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Meditation, an ancient practice of calming the mind, would seem to be incompatible with modern technology, with its emphasis on speed and connectivity. It's hard to deny the toll those distractions are taking on our lives and health: Heavy technology use has been linked with stress and depression, and being too plugged in may leave us less focused and productive.
At the same time, research shows meditation can help us focus, achieve balance and improve our overall well-being.
You don't have to leave the digital world behind in order to make meditation, and its benefits, a part of your life. Former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe founded Headspace as a way to bring mindfulness meditation to the masses.
Touted as the "urban meditation app," Buddhify offers a fun, gamified approach to creating a meditation practice. The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, founded by John-Roger, offers a 12-lesson online course on meditation and spiritual exercises for beginners consisting of readings, audio and video. Deepak Chopra's Chopra Center for Well-Being offers many resources for aspiring and experienced meditators, including a collection of 24 free meditation podcasts.
Chopra joined forces with Oprah Winfrey on a series of 21-day online meditation challenges, which have attracted nearly two million participants. A comprehensive meditation timer and tracking device, MeditateApp allows you to create plans and schedules, select meditations for particular days and times, and view charts detailing your past activity.
Meditations can be timed and saved in one of three modes: Meditation, Meditation with Affirmation, and Fall Asleep mode, which fades out the sound of the meditation gradually.
The Mental Workout app and website aim to help you cultivate mindfulness, sleep better, reduce your stress levels and stay focused. Beyond the Mindfulness Meditation app, Mental Workout offers several programs for use on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android, including apps that use mindfulness-based approaches to help you reduce stress, enhance sleep quality and quit smoking. A simple reminder to pause and refocus our attention can go far in helping us to become more mindful.
If you'd rather listen to music than sit in silence, try Eckhart Tolle's "Music To Quiet The Mind," available on Spotify.
The beginner-friendly cat pose is a great way to relieve tension in the spine, shoulders and neck, and to boost circulation in the upper body.
By practicing mindful meditations we can find calmness within us and then bring this into our work.
Focus on the people around you, patients, family, workmates, as a way to stay focused on the here and now, rather than lost in thoughts and worries. So stay tuned tomorrow for the next meditation in our seven week series – a guided meditation for orienting your conscious awareness to your beautiful Soul energy. Can miles truly separate you from friends… If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?
Sometimes the only thing that holds you back from success is not a lack of talent or good ideas, it’s a lack of knowledge, skills or techniques. I’ve created a short guided meditation to faciltate this process, and help you draw that teacher or resource to you.

Crystals absorb energy, just as they project it.  When you first receive a crystal, or if you have been working with it for some time, you may need to cleanse it of unwanted vibrations from people or situations with which it has come into contact. A simple way to cleanse a crystal is to hold it in your hand, say a prayer or dedication and then blow gently on the crystal, imagining that your breath is white light which will blow away all negative vibrations within that crystal.
You may also visualize a cascade of pure white light flowing into and around your stone, cleaning it and transmuting any negativity into light. Crystals may be placed on a bed of rock salt in a wooden, glass or pottery container, and left in a quiet place. They can be smudged with smoke from fragrant timbers and herbs, or with the smoke from incense. As with any cleansing process your intent that the crystal be cleansed and that any negativity be transformed into light is of the highest importance.
Some stones may need to be left in nature for a long time if they have absorbed a great deal of energy on your behalf. Thank you to those who have collaborated with the Free Mindfulness Project by allowing us to share these resources. All of the guided meditation exercises below are protected by a creative commons licence, meaning they are free to download and distribute non-commercially. If you have any comments about the meditations you download we'd love to hear your feedback. Mindful movement practices involve some form of intentional movement such as walking, yoga, tai chi or simple stretching. The following tracks begin and end with a bell, which also sound at intervals throughout the meditations.
From the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, researcher Diana Winston created this short guided meditation video to help work with life’s difficulties. Whether it’s difficult emotions, body sensations, or stressful events, mindfulness meditation can help with calming and focussing the mind to cope with life more effectively. Did you know that a 3 minute meditation or deep breathing exercise can give strength both to your body and mind? But as more and more Americans have embraced meditation as an antidote to hyper-connected lives, the world of technology has joined the movement. A growing body of research has also suggested that many mobile users are developing addictive relationships with their devices.
Studies have shown meditation to be effective in lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, boosting creativity, focus and compassion, and improving emotional well-being and sleep quality, among other mental health benefits. Try one of these 12 online meditation tools to help you be more present, more mindful, and more effective. Headspace's "Take 10" starter program -- 10 days' worth of 10-minute meditations -- is a simple, straightforward introduction to starting a mindfulness practice. Buddhify uses bright, cartoony graphics and simple language (no Sanskrit or mention of Chakras), and it's designed to be used on the go. MSIA's teachings consist of "active meditations," or spiritual exercises, with an emphasis on connecting with our inner source of wisdom and peace.
The podcasts include inspiring talks and audio meditations for releasing stress, healing, gratitude, self-empowerment and more.

Now, the duo has made all three of their challenges -- on the subjects of desire and destiny, perfect health, and miraculous relationships -- available through Oprah & Deepak's Meditation Master Trilogy, a gift set containing 66 audio meditations and an interactive journal.
Watch waves crashing, brooks babbling, snow falling and the sun setting while you enjoy a short, timed meditation -- without ever leaving your desk.
Don't touch your mouse or keypad for two minutes." If you do, a bright red flashing "FAIL" comes up on the screen -- perhaps not the most zen reminder to go back to your break, but effective nonetheless.
Mental Workout's Mindfulness Meditation app, designed by meditation teacher and psychotherapist Stephan Bodian, provides guided meditations and a timer for silent meditations.
Bells and chimes have traditionally been used in Tibetan Buddhist meditation, and now the Washington Mindfulness Community's online Mindfulness Bell allows you to enjoy a soothing sound as a reminder to still your mind and be more present.
The album is a compilation of Eckhart Tolle's favorite songs to inspire serenity and stillness.
Begin with your hands and knees on the floor in a tabletop position, and gently round the spine up as you exhale. Whether you want to write a book, climb a mountain, win Olympic Gold, speak a new language or improve your health, your best bet will be to attract a good teacher into your life – one who will believe in you, and have the ability to help you to grow and to shine.
Please credit the original sources when doing so and feel free to direct people here for more resources. As something that we are doing all of the time, watching our breath allows us to come into the present moment and practice being aware. These audio tracks begin and end with the sound of a bell ringing, to orientate you to the practice and to signify the end of the meditation. You may wish to use the sound of the bell to move from one phase of a meditation to the next, to have a greater awareness of the passage of time or to bring your attention back to your focus in the practice. The result is a growing field of meditation tools -- from apps and podcasts to timers and online classes -- and a growing acknowledgment that, paradoxically, technology can help us to turn inward, still our minds, and shut out the many distractions around us.
Through short animated videos, the app breaks down the basic principles of meditation and mindfulness, and the recordings take beginners through brief mindfulness practices and guided meditations each day. The app has different settings -- home, traveling, walking, gym -- so that you can squeeze in a meditation wherever you are, and offers audio and video meditations suited to your current setting. The step-by-step guides include instruction on using a mantra, keeping a journal and meditative breathing. Download the podcasts on iTunes and listen to them at home, during your commute or while out on a walk to bring more mindfulness to your day. It also features an eight-week program for beginners, as well as inspirational talks and relaxation instructions. The bell -- which can be set to ring at regular intervals or at random times -- can be used as a meditation tool or a mindful alarm. All you have to do is sit back, relax, close your eyes, and listen to the sound of my voice.

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