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A Harvard University Study showed that 3% of graduating students from the Class of 1953 had written down their career goals.
Goals can be long term (Playing on the European Tour), medium or short term (beating friends in a chipping competition on Sunday) but they have to be yours and yours alone. They are the ones that get you excited: setting a course record or winning a significant tournament.
Should I continue on the same path I was on or take a side trip leading to new opportunities? The process of reaching more short term goals creates the momentum that makes reaching larger goals possible. When Tiger Woods placed Jack Nicklaus’s career records onto his bedroom wall, he was setting the mother of all outcome goals: to become the best player in the history of the game.
After giving it much thought, I determined the latter choice coincided with my personal goal of attaining my bachelor degree. Your Vision (Outcome Goals) are what you hope to get out of all your hard work - the fruits of your labour. This paper will discuss my personal goals as they apply to my educational career with the University of Phoenix, as well as some of my strengths and weaknesses that will contribute to my success. Returning to college, as a working adult, is a challenge for anyone.

People can help you reach your goals, or help you understand what your goals are, but choosing them is your job. Up to this point, I had been successful obtaining positions that would normally require a bachelor degree. The key is to establish a clear and concise VISION for what you want to do with your life and or Golf.
I was able to prove I was suitable for management positions in various capacities simply with hard work and perseverance.
I like to set 1, 3 and 5 Year Vision’s and reassess how I’m doing every 3 Months while sitting in Starbucks, enjoying a beverage (My Starbucks Moments).
My last position exposed me to new areas of interest in technology and project management that I desiderated pursuing. A concept that Thomas Plummer (the great Business Consultant and Speaker) introduced to me. However Visions require a note of caution.It’s essential to have a Vision (Outcome Goals), but they need to be kept in their place - away from the Golf course.
Focussing on trying to set a course record after going four under through four holes is a great way  NOT to set a course record.

To play your best, you need to keep your mind clear of the result or outcome based thinking. This is the primary objective that I hope to meet by attending the University of Phoenix. Identifying strengths and weaknesses that will affect my success as a student requires more examination. Establish your Vision(s), then file them, allow your mind to focus on the process of achieving them. I possess many attributes of strength that will help me achieve my goals, primarily my high work ethic and relentless quest for knowledge. I believe in integrity and am adept at holding those who work with me to the same standard.

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