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What do we mean exactly, when talking about employee engagement?  There are so many different ways in which we use the term engage these days that it is easy to lose sight of what the purpose or benefit of engagement is to our businesses.
Once upon a time, customers who went into a high-end store might have experienced the following level of service and thought of it as a high-end experience. Marketers know well – you do not mess with a good brand ­– and their goal is to maintain and proclaim that strong brand identity to the masses. Thus, I present to you, my personal rules for engagement that I highly recommend to any and all customer-service practitioners and managers.  Just as the military have their rules of engagement, so should all customer service and brand representatives.  Take one step out of line and the mission might not only fail, but there could be seriously disastrous repercussions as well! Let your customers know you are there for them should they have any questions or require any assistance during their stay. Think of your workplace as your second home or domain – it is your responsibility to make it as warm and welcoming and as pleasant an experience as you possibly can for those who visit it and you. Treat your customer as if they are a guest in your house, be gracious, courteous, welcoming and charming.  Remember you are, in a way, showing off your home – so make sure it looks its best and that you are equally well-presented. Be a reflection of everything good your brand has to offer or represent.  Know your brand values and strive to exemplify them in every customer interaction.
If you have strong product or brand knowledge – share it!  That is when having a strong sales-force is particularly handy from a customer perspective.  If a customer is torn between several options, a knowledgeable staff member can be a real benefit!
If you are a manager, work individually with every person on your team to see which sales techniques work for each person.  This is the best way to keep their conversations with your customers natural and effective and it will help to keep your sales team comfortable.
Show your customer that you are trustworthy and reliable.  Do what you say you will and keep the confidences they share. Do pay attention when there are customers about.  Too often staff members get stuck into other odd-jobs to keep themselves busy and miss out on the perfect opportunities to start building strong customer relationships or to enhance their customers’ brand experiences.
Do not think so highly of yourself or your product that neither needs selling.  Sell yourself as the fabulous, helpful, customer-service practitioner that you are as much as you strive to sell your fabulous product(s).
Do not just stand there as if you have a big rod sticking up your backside with your nose in the air as if the air smells worse down below where the common folk stand.
Do not become overly familiar in trying to be conversational.  Remain friendly, but professional. Start thinking about how you are going to motivate your team to be these ideal brand representatives your business expects of you.  Remember it will not happen unless you yourself are driven to make it happen.
Need a bit of help getting started?  Join us at BridgeTalks on 12th August with Duncan Slater to find your motivation. Taekwon-do adheres to a system of rules and regulations to protect students and maintain order and discipline. Use of the Aquatic Center facilities at the Ranch House at any time is at the swimmer’s own risk and may result in certain unforeseeable risks.
3.The lifeguards are in charge of enforcing the rules of the Ranch House in and around the Aquatic Center.
5.Parents or caregivers are not allowed to leave children under the age of twelve (12) unsupervised in the Aquatic Center area to use the Tennis facility.
10.If there is a bio-incident (accident) in a pool or spa, that pool or spa will be closed by staff for an appropriate period of time according to the bio-incident protocol for cleaning and sanitizing. 11.The pools and spas will be closed when lightning is observed or thunder is heard in the immediate area.

13.Alcohol is not allowed to be brought onto premises, but is available for purchase at the Juice Bar. 14.Food, gum, candy and beverages besides water are not allowed to be consumed in the pools.
15.No skateboards, rollerblades or bicycles are allowed in the Aquatic Center or fenced area behind the Ranch House.
16.Pool parties and birthday parties at the pool must be reserved through the Ranch House Director. 4.Children may NOT be in the Lap Pool, unless attending an organized practice or lesson, when the Recreation Pool is open. 6.No toys, floaties or noodles of any type are allowed in either spa, with the exception of personal flotation devices (PFDs). 9.Spa users should use care when using the spa stairs and exercise caution when exiting the spa as it is slippery, especially in winter. 10.Prominent health organizations advise, for health and safety reasons, that any child under the age of five (5) should not use a hot water spa of any kind. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Consider the manner in which you prove to them you have done your research by providing the best product and brand experience available on the market.
What drives a customer to purchase a particular product from you, depends on the high level of service or the total brand experience you also provide. If the brand experience is compromised by a poor customer service experience in that it fails to meet customer expectations, the marketing and communications department has a problem.  The blame for this problem goes directly onto the customer service managers for failing to instil high-level customer service practices in their employees.
Staff who are too shy to engage properly with your customers will be ineffective salespeople and they will not be capable of representing the strong brand identity you and your marketing team are striving to promote publicly.
That stance may be fine for the early 20th century butler or the queen’s guards but not for the friendly and personable sales associate or customer-service representative of the 21st century. If you do not know something, tell the customer you will find out as quickly as possible and then do it.
Remember you are a brand representative and although I say “sell yourself” I mean that figuratively, as in you should be so wonderful that your customers want to come back to you, personally, for all of their future customer-service needs.
If you are a part of your customers’ brand experience, what kind of experience are you helping to provide if you are not even paying attention to them?  You leave their experience up to the environment (which then seems aloof or uncaring) or up to their purchasing of a product which may or may not suit their needs.  But who knows if it will or not because you were too busy ‘doing other things’ rather than helping your customers to make properly informed decisions. If the instructor enters the room stand if you’re sitting and remain so until told otherwise. Neither Ranch House staff nor River Valley Ranch Master Association shall have any liability to any member, or guest of a member, for damage or injury resulting from use of the pool facilities. Anyone disobeying or ignoring enforcement of the rules or an attempt by a lifeguard to maintain safety is considered in violation of the General Ranch House Rules. Repeated infractions by a member or guest may be brought to the attention of Management and then the Executive Board and dealt with accordingly.

The pool may reopen thirty (30) minutes after the last noticeable lightning strike or sound of thunder. Please be especially careful of locker room floors and when entering the building from the lap pool. Lifeguards will advise the guardian if they feel that the child is not a competent swimmer.
Adults should check the diaper or take the child inside to the restroom frequently to avoid a bio-incident in the pool. The smaller Therapeutic Spa is intended primarily for adult therapeutic purposes because it is deeper and has higher pressure jets. Additionally, elderly persons, pregnant women and those people taking medications or that have health conditions which require medical care should consult with their physician before entering a spa with high water temperatures, such as those at the RVR Ranch House (which are kept around 103?).
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. Whenever possible, bullet out a list of ideas or tips rather than delivering the information in a long paragraph. It's easy to lose focus of your brand's tone and voice as you move around and work on different website pages.
Think about what your employees can do to not only meet but exceed your customers’ expectations. I do not mean that you should start talking to all of your customers about the amazing club you went to last night until 4am and how drunk you still were when you came into work that morning.  Firstly, you should be sacked for that, not praised. Determining which product suits their needs and wants best is in great part why you are there!  So do not miss your opportunity to help and be a part of those customer experiences whenever possible. The Ranch House is under no obligation to have personnel with any specific types of training in the aquatic facilities.
Lifeguard staff does NOT guard the Spas (hot tubs), Wading Pool area or Lap Pool at any time, summer or off-season.
If a member disagrees with the directive given by a lifeguard, the directive must be obeyed immediately and then brought to the attention of management. Make sure your website content includes attention grabbing headlines to keep them moving through the page. Here are ideas to consider: link to contact form, free download, sign up for e-newsletter, request for social media follows. And secondly, that is not part of the brand experience which is the extent of what your conversations should be about.  Touching on family or friends as subjects where relevant is fine but again – avoid over familiarity.
If a customer starts talking about his or her kids, feel free to mention your own children or your nieces or nephews.

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