for everyone.
I like your idea of spitting out the bad things onto the beach though, so I’ll have to switch next time I try. Only a little at a time, since those long stretches are like trying to run a marathon when you’ve only recently developed an interest in jogging.
When you gently straighten your spine you instantly relieve your body of tightness and tension. A popular meditation technique is to give yourself a few moments throughout the day to lift your eyes upward. Take your time clearing each chakra; spend more time on those where you feel resistance or where it’s difficult to ‘spin’ the chakra.
One really memorable one was redirecting bloodflow to my freezing cold hands– they became so warm! I don’t know what it means to tell your thought(s) to let go, sounds hard, please explain?
Those are mini-signs asking you to give a little, extra attention and love to those areas of your body. As soon as you start to slow down your breath, you allow your body and nervous system to calm down too. When you look upward you pull yourself away from the distractions of the people and events around you. The entire content of this website is copyrighted and should not be copied without permission.
You can use chakra meditation techniques anytime you like, to clear and balance the energy flow in your personal energy field.

Similarly, a song that grates on your nerves has an energetic resonance that goes against your energy. In fact, it’s been documented that your thoughts actually create physical changes in your DNA!
Really get into the whole experience of breathing (something you normally take for granted). Just roll with it, relax into the world of your imagination, where there are no limits – nothing can exist in your imagination that you don’t place there yourself! Energy blockages also manifest as mental and emotional disorders like depression and anxiety; and a sense of spiritual disconnect and a feeling that existence is meaningless.
There were some tapes I listened to where you’d imagine a bright white light entering through the top of your head, and radiating out to the rest of your body, and actually felt warmth on the top of my head. When you clear your chakras, you are allowing the negative energies that don’t resonate with you, to clear out of your energy field.
Anytime your thoughts wander, bring your attention back to the simple rhythm of your breath. Try repeating, “Peace is all around me,” or “I am calm, happy, and focused,” the next time you feel yourself becoming stressed. Or how would you know whether you are practicing the best method for you without trying them all? Here are some of the main techniques you'll find to help you discover which one is right for you:1. BreathingSimply following the breath is an easy way to start your practice before moving on to other more in-depth practices.
Because the breath has such an impact on our whole being, focusing on breathing brings about a restful and calm nature. When you notice that you have a thought, return to thinking about your breath and following it in and out of your body. Gazing at a still candle flame in the dark, for instance, helps the mind become very focused. Visualization This method involves going within, with our eyes closed, and seeing some object such as our chakras or our heart and holding that image as an object of meditation. If you find that your thoughts are drifting from that image, reimagine it and focus on it again.
Using mala beads Using mala beads brings an extra layer of activity for the very busy mind. As you are doing your chanting or gazing, you touch or count the mala beads helps to keep the mind super-focused on the task at hand, and keep track of your affirmations.
Using an image When using an image to stare at, we are evoking the power and strength of what that image represents, while you focus it on it as you meditate.
If you use the image of a guru, religious figure, or master, whatever energy they have will be with you. This practice is good for people who already have a spiritual practice and follow a certain path. One thing you need to first understand before you get started: Methods vary because people vary in their attitudes, character, and nature.
So when coming to pick the right method of meditation, you will have to fit the meditation into your nature, and not try to fit your character into a certain technique.
When you fit your natural nature into the right meditation method you will feel a certain ease and comfort in your practice. If you want to learn more on how to meditate to help you reduce stress and keep focused, then check out my free three-part meditation video series. Since then, hea€™s helped thousands of people tap into their spiritual side through yoga, meditation and other practices. Hea€™s been featured in ELLE magazine, The New York… Read more Yogi Cameron left the world of high fashion to pursue the Yogic path in India, and has studied Ayurveda and Yoga since 2003.

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