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The Secret of Mental MagicConsidered by some to be his masterpiece, this 1912 work is the culmination of decades worth of study by William Walker Atkinson, one of the most influential thinkers of the early-20th-century "New Age" philosophy of New Thought, which encouraged its adherents to learn the secrets of mind over matter. Find all you need for your success from our huge database with various products like dancing, love, health, games, business, softwares or self-help. Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions! Become Unique, Creative, And Artistic By Taking Breathtaking Photographs That Blow People’s Minds Away! Cool perspective tricks you can do right now, in camera, with no special tools or software needed – know how to point n shoot? It comes with 295 pages of instruction, 9 hours of how-to video tutorials, and contains over 300 creative photographs created by some of the most talented photographic artists around the world. The easy methods for understanding and using all those settings on your camera – things like aperture, depth of field and bokeh, shutter speed, ISO, focusing, white balance, how to get the sharpest photo possible, various accessories you can get for your camera, etc. Please use another browser such as Google Chrome or other if you don't see the links in the posts. Knowing how to transcend what most people think is impossible so you can start living your dream today. The secret knowledge that only a few people possess about how the universe works and the true nature of life and spirituality. Ia€™m so glad youa€™ve joined me on this page because I want you to know you can easily attract and manifest anything you desire in life by spending just a few minutes here. For a limited time only Ia€™ll be sharing with you secrets of attraction and manifestation that you wona€™t find anywhere else.
Seeing people just like you discover the secrets to health, wealth, success and everlasting peace is what drives me forward in life.
Maybe you dona€™t have the relationship you desire or maybe you dona€™t make the amount of money you feel you deserve? Look, if youa€™re not experiencing the kind of life you desire right now then youa€™re probably feeling the exact same way I did for years. The worst thing of all though is not really living your life purpose and not experiencing all the joy that goes along with this.
There were many joyless, difficult years but they came to an abrupt end when I discovered that one thing was causing all this pain and meaninglessness to happen in my life. It was like the clouds were lifting and the Universe had provided the key to experiencing all the happiness any man or woman could ever want in life. The answers to the greatest problems in life often have the most simple answers and this is what I found one day when everything all of sudden became clear. I discovered that gaining awareness is the starting point for achieving anything you desire in life.
You may have thought long and hard about why you didna€™t achieve what you desired or why youa€™re still stuck but the answer is simple. There was more than likely a part of your mind that was working against you achieving your goal. That part of you will wreck your plans at every turn and make sure you dona€™t achieve your desired outcome.
Having awareness is the key to achieving whatever you want in life because awareness is the fire in which all the parts of your mind working against you will perish. Having awareness will enable you to make powerful conscious choices about your life that will bring you closer to what truly makes you happy.
There are many ways to look at how you can use consciousness to attract and manifest everything you want in life. Have you ever studied any one of the above only to realise that none of them provided the complete answer you were after? It was only after many years of combining all these methods and a lot more besides that I started to see real results in my life. I harness the best parts of metaphysics, quantum physics, psychology and philosophy plus many other methods and techniques you may never have heard of for creating the reality of your dreams. Using this easy to follow information inside a€?Mind Realitya€? you will be able to manifest your hearta€™s desire by using the power of consciousness. I have put all this information together on a special website that few people have had access to until now. Here is just some of what you will experience when you have access to this powerful website. Get instant access to knowledge that practically nobody knows about today that will make a massive difference to your future. The little known secrets of harnessing the power of Quantum Physics to Create Your PERFECT Reality. The fastest known way to Telekinetically Attract MONEY to you and become Very RICH very quickly! A no sweat, no brainer way to find your LIFE PURPOSE and live it to the fullest and greatest potential. The surprising reason why most people never fulfil their dreams and how you can instantly go after ANY DREAM you have and fulfil it to the FULLEST EXTENT.
Discover what the Matrix of Reality is and how you can transcend the Rules and DO things that are Impossible for Most People!
How to achieve true mastery over your perfect reality by using the magic keys of the universe, and be all that you truly desire to be right now. The truth behind using your Mind Powers to influence the physical world and greatly attract abundance, love and freedom to you! The Secret Knowledge of the universe that enables you to understand everything in reality and to live a very fulfilling life. The Revelation of the Paranormal Mysteries of the universe and of Spiritual things to awaken you to whata€™s going on behind everything.
Inside a€?Mind Realitya€? you will get access to cutting edge knowledge that only a fraction of people are aware of. This tiny minority of people use this knowledge to achieve anything they desire in life and now ita€™s your turn to do the same.

