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Especially Video 15 where it discusses experiments that prove that our bodies and consciousness reacts to the "Suns" energy. Example: If we believe we do not want war and believe it will not happen, then it will not happen, that is simplistic example, but the video explains how and why it happens. Truth seekers are invited to a conference in Sante Fe, New Mexico hosted by the Carnicom Institute. As a result, individual Christians are lacking in power in their personal lives, too, because they are not being taught about the role of the Holy Spirit in their churches. If you are thirsty for this sort of fuller relationship with the Holy Spirit, I encourage you to read this book!
We are presenting the finest Ericksonian Hypnosis methods in simple, easy to learn courses. You know how in video games you can unlock secret powers and characters as you move through the levels?

It means that millions of us in one emotional state at the same time can change the ionosphere and other energies on the planet and literally change the direction something is going in. All of these videos are a massive education into us, our energy centers and consciousness and it shows what Michael Tsarion tried to tell us in his videos on the Origins of Evil. I am sorry they keep gutting these, but I keep trying, and hopefully this will work and you can share them with everyone because it means we still have a chance to change all of this now. In this scenario, we ALL have secret super powers, but we just haven’t figured out how to unlock them quite yet. This marvellous blend of practical spirituality, techniques and scientific fact reveals the transforming power of light, and the stirring background behind the World Peace Flame. After re listening to them, I can understand why they do NOT want us to know WHAT THEY KNOW.
True, we have heard of Him and read of Him, but we have had little intelligent knowledge of His attributes, His offices and His relations to us.

Moody explains this is the reason why our churches are not experiencing the same miracle-working power that was seen in the New Testament church.
He was a modern-day prophet of his day, clearly stating, “Thus says the Lord!” Thankfully for us in our day, D.L. I fear He has not been to many professed Christians an actual existence, nor is He known to them as a personality of the Godhead. In Secret Power, Moody calls Christians and churches back to a fuller understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

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