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This website may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs or otherwise. Whether you're trying to maintain your weight or trying to slim down a bit, you've undoubtedly heard of the advice of relying on snacks to keep hunger at bay and keep fat melting. Snacking might seem like a great way to have a treat without ruining your efforts, however, if you choose alternatives without too much nutritional value, your hunger will be exacerbated rather than toned down and you might overeat at your meals to compensate, which might make your efforts less effective.
Being aware of the fact that liquid meals don't pack the same hunger-busting punch as solids, you've decided to stick to dry staples only.
Thinking about how hard you'll work to keep the weight off or making progress towards your goal paired with the perceived difficulty of the workout can be powerful arguments against snacking. Scientifically speaking, water is the basis of life, but beyond being essential to your very existence, water serves all sorts of purposes that help you feel your absolute best.
Studies also suggest that drinking one or two glasses of water before a meal can fill you up so you naturally eat less, says Andrea N. Speaking of essential for life…drinking a good amount of water could lower your risk of a heart attack.
Your brain needs a lot of oxygen to function at optimum levels, so drinking plenty of water ensures that it's getting all it needs. The door swings both ways: Research shows that a dehydration level of just 1 percent of your body weight reduces thinking functions, so staying well-hydrated is super important for your mental performance .
Dehydration is the single most common cause of daytime fatigue , so if your afternoon slump is more like a desperate need for an afternoon nap, guzzle a glass of water.
Ginger: It adds flavour to your dishes, but is also an excellent home remedy for curing almost all types of digestive problems.
Cumin: Cumin or jeera seeds are a good way to soothe the inflammation in your stomach, reduce the tenderness and aid healing. Apples: Apples are as effective against food poisoning as they reduce heartburn and acid reflux. Lemon: The acidity of the lemon juice kills most of the bacteria that cause food poisoning. Water: It is very important to keep yourself fully hydrated during the period of food poising, as your body tends to lose more water through diarrhea. Cardamom: Cardamom aids the digestive process, helping the body break down and assimilate nutrients.
Garlic: Garlic has long been used in cooking, for both its full-bodied flavor and its healthy properties.
Cabbage: Cabbage is a great antioxidant, and makes a great accompaniment to heavy meat dishes. Chillies: Chillies are another great ingredient to ramp up your metabolic rate and burn that excess fat. Cinnamon and cloves: Both these spices aid the production of insulin and help control blood sugar levels in the body. Curry leaves: Curry leaves help reduce LDL levels in the body and are a great way to detox. There are several occasions where you can repay his kindness and show your gratitude by giving him romantic gifts and presents with the most memorable occasion of all being his birthday.
If you want to make his birthday a memorable one then you can give him a set of five love coupons which he can redeem at any time he wishes to. Or sometimes, you just want to please him and so want to pamper him with the stuff he likes. However, like all good intended advice, implementation is not as straight forward and well directed as one might think. To avoid snacking mistakes, opt for nutrient rich indulgences while still keeping an eye on the total amount of calories they pack. Water rich veggies or fruits can prove an equally satisfying treat which can help you save some calories. Stick to the options you grew to know and love instead and don't waste calories on simply 'ok' foods. But, while rich meals are a bad idea, so is skimping on a choice that could fuel up your workouts and make you burn more calories. No, it can't cure cancer (though it may help prevent it), pay your rent (though it does save you money), or take out the trash, here are six reasons H2O can help solve many annoying day-to-day health issues-and possibly prevent a few big ones-from headaches to those last few pounds.

