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Take a voyage through your mind and remove inner hindrances by spending some time in silent practice. As you begin the silence of your retreat, you might be asking yourself what you are leaving behind and what you are beginning. Sanjay has spent 3 months meditating at Kopan Monastery in Nepal, with half of this time in complete silence.
Each morning on this silent yoga retreat will begin with meditation, chanting, pranayama and  Ashtanga yoga (based at your physical yoga level). Before lunch on Saturday we take some time to learn about Self-Inquiry meditation and then work through this amazing meditation practice. Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic series, linking breath with postures and movement (sun salutations) to create a challenging, flowing yoga practice.
The practice room has a heated floor, and stunning bay windows which overlook the large mountain ash forest of the Yarra Valley National Park.
Connecting inwards isn’t always easy with all the distractions of our busy city lives.
Over the weekend we will develop a friendship with ourselves and with all other beings through a series of meditations designed to open the heart and develop loving kindness.
Ami Hasson is coming to join us on the Saturday of this silent yoga retreat for a special Crystal Sound Healing!
Using a full set of Crystal singing bowls and energy chimes, which are tuned to the tones of our Chakra energy system, Tibetan Bowls, Gong, voice toning and harmonics, Ami creates a deeply transformational journey. The frequencies that are being absorbed by the body transform the entire molecular structure of our being, promoting a good flow of prana by opening the energy channels, clearing the human body and energy field. Ami Hasson is a Melbourne-based sound therapist, musician, and music producer, originally from Israel, and working professionally in Australia since 2007.
The building is set over 3 split levels providing plenty of private space for sleeping, relaxing and talking to fellow retreatants. There is one 4-share room available, all other accommodation is twin share.
What It's Like to Go on a Silent Meditation Retreat: The Strange, the Challenging, and the Ahh-MAZE-ing! Start your week mindfully!Join the Left Brain Buddha mailing list and get a mindful update every Monday morning.Plus you'll get 40 Ways to Bring Mindfulness to Your Days and Mindfulness for Kids, two printable pdf's to inspire mindfulness every day! What It’s Like to Go on a Silent Meditation Retreat: The Strange, the Challenging, and the Ahh-MAZE-ing! I’ve just returned from a weeklong retreat in Northern California that was part silent meditation retreat and part mindfulness education training. I worried about the silent portion of the retreat {see Exhibit A}, but it ended up being delicious. It’s a very different way of being in the world when you “go inside.” We were told not to make eye contact with others or do things like holding doors for people. It hadn’t even occurred to me before the retreat how liberating it would be to have permission to not engage in small talk, to not feel like I needed to fill the silence to avoid a sense of awkwardness.
It’s amazing to live for a few days with EVERYTHING stripped away — so many of the “things” we do during the day are often strategies to avoid our thoughts and the mess in our heads. Once we broke silence, I noticed after just a few minutes of speaking and engaging with people again that my heart rate sped up dramatically. Two days of complete digital and social detox revealed to me just how much energy my engagement with the world requires, and how much stimulation the digital world delivers. We practiced walking meditation sessions of 30-45 minutes each, in which we walked slowly and deliberately, eyes focused just a few feet in front.
With my eyes open, there was a lot more distraction — I wanted to look at the trees, the mountains, the sheep, the sky… It was a powerful taste of the way in which our attention shifts and flows inward and outward, inward and outward. Remember that time Abby got a tick in her head and we noticed it in the bathtub and we just tried to pull it out and a leg came off and then just the leg was stuck in her head? While the purpose of meditation is to find the moments of awareness, discovering the destinations of my flights away from the present was powerfully instructive.
A journey is emotional, perhaps spiritual, an exploration of new part of your identity, your soul.  It moves you inward … yet still possibly away from your known universe. Loved this…especially the part about waiting for the bell to ring…you never fail to make me laugh! Sign up for the mailing list and receive 40 Ways to Bring Mindfulness to Your Days and Mindfulness for Kids -- two printable pdf's to inspire mindfulness every day!
My name is Sarah Rudell Beach, and I am a teacher, writer, mother, and mindfulness ambassador! This is my new, powerful course to help you learn mindfulness, focus on your self-care, and keep your cool when the kids are driving you crazy.
For stressed-out city dwellers, silent retreats -- being dubbed one of the biggest "travel trends" of 2013 -- may be the perfect antidote to the constant noise of busy, work-driven urban lives.
If you're ready to completely unplug and recharge, you might want to consider taking a temporary vow of silence at one of the country's best spiritual centers.
