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Integrate the potential of your workplace to increase productivity, and job-satisfisfaction throughout. Your workplace culture has a powerful effect upon efficiency, output, customer satisfaction, crisis management, and employee job satisfaction.A  These in turn affect staff retention, workplace stress, repeat business, the quality of your product or service, and your bottom line. There are many things that can work for and against the sustainability of a particular workplace culture. Workculture is usually not thought through or planned and facilitated, because ita€™s not recognised as core business, yet it controls how core business is managed. Stress Initiatives are about identifying and resolving the stresses from without and within your organisation that create internal resistance and lost efficiency.
Effective Stress Initiatives require the collaboration and input of all employees and Management. The trend in business today is to minimise contact with people as a way of reducing costs. Therefore the impact of contact points with customers can be greatly enhanced with Friendliness.A  It sticks in their mind. Problems are more easily solved at a lower level:-A  Because a friendly interaction between an employee and customer means the customer is more likely to trust the employee's problem solving ability rather than demanding to speak to a supervisor or manager. These are the two general factors that determine sustainability and excellence within your organisation or business. A Customer Friendly work culture change takes time, yet once it is achieved, it can be seen and experienced by both employees and customers alike. If you are a manufacturer or retailer, developing a Customer Friendly work culture can protect you against commercial opposition because once you've got it, the benefits can't be replicated quickly by others. The Professional Development program for Supervisors and Management is flexible, and can be very effective even when given as little time as half a day per month. My background and experience as a psychotherapist in a broad range of therapies equips me to facilitate the fast tracking of personal development.
In addition, the MyPersonalities (Persona Role Development Program) enables individuals to do their own self exploration, personal development, and even therapeutic work by themselves on their computer at home. These personality characteristics reflect the ability to act and make decisions gleaned from conscious and unconscious sensory information.A  What we do with this information and how we interpret it, affects our mood, how we cope with stress, how we affect other people, and how we adapt to different situations. Aggravating this situation is the fact that the job (in this case animal control and local laws), comes with significant stress and often a relatively high staff turnover. The ideal personality characteristics for the job (Regulatory Officer) were ascertained in collaboration with key stakeholders including existing Regulatory Officers, Senior Management, and a Management Consultant. The effectiveness and success of the new recruitment strategies are considered in terms of longevity of employment, level of job satisfaction, and employee morale. The desirable attributes offered by the Regulatory Service staff all focused upon behaviour and attitude. Note that the ability to adapt to changing situations is closely linked to coping well with stress because these two things affect each other.
When filling a position or promoting someone, it is important that we dona€™t just consider how skilled they are or how well applicants did in their last job.A  You first have to ask how might the job evolve over the next 5 years given, Socio, Economic, Political, and Technological changes. When we build anything, whether it be a house or a work-team, or changing the organizationa€™s culture toward an efficient non-blaming Systems Focused Environment, we are always constrained by the materials we choose as much as we are by our knowledge of how to use them.
Sorting people into jobs in which they are best suited is like collecting the best building materials before you build.

