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A long drive is the best way to enjoy, to get to know each other and to get to be silent at times, enjoying the company of each other. This idea can translate into a lot of fun if you’re the artsy type, or, good with the camera. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you would already be wondering and breaking your head about what to do for your boyfriend. Well, it may not sound very romantic to you, but he will see it as a romantic gesture from you. It is made to look like it is only women who like flowers and that men do not really like getting flowers as gifts. Tie some balloons with trees that could be seen from the window of your boyfreind’s bedroom. Give your boyfriend a tight hug when he comes back from office after a long and tiring day at work.
Light up scented candles near the bedside and scatter some flowers on the bed to create a romantic atmosphere. Send 25 or 30 love cards, each with a different and unique reason for loving your boyfriend on days without any special occasion. Buy special gifts for your beloved and place them around the stuff where he can find easily like his wardrobe holder, under his pillow, coat pocket and so on. Take the day off from regular household chores or workplace duties and plan to be with him all day to do things that he likes. Call him at relaxed office hours and say something romantic and thoughtful to make up his day really special. Make a sketch of heart on your boyfriend’s body with some honey or chocolate and lick it off in a seductive style to arouse your partner.
Drive out with his favorite song on in the music player of the car and with no destination in mind or no map in hand…Men will be surprised with this kind of adventure.
Give a hot oil massage to your lover to soothe his nerves and offer complete relaxation and comfort to his body.
Plan a picnic to the site of your first date to refresh the memories of the first time when you both met.
Watch tickets for the Formula One racing game or for the horse racing competition held in your town and go with him to enjoy his favorite sport.

Go to lovers’ lane once in a while and spend some good time observing people, reminiscing the time when you both came.
Take him home to meet your family and close friends to show him your desire to take the relationship to a whole new level. Surprise him by calling over his friends and close people to celebrate some special occasions or his achievements at work.
Buy a complete nightdress set and you get your boyfriend to wear the bottoms while you appear in the top and make love with him.
Go for a swimming session with your partner and have some fun in the pool by tickling each other’s body.
To spice up your dull day, role-play as someone else other than yourselves and act accordingly. As you can see, it’s all about spending time with each other, but not distracting yourselves with movies, games or other ideas. Alter the settings a little in your own apartment with the help of a few lights and other props. Visit a valid star registry service and name a star and hope for your relationship to shine as bright as the star in the sky.
Go for a long drive – A long drive is the best way to enjoy, to get to know each other and to get to be silent at times, enjoying the company of each other. Watch the sunset together – The sunset is the most beautiful and most scenic beauties of nature. Go for long walks – Walking hand in hand with your boyfriend along the beach is really a wonderful thing to do.
It is a little difficult to come up with different things to do on Valentine’s Day that stands out from what the others do. Boys , even when they grow up to be men always have a special bond with comics and when you show him that you are okay with this love for comics, he will love you more and the day will also be a romantic one.
Find out from his mother his favorite dish and get the recipe from her if you can manage that. It’s a weird feeling that becomes more erotic and more intensely romantic as minutes become hours. You can pull out that sexy lingerie from your cupboard that you have long forgotten to wear it..

Show him his love and affection through tender ways of caring when he comes back from a bad day at office.
It’s important to mind meld with your partner, as this is where the soul mate connection comes from. A candle light dinner makes you feel even more romantic when you are sitting in the dark and so close to each other.
The picnic must be at some secluded place where you can feel comfortable with your boyfriend. You can share your feelings, talk for long hours sitting besides the beach and can make him feel special. Whatever you do should also be romantic and feel good and not inconvenience you or your boyfriend.
You can’t but help notice that he is so excited and is hugging you and practically eating your face in public. Light up candles and present him with his favorite dish and make the night both romantic and memorable. Why not try to deepen your love for your boyfriend by asking if you can try some of these things? While on the picnic, make sure you wear such clothes and take along such eatables that your boyfriend likes a lot.
Write some for your boyfriend just to make him realize his importance in your life or how special he is to you. You should also know if your boyfriend is someone who takes surprises well, if he isn’t then it makes sense that you bring him in your plan too as Valentine’s Day is all about love and it sucks to fight on that day. Make sure she finds a little gift as a reward each time she cracks a clue, until she reaches the final surprise.
If you are stuck in your head and cannot think of what to so, here are some romantic things that you can do for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

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