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What do my husband (yes, we got married two weeks ago!) and I do when we are short on cash but need a weekend getaway? The ferry conveniently drops us off at the Ferry Building, which has an amazing farmer’s market on Saturdays from 8-2p.m The farmer’s market it the perfect place to eat breakfast with a great view of the water.
After we’ve enjoyed the market we usually walk to China Town, but this last Saturday we explored an Organic Cafe called The Plant Cafe  that just opened up a 2nd location on Pier 3.
After dinner we try to do something fun like dancing, a comedy club, walking down pier 14, or just head back to our hotel and relax for the night. Thanks for the tip, I’ve never been to Judahlicious, must try it out before I move to Southern California. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
The coconut butter is also quite unlike any other, as on top of being raw, vegan and 100% organic, it is slowly stone ground for several days to bring out the pure, silky, delicious product that it is.
In conclusion, this is a fantastic product for anyone who wants to enjoy the health benefits of a high quality raw coconut product, that is a pleasure to use and delicious to eat! To many people, chocolate is already a spiritual experience as it lifts your mood, satiates your emotions and heightens your sensuality. In the same room was Sacred Chocolate®, a California company claiming to be making chocolate from raw, unhulled cacao beans.
I ordered some of Steven Adler's Sacred chocolate a couple of days ago and it finally found its way into my mouth this morning. The Sacred Chocolate web site is best viewed using the latest versions of the following supported internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Join the MCLV Style Insiders to receive daily blog posts emailed to you, a free newsletter featuring personalized fashion tips & exclusive access to giveaways, surveys, and discounts on styling services. We are an enthusiastic bunch of creative, health conscious, loving individuals eager to share the raw vegan lifestyle.
We are pushing the boundaries with raw vegan cuisine, mixing exotic flavors, making gourmet plates, playing with cacao, integrating our international travel experience to whip up dishes that are delicious and fun! We go San Francisco; it’s only an hour away from where we live, but it’s definitely a world away as far as sights, sounds, and flavors. I wasn’t sure what the menu would be like, but I was pleasantly surprised that it had a few raw options and many vegan options, even though it is not an exclusively vegetarian restaurant.
It is a ceremonial experience as we sit down at the tea bar and he tastes tea after tea until he chooses the best one.

The next morning we feel refreshed like we’ve really gotten away, even though we didn’t travel far. I also really like Judahlicious near Ocean Beach, they serve organic raw and vegan dishes that are incredible.
Honestly, if you love coconuts, this product is like a delicious, out-of-this-world trip for the taste and smell senses.
It can make a delicious and healthy alternative to nut butters on high quality bread, like Ezekiel.
I very carefully unwrapped a gorgeous silver heart called WHITE PASSION, as if I don't have enough passion in my heart, and bit into it not like a mouse, but like a hungry dog!
I add random ingredients to recipes, swap out things I don’t have on hand, and rarely reach for a measuring cup. I'm Caity, a San Francisco based freelance writer, stylist, and fashion, food & fitness blogger. We are committed to community, facilitating raw food education, potlucks, field trips, exploring local restaurants, and more, sharing innovative, high-vibe, healthy gastronomy.
Our San Francisco escapes have become a ritual for us and they usually follow a basic pattern.
Darrell goes straight for the tamale booth and enjoys a vegetarian tamale plate with beans. The coolest thing was that it had a raw organic juice bar; we ordered two brightly colored veggie juices and off we walked to China Town. Don’t get me wrong, they are great restaurants and I’ve been to both, but honestly sometimes Darrell and I get tired of going to the same raw restaurants over and over. The product does not contain anything but pure coconut, and thus it is not sweetened in any way.
The pinnacle of chocolate bars with 70%, 80%, 90%, 99% and 100% cacao, Sacred Chocolate is combined with maple sugar to give it a luxurious quality of taste. I’m a teeny bit suspicious, because the chocolate, while definitely raw tasting, seemed too uniform to have the hull incorporated. First, we force ourselves to get up early on a Saturday and we catch the ferry from Larkspur to S.F. I prefer raw fare for breakfast and head to the Alive Restaurant booth where I enjoy one of their agua frescas. Oneday I gifted him some green tea leaves and honestly I haven’t seen him drink coffee much since.

I hope you are inspired to take a little weekend getaway and if possible come down and explore San Francisco.
Depending on the temperature, it can be hard like butter, a soft solid, or under high temperatures a liquid.
Although a new brand on the market Sacred is bound to please most any palate -- as long as you are willing to pay $9 or so per bar.
The hull fats are basically incompatible with the cocoa butter in the nib, and that should yield a less smooth texture.
This smooth, white chocolate was so divine, I took another bite and another and another until it was completely devoured.
So lately we’ve been going to vegan friendly restaurants where I can eat at least some raw with cooked vegan and he gets to enjoy a change of menu and scenery.
The product recommends that it is stored in the refrigerator after being opened, however this will make it harder to spread or work with. Usually with chocolates by the second bite, I am finished, but this one was especially sexy, creamy, and outrageously tasty. Last time we were in the City we dined at Millennium Restaurant and were pleasantly surprised. I knew that mine would be used in a relatively short period of time, and thus kept it out of the fridge, without it spoiling in any way over a 4 week period. They always have one raw salad on the menu and one raw drink (kombucha), and if you ask them a week ahead of time they will specially prepare you a raw meal. The neat thing about the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market is that it has just about any type of food to please any palette, so it makes it a great place to take family and friends.
The prices are reasonable, the view can’t be beat, the restaurant is solar powered, and almost everything is organic.
As far as raw, they have one raw salad, a raw cheesecake, and as I mentioned earlier the raw fresh juices.

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