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More often than not, these people go through live very strategically, with or without noticing. Having a firm grasp of the art and skill of goal setting can dramatically change your life. Doing necessary steps to enhance your professional performance such as through courses, certifications, etc. To summarize, setting goals for personal development is all about making you a better person.
In developing holistic servant leaders, LPAC engages children, youth, and adults in our 10-step Personal Development process that leads to strong, independent, articulate leadership who legitimately represent and are accountable to their families and communities.
At long last we are transitioning from a traveling expressive arts program to a program rooted in our own studio space. I, just like everyone else I know, and just like billions of others on the planet – have been a resolution setter in each new year.
Tiring of resolutions without plans (and tiring of life in general), I vowed to do something different last year (January 2011).
So, we did something really kooky — we took a technology break and spent a day talking. As I was going through some paperwork this morning, I came across the pristine file copies of the goals and couldn’t help but look them over. Goals and dreams are really personal things, and I don’t think it would be fair for me to comment on how my husband or each of my daughters fared in their collective missions. One of the things I am MASSIVELY proud of is that I did reach my goal of losing 40 pounds by the time I turned 40.
Critics might say I failed in many aspects of my life, but in a year of losses and challenges, I am really incredibly happy with who I have become and that is the biggest win of all! If you are a regular participant in our Holliston after-school programs or live in a surrounding town and want to give them a try, we are launching a new rewards program.
SPECIAL OFFER: Register to become a Preferred Customer at no charge and receive a 30% discount on NSE products. These people set goals – in a way that makes them not just far and distant dreams but an actual reality. We need your help to make this dream come to fruition without any disruption to our upcoming programming! Last year was going to be more about actionable, measurable goals and less about dreams and wishes. We talked about academics and athletics, coaching and championships, business and bicycles.

In my head, I saw massive escalation, forward progression, and tons of income in my pocket.
I have not been actively using it for years and it was often a source of personal and financial stress to keep the certification active. Looking back, one of the things I did in my ambitious state of mind last year was set too many goals. You get 20% off all after school programs and between 10-20% off all other Self Esteem Through Art programs. We all have met individuals who, for the lack of a better word, you simply describe as extraordinary.
It was also going to be more of a group-oriented, family exercise as opposed to a solo mission that I embarked on by myself.
They can then think about it as both a framework and a launching pad for how they will approach 2012.
I have all of the gifts — a desire to help people, an amazing company, unparalleled products, incredible market trends and support from Wall Street and all the big players — I just needed to execute and be, you guessed it, DISCIPLINED! They seem to get everything done, achieve their dreams and live the life they’ve always wanted. For the first year ever, the four of us sat down as a family and talked about what we wanted to achieve in the coming year. I have to explore this more, but I know that I focused my discipline on some areas much more than others.
In reality, what I had was a year of ups and downs, fits and starts of momentum, and confidence highs and confidence lows. I accomplished many, many things that will certainly help get me closer to my goals, and I truly believe  that it is imperative to celebrate the little things as much as possible because they turn into big things. Do you set goals based on what you think you “should” do as opposed to aligning them with your core values and beliefs?
These people have the most amazing newsfeeds in the social networking world and you look at their posts and photos with both amazement and a dash of envy. We talked about goals, we talked about dreams, and we were honest about things that needed improvement.
You will be surprised to see that reaching these goals can be done by changing and tweaking both little and big aspects of your life that you at first may not have been aware of.
I still remember how I was feeling at the end of 2010 — overweight, disconnected from my husband, disheartened about the progression of my business, and unhappy with the division of labor at home. We celebrated things that were currently making us happy and lamented about things that were not.

But, I hit my breaking point, found a structured program focused on whole food and nutrition that my husband and I could follow, and then took the plunge. But, I am going to structure my list differently in that I will separate it into areas (personal, business, home, and volunteer, for example) and then pick one or two goals in those areas with measurement criteria for success. I was feeling frustrated and like a failure and I knew I needed to really reign that in and turn that energy around if I wanted things to be different in 2011. And, my husband and I, in particular, had our own staggering losses (in girth) that were complete and total wins! It was the best thing I ever did for myself and has enhanced my life in ways I never even gave much thought. One of the things I can commend myself on is that I had a deadline, a plan, and a purpose.
Bob and I agreed to bring our kids in on the exercise; not because we think they are in dire need of improvement, but because we think it is critically important to teach this generation the skills of goal-setting, visioning, and setting up an actionable, measurable plan of attack in a go-go-go world where Google is both a noun and a verb. I don’t think discipline is an inherent gift, I think it takes practice and dedication. I started out 2011 thinking I was going to be a direct sales rock star, but in all honesty, I needed to work on myself a lot first. What I do know is that I am still working towards it and making strides to get better each day.
I did not need a gym membership, a personal trainer, or a nutritionist — I had a program outline and I set my own goals and pushed myself harder and harder. But, it was an exercise in accountability, and accountability can be really, really painful stuff.
I am looking at it as an item that should never have been at the TOP of 2011’s list, an item that will definitely remain on 2012’s list, and an item I WILL master! And, in the end, we all had a plan of attack for how we wanted our own personal 2011s to take shape. And, through this journey, I have come to believe unequivocally that if you are using food as a comfort device or as the source of your enjoyment and happiness, you will never, ever reach your goals of better health and wellness.
I then volunteered to type everything up and leave our goals in places where we could all see them.

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