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April 16, 2012 by bmichellepippin 9 Comments Recently, I’ve been reminded by so many of my clients (and prospective clients) how easy it is to overlook, discount or misjudge what is simple. What if you knew exactly what you wanted from your business, had identified the shortest route to get it, and knew what you had to DO to get there in the least amount of time possible? This stood out to me right away “Consultants will wow you with charts and graphs and systems with some corny acronym… crazy hair, glitzy events, and more.
How many times to we go to a well publicized event to learn something about business and what you get are little bites of information from all of the presenters and opportunities to buy the complete program for more money. Each month I sit down and write a statement about what I would like to accomplish that month and how I am going to get there. I really resonate with this because it seems to me that you are teaching folks to stand in their own authority, strip it down, make it plain, and then go do it!-lovely and well done! While reading this a colleague was looking up directions to a restaurant and it was giving a circuitous route rather than direct. God bless you Michelle as you continue to reach out to others with the wisdom God gives you. In a world where there are so many people who are all about hype, all about “making the sale” and all about themselves, it’s extremely refreshing to work with someone who is exactly the opposite… and then some.
Before I met Michelle I was struggling with two major things that would make or break my business – believing in my value and how to powerfully speak to the needs of my target market.
Since coaching with Michelle, my entire professional career and life has been completely transformed, Michelle’s out-of-the-box-thinking and provocative questions made me really evaluate who I was as a woman, wife, mother, friend and professional. In 2008, my husband and I DOUBLED our income following Michelle’s super -simple guidance and out of the box suggestions.
Michelle lights up the room with her energy, but she does something even more important: she directs your focus to results, performance and taking full, joyful responsibility for their success in business.
Thanks to Michelle’s business strategies, my business has double the revenue from last year so far. After working with with my share of the high-profile online marketing coaches with disappointing results,I wanted and needed something really different.Quick story- I had a very bad month last Fall. Michelle is an exceptional business coach and mentor for entrepreneurs leading organizations both big and small. As I rewrite, if I have these emotional turning points in mind as I work on every scene (and, you know, a thousand other details that I need to work out as well, because this series is so rich in setting and theme and secondary character arcs and community and so forth), I’ll keep my heroine on track and ever evolving and growing and changing from the amazing person she is at Page 1 to the even more amazing woman she becomes at the end of the story.
Thank you Anna for sharing these very important points since I too am in the middle of a re-write. The art of simplicity is making its mark as minimalist design principles are being seen in product design, web and even writing. Social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have shown us that the skill of keeping it simple can be a key to success.
There is a quote that is attributed to Blaise Pascal and also Mark Twain that I have never forgotten.
Keep the writing structure simple with bullet points and sub-titles and your key elements will stand out.

Sometimes we forget that we are writing for a global audience and using simple words is appreciated by those who do not have English as their first language. Taking the time to make it simple will win you friends, readers and viewers, because distilling the complex to short and simple is a valuable skill that shines through. I think almost every professional writer understands the needs to adapt copy to suit the audience. I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well. Sometimes those of us who have English as a first language forget there are other readers from other non- English speaking countries.
I think it’s important to strike a balance between writing posts in simpler words and some in more complex terms. Free printable math worksheets can be a useful addition to any math program for homeschoolers or teachers. Some of the best sites will even allow users to create their own worksheets by entering data in a wizard, template, or generator. In addition to worksheets, children should also be exposed to hands-on manipulatives, such as games and flashcards. It is important to review the copyright rules and terms for each site before you use the worksheets. In addition to its members-only worksheet generators, ABC Teach also offers many free printable math worksheets. Other skills covered include: subtraction, division, multiplication, telling time, counting money, rounding, and skip counting.
Despite a no-frills presentation, Soft Schools is a favorite because it offers a free worksheet generator. And they’ll want you to believe that success is so complicated that you need them as a guide, revealing all of their “little known secrets” to you in bite-sized chunks. I wanted to take a moment out of my extremely busy schedule to thank you for your help in building my business success. I have become re- aquatinted with my-self, and my dreams, and unlocked the “present” of living today. I am endebted to you forever and I am so excited about all of these developments in my business I can hardly stand it! Her emphasis on RESULTS rather than EXCUSES turned my thinking, and that of my employees, around dramatically. Her brain is crazy good and she can find money for your business where you didn’t even think to look:)) With just one suggestion she made, I’ve been able to triple my income. Michelle exceeded our expectations and I would recommend her to any organization needing a truly inspirational, results-driven speaker. Michelle is the kind of person that takes the time to know who you are and what your business is all about. I also teach students to pinpoint the emotional focus of a character at the inciting incident of a story, then at the black moment, and only then at the middle of the book.

That could have made her angry at the world and rebellious (as it does our hero, but that’s another blog post). But inviting them into her life exposes her to the kind of chaos (and the chance of risking her heart) she’s refused to allow into her life since she left her own damaged family behind. Yes academics are writing for selective audience but it wouldn’t hurt some of them to write a version that gives their content broader appeal. Long form content can be structured for simplicity and I often write posts much longer than 1,000 words. In all of my classes from English to science I learned how to think critically and use simple, precise language to convey my ideas.
The foundation of everything I have ever done as a communications professional is based on this idea of using the right words, not necessarily the longest words, to convey my ideas. Traditional journalists find the short and sharp essence of the online platforms difficult but I think its the way to go for anything you write. Instead she tells you exactly what you need to do to take your business to the next level and produces results. Not only is she exceptional at what she does, her practical insights are immediately applicable and her absolute commitment to our success is invaluable. It will be far more memorable than a complex paragraph as it will tap into the power of emotions and memory. It sometimes requires more work on my part in terms of reworking and revising content, but it makes for a better experience for my audience.
Since they typically focus on one type of math skill or operation, worksheets can help build speed in math drills.
Some allow a set number of duplicates to be made, while others require a paid membership for multiple use. Uses are able to stipulate the maximum and minimum numbers in the problems, the skills emphasized, the number of problems, the instructions, and even the fonts. And I have found in my business, that often I know the simple thing to do is not always the easiest. Free worksheets can also offer teachers or parents a helpful tool for testing a child's math knowledge, retention, or readiness.
Has she learned enough to accept that this perfect family that has come to her will always be flawed and challenging and scary to her (because she loves them so much and can’t imagine losing them)–and that she can handle all of that, she can handle anything, as long as she has their love in her life? And your courage will always be rewarded” because next week is all about taking steps to simplify my business and now I have faith that I will see the results.

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