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Breathe, relax, and listen to tune into the guidance, love and frequency channeled from the Angelic Realm. Simply click the play button below to listen, or right click (ctrl click mac) to save to your computer.
Or scroll down to read this channeled angel message with Archangel Metatron transcribed below.
The stream of your soul consciousness, the being of unconditional light and love, who is in this and every moment connected to Divine wisdom, truth, knowing, and certainty, who is fully and completely aware of your path laid out before you for this life. The spiritual being that you are, your higher self connected to higher consciousness is connected to all that is and guides you, assists you, watches over you, looks out for you, and acts as a guide for you in this life. The game of life which is ever unfolding around you and which you are able to take more and more conscious control over, stepping into your power as a player in the game of life with objectives and strategies so complex, with players so advanced that there is no real comparison in your realm among games or sports or activities other than the word and the concept. The game you are playing now in this time and space that is the present, is already an advanced level, for the third dimensional plane of existence, which you are experiencing, is not all you are experiencing now as it has been in lifetimes past. Your winning ticket, your secret strategy, that which will serve you most, is recognizing that the energy and strength and skill you need to progress lies not outside of you, but is accessed from within. And as important as tuning into the guidance from these beings, is tuning into the frequency and light and wisdom and truth that is yours. Through this, awareness and knowing of who you really are, of what is really real you are able to make the choices, to progress further in your game, to serve and love others, all of life, and to make a difference, to channel your light, your frequency, your power, your understanding and awareness into this realm, to serve life, earth, and all beings for the highest and greatest good.
As a physical being you come from the earth, you are one with earth, and energetically this connection with earth is essential for making the link with the divine realms and with your higher self. Imagine this flow, this light at the core of the earth which you are one with, which you are a part of, flowing up and opening and purifying, flowing through your root chakra, your sacral chakra, and your solar plexus chakra. Root, sacral, and solar plexus are cleansed now as the light of earth flows up, the divine light of earth, releasing blockages, fears, and attachments. When this light is able to flow, reaching your heart, and fueling the flame of your open heart, it enables you to love, not in a conditional sense or even a romantic sense, thought this may be experienced in your game of life, but love in an unconditional sense. You are able to feel and experience the unconditional love that all of life has for you, and then overflowing unconditional love as a soul and spirit in service of all life, in service of others.
Experience this now for this is the natural state of being of your higher self, who you merge and link with in this moment, bringing the enlightened perspective of the Divine into your experience now.
Whether you are tired of life and fatigued, or if you are in love with life and energized, your higher self has blessings for you, has tips and tricks and guidance and rejuvenation. Your higher self is your most personal messenger of pure, divine bliss, serving to keep you aligned with that which is most important for you now in your game, in your advancement towards graduation, towards progressing forward and further in soul awakening, which has no end. Even your guides and ascended masters and teachers are journeying, are advancing, and growing. And when you need a boost… Ground and lift, open your chakra energy centers, connect with the light of the Divine, and merge with your higher self. In mind, body, and spirit, receive the download of your higher self to rejuvenate and replenish, to heal, and to inspire, to serve you in your game of life, in your mission of service and love to others.
Keep your energetic connection to your higher self open by remaining centered, present, and in love. Archangel Metatron connects to deliver an informative and high energy free DNA Activation . Although Melanie no longer offers private readings, she has several recommended partners who are available to help you get answers, right now!
Melanie, thank you so much for these magnificent messages from the realms of Love and Lught. My love and blessings and deepest gratitude for sharing your gift and for recreating this beautiful website.
It?s so important to me hear this chaneling, that I just can pray and send Bless for You as a Thank You! Click Here To Get A Free Angel Message & To Receive Updates When New Messages Are Published! The Higherself Attunement CD has stories and guided meditation that have been created to help us to access long forgotten memories of the time when we were still in the spirit world.
Prepare for your meditation as usual: sitting quietly and comfortable, adjusting your posture if necessary, swaying from side to side, closing eyes, relaxing whole body, breathing naturally. I usually see my higher self looking exactly like me or like a little beautiful flash of energy.