Located in a stone mansion on the scenic Massachusetts coast, the Jesuit-run retreat center offers silent retreats ranging from four days to one month in length. With single-room accomodations for up to 50 guests, the retreat house offers greater privacy than many other meditation and retreat centers. Each cleanse includes all juices, cleanse materials, supplements, handouts, sauna, personal consultation, yoga, meditation and more! 8-day Silent Meditation RetreatThe Retreat for the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart is a unique immersion into our real and essential nature, the Supreme and Divine Self, Atman.
According to an old Hindu legend there was a time when all men and women were gods, but they so abused their divinity that Brahma, the 'chief God', decided to take it away from men and women and hide it where they would never find it again.
Then the lesser gods said, “We will take it to the top of the mountain and there hide it.” But again Brahma replied, “No, for man will eventually climb every high mountain on earth.
The deepest longing of the conscious human soul has always been to one day merge the mind with the heart and explore the peaceful bliss of this union - the full authentic nature of the Self and unimaginable capacity it contains. As everyone who tried that already knows, to overcome our restless 'monkey mind' is a task that's very hard to accomplish, there is a need to understand the real concept of meditation from within, in order to get its transformative power to work in our favor. Meditation is not our little escape from the world and meditation is not unfolding at the moment of closing your eyes.
What meditation really is can be explained as our ability to let go, to drop every idea, every notion of self-identification, judgment, patterns.
In the ancient Vedic scriptures of India our true nature is described as SatCitAnanda - "Pure existence, Pure Consciousness, Pure Bliss", the understanding of which can be reached only through personal experience and never through rational mind and reason nor through listening or reading about somebody else's experience.
Hridaya, the Meditation for the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart is based on the teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, one of the great contemporary saints of India.
The meditation we offer uses very simple tools to deepen our awareness to a level where all veils fall away and our real Self is perceived clearly and directly. At the end of the path stands a life full of unconditional love, compassion and clarity as the meditator reaches the realization that the ultimate nature of every single thing and being is the very same One. Our courses at Kaivalya guide aspirants on a transformative and exciting journey inside themselves.

Hridaya Meditation for the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart offers and empowers to find their way 'back home' and provides them with the wisdom how to integrate this practice as a sustainable nourishing part of their everyday existence. Is it possible to survive 10 days without talking, a week without TV, or even three days without making eye contact with another human being?
A vipassana, silent meditation, mindful meditation, or insight meditation retreat is up to 10 days of intense meditation practice where talking and all forms of communication with other students is banned.
Silent meditation retreats are based on the practice of vipassana, “to see things as they really are,” and a focus on the intense interconnection between body and mind. If, for you, meditation is the time between appointments that you spend with your eyes closed and a bar of chocolate, then you’re in for a shock when you step through the doors of the meditation retreat, which could take place in a center anywhere from Thailand to New Mexico. You must also abstain from eating after midday, not decorate your body with jewelry, fancy clothes or makeup, and abstain from sleeping in a luxurious bed.
Outsiders may view a silent meditation retreat as strikingly close to being a prison camp, but attendees that have survived – and thrived – through the 10 days claim to be changed souls.
Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world.
The silence all around reflects back to your own inner silent space allowing a deep inward dive, the spaciousness contains and absorbs whatever needs to pass through you. Free of distractions you will be able to find clarity and perceive your inner beauty more easily. You are leaving behind the many noises that come from the world you live in, and you are beginning an inner journey so that you can see your deepest truth. When something comes up in the conversation that is really significant, you listen more attentively.
It is created by people leaving behind the noises caused by work, computers, tablets, mobile phones, newspapers, TV, radio, cooking, shopping, cars and any other type of activity that keeps them concerned about other things.
Following breakfast there will be free time to enjoy the native Mountain Ash Eucalypt forest, walk and listen to the native birds.
On Sunday we have the wonderful Ami Hasson coming to lead us through a beautiful Crystal Sound Healing Journey, realigning and grounding after a weekend of inner cleansing. After a second break, the afternoon program includes a restorative yoga practice, to limber and refresh the body, and a second meditation practice to go further into the mind. You will be required to remain in silence from the time you awake on Saturday morning until the final session on Sunday afternoon. This increases strength, flexibility and focus while clearing the body of toxins, leaving you feeling calm and centred.
Slow movements combined with deep stretching for the hamstrings, hips, spine, chest and shoulders nourishing the body and bringing greater ease and comfort for our seated Meditation practice. Following a day and half of silent reflection, this sound healing will wash away all our negativities and mental afflictions and allow our inner beauty to shine through. He has contributed as a session musician to a diverse number of professional International and Melbourne-based musical projects.
Amarant rests in 25 acres of magical temperate-rainforest on Mount Ben Cairn in the Yarra Ranges National Park, visited daily by birds and other wildlife residing in the surrounding forest.