I first encountered the membership issue within the business community of Montville on the Sunshine Coast, where I used to live. Several proactive members of the local business association were injecting a plethora of ideas and thousands of dollars of their own money, in a bid to increase membership. I used a three-part process that resulted in 90% of local businesses becoming members of the organization that later became formalized into a Chamber of Commerce.
Since then Ia€™ve refined the process, made it more efficient and cost effective with the addition of specifically designed computer software.
Ita€™s purpose is to develop People Management Skills for across the board employees who seek promotion into supervisory areas, ranging from Team Leaders through to Management. It is also designed to assist he efficient transition of trade-based employees into multi-skilling and teamwork. This training program contains 62 nominal hours, which compares with up to 200 hours with comparable courses.
Having your Strategic Planning meetings facilitated by an experienced group facilitator from outside of your organisation can lend objectivity, transparency, and fresh motivation to the process.
My experience in Gestalt Psychotherapy enables me to facilitate whatever group dynamics arise in your business or organisation. I work from a non-blame systems perspective, one that seeks clarity of goals, resolution of issues, and strives for harmony and balance between those involved. This skills based program was designed primarily for Supervisors and Managers, who are required from time to time to communicate with employees who may be experiencing depression, grief, anger, or confusion. This is a basic nuts and bolts experiential learning program that adds a win-win-win to the relationship between Employees, Managers, and Workplace Culture. Selected employees are given a basic course in Critical Incidence Debriefing, and then are involved in designing Critical Incidence protocols for their workplace. There are a number of benefits contained within this intervention of Critical Incidence First Aid by colleagues.
Second, the field officers trained in Critical Incidence Debriefing mix with the other field officers every day, placing them in the ideal position to recognize symptoms of stress in their co-workers earlier rather than later. Third, employees exposed to a Critical Incident will confide more readily in someone they know and trust. And Fifth, it enhances the organizationa€™s existing Duty Of Care obligations and may reduce their potential for legal liability.
It also teaches you how to get out of your own way when communicating with others, and enhances co-operation. Healthy, high self-esteem is characterised by an open mind and flexible, warm, friendly, outgoing personality with a high standard of personal conduct.
High self-esteem people can afford to be compassionate, kind and generous to others because thay are not easily exploited, bullied or manipulated.You may not always like what they say but you know where you stand with them and you can trust their honesty and integrity. Unhealthy, Low self-esteem is characterised by more closed, rigid, defensive (territorial hostility) and often either insensitive or self-deprecating behaviors, judgements and opinions. Victimhood, self-hatred, over-work (over-doing things), narcissistic self-promotion or self-recrimination are common underlying dynamics in low self-esteem despite superficial behaviour involving arrogance and denigration of others ("stabbing people in the back", malicious gossip, high-handed criticism). Ingrained feelings of inadequacy and a deep inner fear of inferiority is defended (hidden, compensated for) by false self-esteem (also known as neurotic pride) which is a sense of personal value and safety based on accumulation of achievements, power or status, combined with denigration of other people, aggressive emotions, control, bullying, fear, manipulation or exploitation of others. Low self esteem adults or kids are experienced by others as "difficult", "manipulative", "demanding", "miserable", "negative", "stressful" or "draining"!

Subliminal suggestions for deep relaxation and positive change will be received by your subconscious, increasing your self-esteem, helping you let go of self-defeating thoughts, and boosting your confidence.
However it is your customers who will see and experience the attitudes and professionalism or otherwise in your workplace. A successful transformation of the workplace requires a Workplace Culture assessment, with senior Management supporting the clearly defined goals and objectives of the cultural change. This process is greatly assisted by an objective and trusted facilitator with experience in this area.
For instance, many field officers must now be able to use a GPS navigation system and onboard computers.
However it can be critical if they are in a position of Supervisor or Manager, especially with regard to efficiency, quality control, harmonious staff relations, and crisis management..
Each part of this three-part process supports and contributes to the ongoing sustainability of an organisation and its membership. There is self-respect and self-love, combined with respect for others ("You're OK, I'm OK").
The world is repeatedly experienced as abusive, threatening, demanding or unsupportive, which leads to free-flowing anxiety or constant frustration and anger. They tend to generate stress and weariness in the people around them in the home, workplace or even in leisure activities.
But YOU are not your life story, personal history, talents or list of achievements, failures, victimhoods, possessions or assets.
To underscore this point, I would suggest that you as a customer are aware of the businesses and organisations in your town that are customer focused and friendly, and the ones that arena€™t. A Apparently the CEOa€™s of the top Fortune 500 companies were asked about how they made business decisions. For example, if you use low-grade support beams, you will need additional engineering to get the support and strength you require. Parents' levels of self-esteem, be they high or low, encourage the development of equivalent personal value and build self-confidence in their children.
Underneath these fragile, vulnerable and lose-able "noises" of your life is the STILLNESS and PEACE of your pure natural divine self.
They all said (without exception), that they examined the data and arguments relating to their decision, and then made up their minds based upon a€?gut feelingsa€?. This is true of Managers and Supervisors who are not well suited to their jobsA  will require additional costly support from within the organization to facilitate their working effectively.
Arrogance is avoided when personal confidence is balanced with humility - the ability to recognise and acknowledge the specialness of others.
You are here in this lifetime to have a series of earthly human experiences (the "game" of life - the greatest most dramatic game in the universe!) but at the deepest level you are NOT those everyday-world experiences that you take on as your IDENTITY - your sense of self.

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