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It is our belief that safety training is one of the most effective means of improving management and performance.
We believe that all employees should show responsibility for their own safety, in accordance with their specific functions, irrespective of their role, professional category or geographical location, in addition to contributing to the safety of the company as a whole.
Over 1500 leaders have received training on safety culture during 2012, which represents over 65% of the worldwide group.
We extend employee training on safety and the environment to contractor personnel that work in our operations, and require them to have the necessary knowledge to be able to perform their activities in the company. Specific training and awareness-raising programs for each activity are carried out in the company's business units. The main training programs implemented as standard across all the company's businesses during 2012 were the PRISMA program (see box below), incident investigation and safeguard driving.
To enhance safety culture in employees and contractor personnel, as well as the company's safety management system, we have seven basic rules to help prevent fatal accidents in our work sites. We currently use various channels for disseminating information, rules, and technical documentation. Repsol rolled out our Safety and the Environment (SE) Leadership Plan in 2012, to promote a culture of excellence in safety and the environment through the organization's leaders, whose conduct should be an example for their employees. This Plan targets all executive personnel and company leaders, as they are present in all business and corporate areas. A monitoring team was included in the SE Leadership Plan to guide and supervise implementation once initiated. The Leadership Plan was presented to all the company leaders in April, at an event attended by the President and several representatives of the company's senior management. The idea behind the SE Leadership Plan is for company leaders to take on board and put into practice the eight safety and the environment behaviors defined by the company?s Health, Safety and Environmental Policy. With regard to development, corporate personal development tools are being applied so leaders can systematically acknowledge exemplary conduct in SE.
The key training initiative is the PRISMA Program, which involves a leadership course in SE aimed at all leaders.

On the communication front, memos to all employees have paid particular attention to SE issues.
Having gained sufficient tangible insights about yourself we now plot your path towards a successful job search.
Personal development planning is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within the context of a career, education, relationship or for self-improvement. Before deciding which area you want to improve at the moment, be very clear on the results that you want and why you want them. Create a vision for yourself, take the things that you want to be, to do and to have and write down a script of the movie that would like to live, with as many emotions and senses you can involve. To achieve this, we provide responsibility and activity based staff training, particularly for personnel directly involved in the management, operation and maintenance of facilities and systems, as well as people with direct responsibilities and relationships with customers, suppliers and contractors.
In 2012, a total of 12,520 employees received 217,899 hours of occupational health and safety training.
Activity-specific training was also provided on safety preventive observations, as well as firefighting courses and emergency plans, with the latter two focused on the move to the Campus Repsol Headquarters in Spain. Since their approval in 2009, these rules have been circulated via an exhaustive communication plan to raise awareness of the importance of their application. The idea is for the leaders to foster a cultural shift, promoting a greater awareness of safety and the environment, using their words and actions to influence the conduct of all workers. The core team is comprised of senior Repsol managers, with the goal of ensuring the organization is committed and invests the necessary resources for the Plan to succeed.
The event reached a wide audience throughout the company, with more than 2000 leaders viewing it live, or via a retransmission available through the company's Intranet. As such, planned actions are being carried out in the areas of development, training and communication. 2012 has seen increased dissemination of the eight behaviors, the seven basic safety rules, and tools to aid leaders in defining and implementing their action plans for SE. Identification of specific sectors, industries or companies to target and the definition of steps to take in your action plan.

One of the clues that I see in very successful people is that they all have a plan to develop themselves in different areas of their life. The Bagua (from Feng Shui) gives us a great start to look at all the different areas of our life.
In addition, we continued to intensify our training programs for contractor staff, who received 303,871 hours of training in 2012. The Plan involves around 2,400 people across all Repsol's business units worldwide, including corporate roles. This has given all the leaders the ability to define day-to-day improvement actions in safety and the environment in their respective areas.
45 sessions have been held in Spain throughout 2012, along with 12 sessions in other countries (Portugal, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and the US).
We have circulated success stories such as the projects in Cartagena (C-10 extension and improvement of the Cartagena refinery) and Petronor (ADI-1000 reduction of fuel oil production in the Petronor refinery), both located in Spain, and other good practice initiatives. These are designed to show the work being carried out companywide to promote a cultural shift in safety and the environment.
We will encourage you to think outside of the box and share self-motivational tools to help keep you on track.
Once you have that down on paper or on your computer, decide which modality works best for you to learn: books, audio, video or events?
Don’t overlook this part this exercise, it is the most powerful tool in your arsenal to create the driving force of your actions: motivation. Companywide campaigns have also encouraged employees in different countries and businesses to share their day-to-day experiences to improve performance in SE.

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