However, there is no scientific evidence to indicate that it will affect the digestive process.
A six-year study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who drank more than five glasses of water a day were 41 percent less likely to die from a heart attack during the study period than those who drank less than two glasses. In fact, drinking eight to 10 cups of water per day can improve your levels of cognitive performance by as much as 30 percent. It can also make you better at your job, or at least prevent you from being bad at a it-just a two percent dehydration level can trigger short-term memory problems and difficulty focusing on a computer screen or printed page. Take a tablespoon of honey with a few drops of ginger juice to reduce inflammation and pain.
Apples are known to have enzymes that inhibit the growth of the bacteria that cause diarrhea and stomach ache. Also, keeping up your water content, rapidly flushes out the toxins and bacteria, which enhances your recovery. Garlic has strong anti-bacterial effects, helps reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and unhealthy fat levels in the body.
It also slows down the conversion of carbs and sugar into fat, so makes for a great aid to your weight loss plan. The component capsaicin generates heat and boosts metabolism, helping burn calories for upto 20 minutes after your meal. Highly beneficial to people with type 2 diabtetes, it is recommended to sprinkle cinnamon powder into your cup of tea of coffee, and include cloves when you make rice or dal. Rich in Vitamin A, B, C, and E, as well as calcium, iron and potassium, it is a great source of protein and fibre, with very low fat content. It’s for this reason that we are here to help you, present the perfect gift for your perfect boyfriend. For many, it could be heart-shaped candy boxes, flowers, a day in the spa, candlelight dinner, etc. Be sure to plan your meals accordingly and avoid unscheduled modifications to your eating style.
A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that drinking water (about 17oz) increases metabolic rate by 30 percent in healthy men and women.
At the end of two weeks, the water group had experienced 21 fewer hours of pain than those in the placebo group, as well as a decrease in pain intensity.
You may have had those mouthwatering frankies from the roadside stall, or gobbled down a plateful of golguppas in a go, only to find severe stomach ache and diarrhea within a couple of days. Now there’s a good reason why the ubiquitous ginger-garlic paste is found in dishes across every region in India. Chop up from fresh coriander and green chillies to it, add a little salt and pepper, and you have a refreshing, healthy homemade drink.
So add a few curry leaves into your curry or dal for a dose of great flavor and good health. As a boyfriend he has the ability to light up your world, fill it up with love and make you feel desirable and safe at the same time. Firstly it is a handmade collage of several memorable and treasured moments which is compiled in the form of photographs. You can make the coupons more innovative and romantic and modify the coupons according to your choice. Let's focus on the most frequent such mistakes and see what we can do to use this otherwise smart tip to our advantage.
Research shows that staying hydrated can reduce risk of colon cancer by 45 percent, bladder cancer by 50 percent, and possibly reduce breast cancer risk too.
Your boyfriend will be touched to receive such a thoughtful gift which will not only show your love but will also show your skills and the immense effort that you have so lovingly put into it.
To put it in perspective, replacing your daily can of soda at lunch with a free-from-the-tap glass of water (or water cooler if you have access to one) can save you about $180 a year. With symptoms ranging from mild to severe abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness and dehydration, food poisoning is a condition not to be ignored.
Make sure you include these ingredients in your daily diet and you’ll find yourself on the path to good health in no time at all. Secondly the collage will also serve as a timeline of your love with a series of your beloved memories and moments that you have shared with your boyfriend.

On the other hand, some guys if not all, would be happy and content with a romantic breakfast, their favorite DVDs, video games, or perhaps some basketball or baseball tickets.
Listed below are a few effective home remedies to cure food poisoning, right from grandma’s own medicine chest. You can also add a few romantic captions or a nice poem if you want to make the collage more meaningful. What can be more special and romantic than cooking your boyfriend’s most favourite meal for him? While thinking about romantic surprises that special guy, you are the one person who knows what he really wants. Lastly, you can frame the collage and then gift it to him so that he can put it up in any place he wishes to. And as for the suggestions, we are always here to help you find out how to plan a romantic birthday.Exciting IdeasPicnic in the BackyardWhile we're too busy with work and other responsibilities, we stop to treasure the smaller things in life.
Make Your Own Love Coupons Love coupons are the most interesting and playful gift that you can give to your boyfriend on his birthday. This gift requires thought and can become a very meaningful present if designed in a proper way. Get a big blanket, place your basket on top, keep wine glasses and other utensils ready, and decorate the backyard with either tiki torches, candles, or Christmas lights.
These clues can also be romantic and poetic and this is a fun way to keep him involved and surprised at the same time. You can rent a massage table, get essential oils, keep soothing music handy, and set the mood in the room. Get dressed in a sexy outfit (a t-shirt and shorts will do) and when he arrives, take him directly into the bedroom. Once in the room, turn the music on, lower the lights, and begin your magic.Romance the Night AwaySpend his special day with him that ends with a beautiful candlelit dinner. Order for champagne, ask them to decorate the table with red rose petals and place red candles.
On the D-day, just gaze into each others' eyes and enjoy the night.A Night of FirstsOn this special night, you will take him down the memory lane.
So this will be - first time you guys met, held hands, kissed, date, restaurant, loved, etc. Although there isn't anything wrong with it, what I mean to say is that don't do just that. A little bit here and a little bit there; club 2 - 3 birthday party ideas together and see him get really surprised. Arranging small birthday surprises for him would be the best birthday gift ever.Include FriendsAlbeit, many of you might be wanting "alone time" with him on his birthday, but arranging a quiet, intimate birthday party with your other couple-friends does sound tempting. Because he will never know that you'll be calling your friends over on his birthday and fix a cozy dinner. Spend the night dancing, drinking, laughing, and with a beautiful dinner.Make His DayToday is his big day and let him do whatever he wants to do.
He wants breakfast in bed, wants you to bathe him, wishes to have dinner with you at his favorite restaurant, spend the day in the park or playing baseball with you, and in the end, go for a movie and have a fantastic dinner, just keep nodding, smile and let him have the day doing anything his heart wants. If you let him do whatever he wants, he will do the same for you later on.Play Games All DayBoys love video games. As a romantic gesture to show him how much you care, suggest him if two of you can play some of his favorite video games. And if he doesn't have certain video games that he loves to play, purchase those and play them together. Who knows, both of you can find another thing in common and spend many more romantic times behaving like kids.A Weekend TogetherOur next birthday idea, we suggest "alone at last".
Although we have listed these ideas, that doesn't mean you can't put your own spin to them. If you are keen on trying any of these ideas, then go right ahead and see how surprised he will be.

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