At Amarant Retreat it is easy to unwind and find a place of inner calm, either outside in the beautiful forest and gardens or inside curled up by the fire. While I know this post cannot possibly convey the full extent of the AMAZINGNESS that I experienced on retreat, I want to share what it was like to take a brief dip into the deep-end of the meditation pool! It was incredibly powerful to have the gift of time to explore my inner world, to finally have continuous silence in order to listen to myself.
Even though no one is speaking, car engines run and air conditioners hum, birds tweet and doors creak. The point is to bring your mindful awareness to walking — to the sensations in the bottom of the feet, in the legs, the torso, and to the feel of the wind and the sun. And all the zombies slowly walked back into the meditation hall, heads down, silent, as if we’d joined some creepy cult and we were all heading in to drink some Kool-Aid. Our instructor told us that when we noticed a thought {or that we had been lost in thought for several minutes!}, we should stop, and allow the thought to pass. It’s a LONG time to watch the random cognitive vomit that the mind throws up when the body takes a moment to rest. But I do have a clearer understanding of what’s important to me and of the path ahead. At Left Brain Buddha, she writes about her journey to live and parent mindfully, joyfully, and thought-fully in her left-brain analytical life.
I have been better about limiting my social media time, and I am committed to changing my habits in that realm. I am passionate about sharing the gift of mindful living with little people AND big people -- children and parents, students and teachers -- so that we all may lead joyful and compassionate lives. You'll learn how to apply mindfulness to the day-to-day practice of parenting, and how to be a no-drama mama! Although these Walden-esque getaways are not for the faint-hearted (the retreats require days of solitude and zero interaction with technology, in most cases), their restorative benefits are many. From a lodge in rural Oregon surrounded by natural hot springs to a coastal California getaway, these 10 meditation facilities offer group and personal silent retreats for a few days to a full month of nothing but stillness and de-stressing. 8,9 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, per ne purto corpora, cu eam cetero dolores.
According to yoga theory & philosophy, the primordial vibrations of the universe began with A-U-M. Release toxins, improve energy, rest the stomach, gut, liver, increase mental concentration and clarity, lose weight, rehydrate body and more. During this retreat we will address various aspects of the Spiritual Heart through an artful integration of meditation & Yoga techniques as well as poetry.
Overwhelmed by all the expectations and ambitions lying upon us, desperately seeking the recognition and a better understanding of what we really are or simply looking for a quiet escape where we can forget all the drama of our human existence and find a little island of freedom, we often confuse meditation with relaxation.
To allow what is often referred to as "The Real Self", the Self beyond personality to reveal itself and shine through us.
He speaks of the recognition of the Heart as the seat of Atman (Supreme Reality) allowing us to experience the entire Universe as identical with ourselves, one entity unfolded into a multitude of forms and manifestations.
Asking the fundamental question "Who Am I?", dropping any effort to reach an answer, simply allowing it to reverberate deeply in our hearts, until there is only stillness left, we recognize organically with every cell of our physical body Stillness as the essence of all that is and the only possible answer to our question becomes obvious and undoubtable - "I am".
They are invited into a safe and inspiring environment in order to experience the gradual, but inevitable heart opening and expanding of consciousness, a natural result of the diligent practice of Self-awareness. Step away from the cell phone and listen carefully, because a silent meditation retreat could change your life.
At the end of the experience, aficionados claim to be energized, creatively inspired and able to access a deep well of joy.
Retreats are run on a non-charge, non-profit basis for anyone to attend – so long as they abide by the rules and regulations and stay for the entire meditation period. Secondly, you’ll be waking up close to 4am each day and spending until 9pm in lectures and silent contemplation – a silent meditation retreat is not a spa vacation; you need to work hard, mentally and physically, to gain from this practice.

The code of conduct is designed to calm the mind and reduce the distractions that could harm your meditation practice. You feel all you need to feel without moving away from the pain or the discomfort – being silent gives you the certainty that emotions do not last  forever and pain passes through.
Many people return to experience silent meditation every year as a way of coping with the hardships of everyday life, easing depression, becoming more aware, and being able to fully exist in the moment – without relying on the clamor of modern life to drown out their inner voice.
The retreats are guided by Tyohar or Anamika, both are spiritual guides and mirrors of consciousness. By keeping thoughts and feelings contained during these ten days gives a much needed pause from constantly relating on the level of the mind, now is the time to drop into the heart space, become vulnerable in the safety and security of PachaMama.
The food is kept simple with a delicious choice of live foods to support your body and emotions through this strong process of dropping into the deepening silence. This retreat is being held at stunning Amarant Retreat in the the Yarra Valley, just outside Melbourne. By attending this retreat Sanjay wishes to awaken that space of clarity and pureness within your heart, and allow your true nature to shine.
