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I can't tell you how many times I've had a guy friend who I was into who I kind of thought was into me too but I couldn't really tell.
Because I tend to lean toward "maybe he's just being nice!!!" and usually need to be beaten over the head with mixtapes, picnics, and quirky flower arrangements before I start to think, "Wait, does Jeff like me?" while everyone around me rolls their eyes and says, "Yes, are you kidding?" I can save you some of that time. Meet interesting and like minded verified singles in your city on Indiaa€™s best dating and matchmaking app. 9 Signs Your Guy Friend Will Never Be Your BoyfriendThere's a reason you haven't dated yet. Not because I'm oblivious but because it's so easy to see those signs and not want to be That Person who assumes someone is totally into her when he's actually just being a really good friend who happens to be a guy. Your friends ask if you guys are a thing yet. One time I had a guy at a bar tell me he didn't ask me out because he saw I had a boyfriend. When he hugs you, it feels like he's making out with you using only his arms. If your hugs used to be kind of standard, and now they're longer and more affectionate, it's because #feelings are there.
You hang out one-on-one all the time doing, let's be honest, couple-y things. Oh yeah, you're just friends. He brings up your inside jokes like they're quotes from his favorite movie. Whether it's conscious or not, he's telling you he loves the connection you two have and is trying to slowly tell you, "Look at how much fun we have!
He never talks about having crushes on other women because to him, other women basically don't exist. You know he's single, attractive, and cool, and there's no way there aren't girls who are into him, but you definitely never hear about them.
He's practically best friends with all your friends now. He met them through you but now he just chills with you and your friends because he wants your friends to like him so they can gently nudge you into falling in love with him if you haven't already.
He constantly tells you how much fun he has with you. My platonic guy friends never really do this.
He always texts you back. Granted, this is something a good friend should do, but even really good friends can forget about texts, or just get caught up and not reply.
He makes sure no one messes with you. If you're in a group, and someone is putting you down or saying something mean to you, he'll slyly either change the subject or shut it down. If you're putting an event together, he's your hype man. If you're throwing a party or raising money for a company you work for, he's putting the word out on every social media account and telling the whole world how much fun it is, how important it is, and how they need to be there because he believes in you.
He remembers every single thing you've ever told him. So when you're having a rough day, he can remind you of something you said weeks ago that he can recall verbatim because everything you say means something to him because you mean something to him.
He always finds ways to be your partner in any task be it a project at work or a dance item you have to perform at your cousin’s wedding.
He would always be ready to accompany you anywhere and even act as your personal chauffeur sometimes although not necessarily without showing some fake unwillingness.
He is always asking you to hang out with him when it is usually the other way around when you have guy friends.

You catch him staring at you which follows by his hesitant looking away and again some more of those mean remarks. When out with yourA whole gang, he’ll always make sure he gets a seat right next to you and often close. This justifies his cheating ways, not only to himself, but it ends up in you yourself thinking you’re just not good enough for this super-man.
His mom adores you, and she will sometimes make comments in passing about the two of you getting together.
Sometimes, you catch him staring at you with a peculiar expression on his face – like he has much on his mind and wants to say something. He watched two whole seasons of The Hills in one sitting with you, even though he can’t stand the show. If you don’t have a date to some function, he always gladly and enthusiastically volunteers himself before you even ask. Once, when the two of you grabbed dinner, you said something along the lines of: “Hey! Friends who go to lunch together, museums together, and movies together with just the two of you, hanging out for hours, with him silently wishing at some point he could hold your hand.
And if he does mention girls, it's always with the underlying sentiment that he hasn't found the right one yet, except he has and it's you. But he's super invested in you seeing how much he cares about you, so he makes damn sure to text you back every time.
Seriously, one of you has to say something soon so you can just get together and be super cute already. However, if you have eyes for it, these are some undeniable signs that he really likes you and wants to romantically. Now that’s a sure sign indeed when the usually know-it-all guy calls out for help be it anything; say, how to make an omelette?! No matter how busy we all get, don’t we always find a minute to answer a panicky phone call just to put that person out of their misery? You get the sense that the amount of energy he expends cutting down your budding relationships is not normal.
Out of all his friends, he consistently prioritizes you – though you might not do the same. He will consistently consult you when problems arise in his life, and you get the feeling that he takes your advice more seriously than he does any other friend’s.
Which probably means you're just kind of bored and he's right there and you haven't humped anyone in a while.

If total strangers and friends think you guys are giving off couple vibes, it's because he's absolutely wishing you two were a couple.
And not just of the "oh man, our connection as two platonic humans has truly intensified" variety. But his casually telling you he has so much fun with you is his way of saying, "You are so great and all I want to do is tell you how great you are but then you'll know I'm crazy about you and it might scare you off.
When all is said and done, and you find out he was all the while cheating, your mind will rewind to this phase where he made you feel so low and useless that you actually blame yourself for the split.
Friends should be able to discuss their relationships with one another, but he might have more than friendly feelings towards you.
He may not have said anything to her, but Momma knows.* *This may also apply to your mutual friends.
This, alone, might not indicate that he has feelings for you but, combined with everything else, it might suggest that a lil’ something-something is brewing under the surface.
Just when you’re about to file a missing persons report with the police, he casually calls or texts you, acting as if nothing ever happened.
He controls what you do, what you wear, who you meet and hang out with and for how long, yet you seem to have zero control on his whereabouts and behavior.
If he's extra flirty when you're seeing someone, he's already kind of a jerk because he knows you're taken, but if he only flirts with you then, he just likes flirting with people he has no chance of actually being with.
You only really like him when your Tinder is bare and you have zero crushes because everyone seems lame.
He constantly keeps a check on you, much like your dad, but as soon as you start to question anything he does, the reaction is to shut you out.
He was in a meeting, or his phone was on a charger in a different room or that it was set to silent and he completely got caught up with something important. You tell yourself he loves you so much he can’t bear to let you out of his sight, but a little voice inside your head tells you otherwise. If you’re giving and letting him order you around, normally he would let you exert some control over his life too. Every time you've met her, you swear she's giving you a look that says, "Don't date my son.

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