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If an easy definition of self esteem is the value that we hold of our self, then we all can say that at one time or another, our perceived value wasna€™t that great! Thata€™s OK.
Usually it isn't, but when it goes into over inflated self esteem, then there can be plenty of issues. Your least favorite part about clothes shopping is spending so much time looking in the mirror. Your priorities might be a little different from those crazy “positive” people in your life.

You spend a lot of time being paranoid that the people around you hate you as much as you do. But then you think, that’s giving yourself way too much credit, they probably don’t even think about you enough to hate you.
And that makes you hate yourself more, that you were so self-involved that you’d think other people actually spend time thinking about you. And the next step would be a dislike of others, after all, if you cana€™t love, or at least like yourself, how will you like other people!

When low self esteem cana€™t be easily reversed, the door is now open for several other medical situations to set in. It may have started with a bad self image, or maybe poor teen self esteem.
Many things can make a person de-valve themselves, and when it is said and done, a person may be left with more than just low esteem.

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