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It’s been a few months since my trip to San Francisco, but the beautiful city is always on my mind! See Fisherman’s Wharf: A tourist mecca, but there is something about strolling around Pier 39, exploring the souvenir shops, checking out the street vendors, sharing an ice cream cone and people watching that can be amazingly fun and intimate, even while in a crowd. Set Sail on a Cruise: What could be better than taking a look at the Bay and the Bridge from land? Find Cupid’s Span: It is a 100 ft bow and arrow sculpture located on the scenic Embarcardero. Brunch at Plow: This is a cute little French breakfast spot that will make you feel like a native for knowing the best place to eat full of ambience. Visit the Japanese Gardens and Tea Room: If you are trying to escape the crazy busy world outside, you can find a tranquil retreat in the Japanese Gardens, and perhaps a secluded bench for you and your honey to share a quiet moment and a great opportunity for a beautiful picture or two. Wine and Dine: If you are looking for a romantic dinner, consider making a reservation at one of the city’s most romantic establishments.
Chinese New Year Parade: If you’re lucky enough to be in San Francisco during the Chinese New Year, you must check out the Parade in Chinatown! Even though we only spent 2 days exploring the area, Peter and I absolutely fell in love with the place and can’t wait to go back! There are two ways to woo your beloved - one is Overt, which is such things that you present to face to face and the other is what I call Sneaky love.
All of the overt suggestions are centred on food but turning the fulfilling of one primal instinct into two and refining it so the moment is about sharing and contentment. For the partner that usually gets to sleep in, sacrifice some of that inert pleasure and get up even earlier than they need to. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. For a cozy couple, Christmas can provide the perfect opportunity for romantic exchanges of affections. Christmas Meal for TwoSpending a quiet Christmas at home doesn’t have to mean foregoing a fancy holiday meal. Christmas Movie MarathonDedicate your entire Christmas day to relaxation by holding a Christmas movie marathon.
Couples Breakfast in BedIf you and your boyfriend are enjoying Christmas alone together, you won’t have any young-and-eager Christmas celebrators to pull you to the tree at the crack of dawn. Christmas Love NotesUse the Christmas holiday as an excuse to exchange the affectionate words that you may not take time for during the rest of the year.
This World Heritage listed beauty surrounds the Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum in Carlton, just a stones throw from the CBD.
While it certainly attracts a slightly older crowd, the Melbourne Recital Centre is undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s most romantic spots and can prove the perfect setting for a memorable night out. With panoramic views of the Melbourne skyline and Port Phillip Bay, this is a perfect place to go for a stroll with your partner. If you head to the Yarra River on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll find the bank packed with lovers taking an after dinner stroll or looking for a bar to take a nightcap. If you’re looking for that extra romantic touch, Venice on the Yarra allows couples to float along the water in gondolas in one of Melbourne’s most extravagant and romantic ways to pass time. Atop Curtin House, the Rooftop Bar packs out with people dining and wining among a backdrop of the city’s finest views. Summer is perhaps when the bar most comes alive, hosting a Rooftop Cinema every Tuesday to Sunday from 8pm. This is one for the morning people – Melbourne is renowned for its delightful laneways and fantastic choice of brunch spots. Whether you’re looking for a night of class, wining and dining, or simply a stroll through a garden with spectacular views, this is a haven for romantics less than an hour away from the Melbourne CBD.
There’s an fine dining restaurant on the premises, suitably named SkyHigh, if you’re celebrating a special occasion or are looking for an excuse to wear your fanciest threads.
Amid lush towering forest and overlooking the stunning Port Phillip Bay, views don’t get much better than this. Melbourne also has a range of beautiful hotels and charming bed and breakfasts, if you’re travelling to Melbourne for a romantic getaway.
From The Bay, to the Golden Gate Bridge,  to the amazing architecture – all make it a must-visit spot.