You could be free from the crushing and controlling systems of the world and never be bound by them again. Possessing the Powers of Reality Creation, you could create something NEW or you could transform what you have into something perfect! For years Ia€™ve sought to learn all I could about the secrets of the universe and about life itself. My lifea€™s calling has driven me to uncover many mysteries that are found in ancient writings in combination with the most advanced cutting edge science of the present day.
Ia€™ve been reading so much but your site has truly given meaning to all Ia€™ve been aspiring to do, and also given me CLEAR DIRECTIONS for my road ahead.
Thata€™s the PRIMARY reason, that I say you ROCK, because IF anybody follows your teachings, theya€™ll become MASTER manifestors, in SHORT order!
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. I came back today to buy another selection and remembered that my review for this was 5 years over due. I listened to this meditation for around 50 days every night and also the secret mind meditation II every morning. I have listened to many different guided meditations through the years--both free and purchased and I consider this one to be the very best for me. Weird thing while listening to this tape while I'm awake is, The way how I advise other people, the way how I talk is the way how this tape teaches me the secret of the universal mind. Maybe it can do the same for others and free their subconscious mind without programming your sub-conscious with somebody Else's sub-conscious by people that are not free of their own sub-conscious?
I can't believe the personal transformation I've gone through after only a week of listening to the meditation. Beautiful music especially in the beginning, so soothing and just relieves all problems instantly. I have given it out to 4 other people, and they come tell me all the awesome stories, and crazy things which have manifested for them since listening to it!
I have listened to this one for 4-6wks more than once and every time it brings me further along my journey. Many of us are on the path of awakening, this is another fantastic tool to help center and guide us on our journey. Although I own many Brainsync mp3's and have several on my player this is the one I choose to listen to most frequently. My wife was diagnosed with a rather niggling health issue and the doctor suggested that she must have a surgical procedure if she was not able to get rid of the problem with medication in a week's time. I discovered the Law of Atraction a few years ago and started applying the principles in my life with modest but measureable results.
Kelly Howell has a very soothing voice and the positive re-enforcement gained from listening to this has been most notable.
I listen to this all the time to get me motivated to go to work every day and it soothes me to sleep at night.
I just wanted you to know what a profound difference The Secret Meditation has made in my life. They did so via Atkinson's instruction, and here, in one concise volume, are his lessons on: .
You could easily become a groundbreaking author, speaker, visionary or advisor using the knowledge you will get from a€?mind reality.a€? Your opportunities will be limitless and will be far ahead of the vast majority of people out there. I had lost my longtime job, had no high school diploma and was on the brink of financial disaster.
Every time I start feeling stuck, or down, I listen for a few days and things just turn around. During that time it slowly but surely turned my life around and put me in the right direction.
I would tell myself to sit, unfortunately no sooner than my behind hitting the chair I would be right back up pacing. When my fiance broke up with me, I couldn't do anything but stay in bed, cry, and feel completely sorry for myself. I not only feel at peace and in bliss, but the meditation also assisted me in losing about 60 pounds - I swear, I would have never made it without The Secret.
I listen to this as I go to bed and listen to it until I fall a sleep and continue to listen as I sleep. As the mind goes calm and peaceful, consciousness rests at the seat of the Divine leaving all the mundane world behind, just enjoying the relaxing music and highest wisdom. It reminds me of who I really am and how I have the power to create anything, that there is no lack or limitation, about all of the negative illusions we allow ourselves to believe.
But over the past several weeks I have used the the Secret Universla Mind Meditations CD and the results have been truly profound. Since listening to this cd I have found the love of my life, I am up for a large promotion that before I was vehemently told I would never ever get. Even though I'm skeptical of the LOA, I must say, listening to your soothing CD of The Secret has empowered me to make more money, make sound financial decisions that has boosted my confidence, enhanced my athletic performance, and assited me in the healing of my patients.
I find myself very positive this morning, and thinking about dreams I had long ago left as impossible.
Have been listening each night with only a few exceptions, and also from time to time during the day. I started to listen to it during the time that my best friend was dying from ovarian cancer and listen to it nightly and have for the past 3 months. I am going to forward your site-link to everyone I know and I truly thank you for all the information you share with the world. But then I started listening to Kelly's meditation, and I turned my depression around in just a short few days. I listened to this one for the very first time last night, although I did stay awake through the full hour because with the headphones on it was a little hard to fall asleep, but when it was finished, I took the headphones off and within 1 minute or so I was out like a light and don't remember anything until the alarm went off at 6:00am.

I have excelled in my physical prowess, my clarity of though, my memory, and my gusto for life!