I like to use this technique or tapping into intuition technique (explained below) when I need to make certain decisions or ask questions about future or past. After you feel calm, peaceful and focused, visualize a funnel above your head, extending wide towards the Universe from the center of the top of your head. Alternating between two states is a good exercise to learn how to tap into your intuition – unlimited psychic knowing at will. Do not force yourself, be sure that you are always relaxed and calm, otherwise the impressions might never come.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Starring the wacky Marvel comic heroes, read the hilarious first book in this upcoming trilogy. Are you tired of feeling on the back foot in life and want deeper sense of self-love and empowerment? During this course you will learn how to access your higher self, so you can release emotional and mental energy.
By completing this course you will then have the resources and knowledge to navigate all life’s challenges as well as the power to shift your energy to live from a more empowered loving place. This version is for IPAD or apple users, and includes linked video clips for simple deep breathing exercises.  The multimedia PDF version is coming in a few days.
This entry was posted in Color Therapy, Guided Meditation, self healing on April 14, 2014 by admin. Live A Happy Life Series: How To Make Your Dream Come True When You Feel Discouraged Time & Again ?
Indeed, I am Archangel Metatron and I greet you in this moment outside of time and space, to speak with you about the part of you outside of time and space. Aware of your objectives, lessons, purpose, and mission as a soul, and as a spiritual being in physical form.
Nudging you away from distractions and roadblocks and false truths, and helping you to keep on track in this game of life you are playing. And in this awareness, there is great learning and the opportunity for you as a physical being in the game of life, guided by the spiritual essence, the soul that you really are in truth, to make a choice, to play well, to win, to advance, to graduate from life advancing forward on your soul journey in the higher dimensions and realms of existence.
The third dimension is merely the base, and the magic found within the physical forms of earth, air, fire, and water, have opened you up as a soul and spiritual being in physical form to experience the ether, the magic, the astral, the fourth and fifth dimensional planes of existence and beyond while you are still living, while you are still a physical being, a player in the game of life. Yes, you are connected to all that is, you are one with everything and this perspective serves you. These lower three chakras need to be purified and opened in order for the energy of earth to make its way up to your heart, which is the doorway to the higher realms. When your heart is open, the energy of the earth, of light, is able to continue to flow up, opening your throat, third eye, and crown and continuing up, flowing up into the light of the Divine, lifting up into the realms of spirit. Feel your frequency begin to vibrate at an increased rate as you merge with your higher self, with higher consciousness also known as Christ consciousness, cosmic consciousness, soul consciousness, God consciousness, awareness, enlightenment, nirvana.
And so embrace your growth, embrace your game, embrace your choice that you are offered with. Recognizing your oneness with all makes this easy, gives you the willingness to love unconditionally, to serve unconditionally, to assist others unconditionally.
Your time is now to master this physical plane, in this life, and within this life accessing the higher realms and dimensions of experience and of love. Now, feel all this light of the Divine and of your higher self, pouring down now in through your crown, your third eye, your throat, your open heart, your solar plexus, sacral, and root, this light of the Divine and of your higher self anchoring into your physical body, clicking into place. Keep your energetic centers awake and flowing light through them in a relaxed, present, and natural state of being. Release the compulsion to only serve yourself, for your soul desire is to walk the path of love, the path of positive, the path of joy. I am Archangel Metatron and I leave you for now with my blessing and with the blessing of the Divine, of love, of frequency, of calm serenity and rejuvenation.
Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.
I believe that before we were born, we were invited to participate in the planning of our new lives. Breath deeply three times into your upper chest.Then breath deeply into your abdomen three times.

You might want to adjust your position again, making sure your neck and back of your head are comfortable, your spine is straight. Check out these guided meditations that use special effects to impress the subconscious mind and facilitate awakening.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. You will be provided with 8 Key Esoteric Tools that will help you learn to tune in and shift issues in your reality.
Join us to receive exclusive updates on practical breathing techniques & guided meditations. The spiritual, powerful, blissful, serene part of you directly connected to Divine Source and to all, at every moment and in every time.
You are assisted, you are encouraged, and you are helped by a team of guides and angels who you have begun making contact with, who help you and love you. But even within the veil of illusion, layers of illusion and separation, you have a higher self.
Lifting up, going up, way up into direct presence with Source, with God, with All That Is, into direct presence with your higher self who steps forward now to merge with your energetic being now. The choice to serve self, to stay in neutrality, to float and exist, and to repeat the karmic cycle of lifetimes waiting until some point in the future to make the choice, which you are ready for now.
And now grounding, roots extending down, anchoring all this bliss and benefit and love into the present moment, into the light at the core of the earth, into your experience for you to access at any time through awareness. This is why you are listening to these words, this is why you are connecting with your higher self of light, this is why you are here to serve and love and make a difference and through this growth and learning and mastery of the game board of life, graduating, ascending, progressing forward, moving forward, onward on your path as a soul and as a divine spiritual being.
From the security of the spirit world we were able to see a much wider picture and taking on such conditions as tragedy, disease & pain may have seemed like the perfect way to work out past karmic debts and to achieve maximum soul growth.
Asking for 'help' with a specific area with which one is struggling within the meditation is - to me - the crux of the cd - and Robbie presents the whole thing effortlessly. This will help opening your heart chakra more, creating fluidity in your subtle bodies, emotional body in particular. Created by the author who brought us 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, Instant Karma, 8,789 Words of Wisdom, and The Wish List, Self-Meditation is a compulsively readable, instantly accessible list of hundreds of meditation suggestions that can be done during the course of our daily lives.
The Divine blueprint of your perfection, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, the you completely immersed in higher consciousness who you are able to connect with now and at any time to serve your own life.
It is when you get wrapped up in fear and insecurity that your energetic body responds, creating a blockage of the flow of light in these energetic centers. Are there parts of your personality, character or intellect which you would like to enhance? The usual prayers for protection at the start and finish make one feel secure and the gentle music and caring 'tone of voice' makes it flow beautifully and easily.
I usually feel the merging very strong, my whole body tingles, my heart center in particular and feel a tremendous love and peace. It is time to ask your higher self and you questions about future or past, any messages, important decisions you have to take, etc.
Calm, relaxed, present, and aware, this is the state of being which serves your energy body, your chakra energy system, and which allows the light at the core of the earth to flow up. After you finish asking questions, getting messages, thank your higher self and see your higher self going back where it came from. This mediation technique is very powerful and will help you to connect with your higher self. Meditations while reading, eating, doing sit-ups, working, shopping, or finding yourself stuck in traffic.
It depend on nature born.Do you believe or not i think your pre-existence you are an angle and born as a human being at a purpose. Drawn from spiritual practices as varied as Zen, yoga, and insight meditation, it’s a delicious spiritual tonic that includes meditation basics, explanations, mantras, tips, and more.

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