Nothing can beat viewing the Golden Gate from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area at Sunset; pair it with a picnic and wine and you have an evening that is hard to beat.
Bonus for those of us on a gluten free diet – the almond flour pancakes are out of this world! Michael Mina is a culinary odyssey for the foodie in you, Dirty Habit’s Fifth Floor Lounge will give you expertly selected wine flights and delectable bites, while at Luce you can marvel at the chef’s amazingly creative selections.
With drop-off points throughout the various districts, you can let the trolley drive you around for the princely cost of around $2 (sure beats walking up all those hills!). So for all you moonstruck, doe eyed and weak at the knees luvers out there, this is some advice to boost your romantic acumen. This consists of something you leave for your intended to find that fills their heart with the sense of being loved even while you are not there. Get into the kitchen and cook them something much more sustaining than they could manage on their own. Even the home computer will do but this may not be the best thing for someone who is excessively private.
They won't see it until the room steams up but it's guaranteed to make them smile when they do.
Though some delight in large family-filled Christmas celebrations, others opt for simpler parties for two. From charming gardens to beach views, to cultural icons or the Yarra River, Melbourne is full of spots perfect for your next date night. Whether it’s a first date or simply an escape from the kids, this enchanting spot is sure to impress.
While it’s a date spot to suit any occasion, this boardwalk is particularly magical on a clear day. There’s no better way to spend an evening in Melbourne, whether it’s date night or a special occasion with a loved one. Although you can do some research, it’s sometimes just as much fun to get lost and see which cafe you end up at first.
The grounds have been extensively refurbished with charming gardens and a pebbled creek which runs through the tranquil setting. Peter and I went on a day that was uncharacteristically clear (as it usually tends to be foggy around the bridge) and were able to take some great photos.
Guys may want to pay close attention because nothing is more of a turn on to the more feminine partner than physical or visual statements of affection. For the ladies I suggest also donning a pair of high heels but make sure you can still walk.
However for the rest of us these little planned surprises can make the world a better place.
A girlfriend of mine accidentally spilled an Africa shape with her coffee so then proceeded to make a whole world map on the bench for her man when he came home. The other option for lipstick wearers who have to leave before their partner gets home is to leave a smooch on the mirror.
Choose songs that are not only flattering to them and express how you feel but also songs that have significance to your relationship. On the other hand I also said that guys don’t expect anything expensive and a fancy card is quite enough to make it personal.
If you plan to spend your Christmas canoodling with your boyfriend, plan some romantic at-home activities, allowing you to make the most of your holiday and connect with your beau. Purchase some festive holiday-themed aprons along with all of the supplies needed to create a tasty holiday feast. Lay around on the sofa or in bed with your guy, watching one film after the next while stuffing yourselves with popcorn and other movie treats.
Venture down to the kitchen solo, or take your boyfriend to serve as sous chef and make a quick-but-tasty breakfast. With views that are magical whether it’s day or night, this stunning venue is sure to create a spark regardless of the occasion.
Make the most of Melbourne’s world-class wining and dining culture, and make your next couples retreat in the city of Melbourne.
I saw someone in a plane write 'SARAH' in the sky last Sunday and I thought wistfully, 'isn't Sarah a lucky girl?' but the thing we sometimes forget is that the skywriter or whoever paid him will be a lucky man too, once Sarah gets her hands on him.

Let them have a shower or wake up in their own time before thrusting your breakfast good will under their nose. Find a picture of yourself, their favourite movie, TV show, something they like or a personal joke and pop it on their computer as the background screen.
This had significance for both of them and was a testament to their shared interests and a labour of love, not simply a spill for him to clean up.
Include a bit of literature that tells the story that goes with the song, this can be just a sentence or a date.
Hit the kitchen together, whipping up some delicious dishes while cuddling and kissing the day away. If you have a fireplace at your disposal, light a holiday fire and cozy up next to it while getting your fill of these films. Pile the food onto a tray and take it back to your bed, sinking into the pillows with your guy by your side to enjoy the early morning delight. On Christmas morning, before you dig into the presents, pull out these notes and read them, reaffirming your love for each other and likely starting your Christmas day off on a strong, and decidedly romantic, note.
For romantics the joy is in the doing but the more prosaic or unimaginative lover out there should always keep in mind that romantic gestures are investments that usually get paid back with interest.
Also remember that gestures, unlike marriage proposals, do not always come with immediate gratification. They will see next time they fire it up and you will probably get a grateful text message or phone call when they do. This works especially well for peeps that are going away as it's a whole chunk of you they can take with them. When you sit down to enjoy your feast, you will likely find the food even more delicious as you will appreciate the fact that you made it together. Pancakes in cute shapes are always a winner as it reminds most of us of the unrestricted love we received as a child. If you are not comfortable in your underwear then pop on an apron (or exercise!) or a slinky slip, if it is cold you can wear winter boots. The other option is to get into their phone or digital diary, even a written daily planner and jump a few weeks ahead, put in a reminder say for 12 on Tuesday to 'not blind people with their awesomeness' or 'remember that I love you'. Make sure you are giving them songs that they will like though, not just songs that you like.
Forget about the practical things and come up with personalized gift that you either did yourself, or spend a lot of time looking for.2.
Even if you buy her the fanciest card in the shop, if you don’t write something personal, it will be a waste.
In a few words, tell her how you feel about her, what you love most, your best memory, or just thank her for being the better half of you.
Girls like handy boys, so why don’t you surprise her with something you did yourself.
In the first part of this article I suggested map coasters, they are good for both males and females. You can buy vouchers for helicopter ride, bungee jumping, skydiving, wine tasting, etc, just as long as you get two and share that day with her.8. If you think the time has come and you are still not married, you can always pop the question and give her an engagement ring.
Apply those tips in everyday life, not just for the holidays and you will enjoy a harmonious and long-lasting relationship.AboutLatest Posts Lana Jane FoxLana Jane Fox is a young, aspiring housewife, currently living in North Melbourne. At present her primary job is to be a good wife and a helpmeet to her husband and only after that she describes herself as a marketing executive and a blogger. When she is not knitting, cleaning, cooking, or experimenting with DIY projects, Lana is planning her next road trip, or spends precious time with her husband.
She dreams of having a baby boy, a Welsh Corgi dog and a house with a fireplace and a garden where she can grow organic food.

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