After a week of listening to this recording (often twice a day), she had her ultrasound scan and discovered that the problem had completely disappeared! I achieved heretofore unthinkable financial goals almost instantly,iniated multiple new and lucritive contract deals in my business, felt more Gratitude and Love and Joy in my life than ever before and embarked on a venture that could radically change the way plastic is used for packaging by replacing it with a Corn (starch based) plastic (PLA)that will entirely dissolve over time creating a totally sustainable packaging solution for a greener planet. I have an abundance of money which I truly don't understand as I'm not receiving any more than I did before. All sorts of information is coming in to help with my manifestations including many manifestations of my desires.
I hope your significant other doesn't mind my saying this, but seeing your angelic face is a sight for my sore eyes in this world of negativity.
The beautiful words do not hypnotise you to act a certain way they merely allow you to follow your own path in life.
I was on 600mg of Effexor a day, not to mention a whole lot of other meds to keep me from suicide.
I feel a profound sense of peace and creativity, and I believe that my experience at work and with labors of love and music have been significantly enhanced.
Your teachings are 100% in line with what I believe and what Ia€™ve learned throughout my life. I would love to be able to buy more of your work, but as soon as I have the bucks I need I will do so.
For being online, and being affordable enough, for PRACTICALLY anybody to purchase access to your site - wisdom! Army, MI5, MI6, and the British Intelligence Corps, acclaimed journalist Dominic Streatfeild traces the history of the world's most secret psychological procedure. As you are lulled into blissful slumber, The Secret is whispered into your ears--first audibly, and then just below the level of consciousness. Not only has the Law of Attraction made my personal situation more abundant I am part of an endeavour to improve the world. Then my self sabotaging traits came into play, minor accident in company truck, roasted a circuit board in a customers AC unit (same brand as I did before and got fired for frying), lost a company cell phone.
I cannot find words to express my appreciation for this lovely and powerful combination of Brain Sync technology and beautiful art. Yet now, it seems to put it all together so that I can begin practicing these wonderful truths in my life. I KNOW ita€™s WISDOM, because Ia€™ve looked at my PAST, and seen where Ia€™ve used your wisdom to produce the VERY effects, that you say it WILL, AND it HAS! From the cold war to the height of today's war on terror, groups as dissimilar as armies, religious cults, and advertising agencies have been accused of brainwashing.
I believe that the negative energy was just a force that was trying to keep control over my mind and spirit and became disturbed when the affirmations and delta waves began to move through my brain. I have purchased an additional copy for a friend in need, and plan to seek opportunities to spread the word! I am calm, relaxed, my life is easier, my studies goes better and better, and most important thing.. It doesn't even matter how beautiful you are on the outside because as we've all been taught our entire life.
I feel as though we are already partners in an amazing collaboration with many more to come. Yet, I still have a long ways to go towards understanding the brain and the quantum power it has to produce our situations. It will start to emerge into exactly the way you subconsciously want it to be, your ideal life. Like I said, interesting, well-researched, well-written - but it's about things I never wanted to know and I never want to think about.Read only if you have a strong stomach for this kind of thing. Without knowing how or why, everything you need and desire will come to you through communing with the Universal Mind.
Her meditations are a true miracle." Ellen Smoak, Author of Breakups Are A Bitch, But Getting Over Him Doesn't Have To Be!
Overall, this CD combined with The Secret Meditation 2 and Attract Wealth has opened my eyes to many new opportunities and has made achieving my goals much easier as I let the Universal Mind answer my questions and guide me down a wonderful path of peace and prosperity.
I started listing to secrets of the universal mind, more to get to sleep and to drown out the negative thought keeping me awake, than with any hopes of it helping.
Over the last half century, Science is proving the existence of the Universal Mind, and now The Secret is yours to use. I don't know but I started to believe in myself, smile is again on my face and I am HAPPY!!!!
Thank you to Brain Sync and Kelly Howell for impacting my life more than I thought possible!!
There is too much for me to tell you in this email, since your CD has changed my thinking and how I deal with even the most impossible of situations. American writer WILLIAM WALKER ATKINSON (1862-1932) was editor of the popular magazine New Thought from 1901 to 1905, and editor of the journal Advanced Thought from 1916 to 1919.
When you know and accept the secret, you have the secret to everything: unlimited health, abundance, success and joy.
He authored dozens of New Thought books under numerous pseudonyms, some of which are likely still unknown today, including "Yogi Ramacharaka" and "Theron Q. How far have the world's militaries really gone?From the author of the definitive history of cocaine, Brainwash is required reading in an era of cutting-edge and often controversial interrogation practices. More than just an examination of the techniques used by the CIA, the KGB, and the Taliban, it is also a gripping, full history of the heated efforts to master the elusive, secret techniques of mind control.
While delta waves gently lull you to sleep, The Secret meditation re-programs your mind with new knowledge and beliefs that unleash your power to create a new reality –a reality that fulfills your deepest needs and desires.

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