However if you have questions about what is going on inside your body or mind, it is ok to ask Sanjay for advice privately, away from the other retreatants. Slowly we find ourselves letting go of negative patterns and thoughts within our minds and embracing the spiritual practice of compassion.
The sounds created in the session reduce the brain activity to theta waves which are similar to dream state of mind, and in some cases even astral journeys may occur. The native birds visit daily, their calls the perfect soundtrack for early morning meditation. I had a hard time stifling my inner “Minnesota nice” and I really wanted to smile and say “Good Morning!” to everyone I saw. When you live with another person for two days and don’t speak, your natural inclination is to think something is wrong, to think YOU have done something wrong. After a loud and engaging lunch, I went back to my room and took my phone out of “airplane” mode. In “regular life,” it’s such a part of my day that I’m not aware of the low-grade anxiety and nervous activation that stays with me constantly.
Which sounds lovely but we looked like a bunch of zombies practicing really slowly for a field sobriety test. Physically stopping my movement with each observed thought powerfully drove home how frequently my mind wanders! I found myself pondering questions like, “When a bee stings you, does it know it’s going to die?” and “Did the Roman alphabet develop from the Phoenician alphabet?” Seriously, people, we’ve got a lot of random shit in our heads. And we didn’t have matches in the house so we had to hold a paper clip in a lighter to heat it up and then use that to fry the tick and get it out?
This discovery allowed me to glimpse a euphoria similar to the one Billy Crystal’s character in City Slickers experiences, when he found his “one thing” that pointed to the purpose of his one precious life. Increasingly, travelers seeking relaxation, balance and spiritual renewal are heading to meditation centers from the Berkshires to Big Sur in search of simplicity. I’m honestly quite new to yoga and meditation, and I just really want to share how special our brief experience was. The retreat is drawing from a variety of traditions including Advaita Vedanta (Non-duality), Sufism, Christian Mysticism, and Kashmiri Shaivism.
We think that when we pick a quiet spot and close our eyes, we automatically let go of every trouble of our every day life and recharge our inner subtle batteries, getting ready for the next battle offered by the busy days in the concrete jungle around us. On this exciting journey back to our origin of Oneness we can use different techniques of mindfulness to reach a genuine meditative state which in itself is beyond any techniques - a state of Pure Beingness. In this sense the process of meditation is much like a continuous (very often decades-long) peeling away of the different layers of conditioning, fears, insecurities, belief systems, social and family 'baggage' etc, which constitute who we are or who we think we are. Without the get-out-clause of a chat with your best friend at the end of it, or a quick check of your emails halfway through? Here’s how vipassana is taking the world by silent storm.
The idea is that participants gain awareness, self-control, and peace through turning inward with meditation. Different retreats vary in terms of the exact regulations but with any option, if you’re not willing to make a determined effort, then this experience might not be for you. Satsangs are a daily part of the retreat, where you will be able to share by letter whatever you are passing through.
All the practicalities are taken care of, there is nothing to think about or plan this is a great opportunity to just watch what is arising both emotionally and physically.
If you were in a noisy environment or were busy doing other things, you would not pay attention to what the inner Self is showing you. The entire physical body is slowing down allowing a deep relaxed state of being where healing is taking place. He has produced a successful number of sound therapy Workshops, seminars, and concerts throughout Melbourne, Gippsland, Geelong, and Daylesford (2011-2013). It was a complete “going within,” with the gentle and kind instruction to simply “Do YOU.” {We did have opportunities to ask questions of the teachers during silence}.
By spending time in silence I tuned into my nervous system, discovering what truly calms me and what overstimulates me.
I discovered not that I have a bajillion thoughts racing around my head {insect meditations aside}, but that I often have the same thoughts over, and over, and over… And in two and a half days of meditating in silence, I could observe where my mind likes to land. We find it when we sit in stillness, allow the mind to rest, and listen to our inner knowing. The retreat will have several open meditation sessions with the opportunity to choose your style of meditation. The daily meditations are carefully selected to give you the best opportunity to dive even deeper into the silence; these meditations help to release any excess energy accumulation that happens in the body due to curbing your usual way of expressing and releasing through speech.
So when the inner Self brings something into your awareness, you begin to talk with the inner Self about it.
By keeping silence you are giving yourself a gift and you are giving the same gift to all the other retreatants.
We will also practice and learn various buddhist techniques for quieting the mind including walking meditation in the organic herbal garden!
Some sort of weird mind control cult?” Now mindful walking is one of my favorite forms of meditation. You find your way through the inevitable boredom and come out of the other side with greater clarity.

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