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Working in an office is not exactly the most fun activity in the world, but you can improve this experience with a couple of cute things, such as a full set of Heart-Shaped Paper Clips. Try one or try all of these romantic gift ideas for your husband and make that marriage spark burn even brighter! My favorites are my husband, children, Downton Abbey, root beer slushes, and really good pasta. Save the expensive gift idea for her birthday, for Christmas or for proposing her and go for a thoughtful gift expressing what your really feel for her.
First, cut from your list the teddy bear or any other cute toy (she would like it maybe, but plush toys are already too common – everybody gives and receives cute plush toys!).
An object she uses daily carrying your love message will make her know and feel your love all day long. This entry was posted in * Just a Romantic Day for Her and tagged creative gifts for girlfriend, cute gift for girlfriend, gift ideas for your girlfriend, i love you gifts, love gifts, most romantic gift ideas to say i love you to your girlfriend, romantic gift for her, say i love to your girlfriend, say your girlfriend i love you. We all know the usual suspects – those standard gift choices that every girl goes to as soon as a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas rolls around – clothes, cologne, DVDs, gift cards. Step up your game ladies and bring a little more love into your guy’s special days this year with our top five picks for totally romantic gifts! A watchNo we’re not talking about a $40 Timex here ladies, we’re talking a big, bold, blinging, bad*ss watch that he will wear with pride. A couples massageYou know how much you man loves it when you climb all up on him and start giving him a good back rub? Personalized undiesIt doesn’t matter whether he’s a boxers man or a briefs man…all that matters is that you’re the only lucky lady who gets to see them.
A perfect dinnerWe’ve all been told, pretty much from birth, about the true way into a man’s heart. January 21, 2015 by Yogesh Godase Leave a Comment Relationships are always very delicate and that’s the very reason I wanted to stay away from them. Once I was done decorating the room, I locked it and left a message on its door that read ‘locked till 12 pm tonight’!
Once he was home at around 11:30 in the night, he was surprised to find all those small chits.
Love notes transformed into text messages, love songs into YouTube links and romantic dates into club parties, and we can say that the days of Romeo & Juliet are long past. This not only that will make your partner’s time spent at the office seem less boring, but it will also help you save some money. A Clothespin Note Wreath will be filled up in no time with all the word of love you can share! If the two of you love to travel then this DIY travel map is going to be an out-of-this-world amazing gift! You can create so many fun projects with this free word art program and you will look so clever for doing it!! You will not believe how this program can use your own photos to create an amazing collage of the two of you!
You married the man of your dreams, so show him how awesome you STILL think he is with this 100 Reasons Why I Love You Book.
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this romantic meat and potatoes meal will melt almost any guys heart! Don’t forget the wonderful way the two of you fell in love by creating your very own love story book.
Let him know you would fall for him all over again with this festive fall for you gift basket! Pick up your husbands favorite things the next time you are out and about and you will have a simple and very heart-felt all about you basket that he will love!
Got a guy who is trying to keep his body in tip-top-shape {wink!} then this basket of healthy love may be just the ticket- cute gift tags will make this gift really shine! Bring a little romance into the bedroom with the suite retreat kit filled with romantic items for both of you to enjoy!
Stock up on your favorite romantic goodies and easily put together this cuddle kit for two that will make for a cozy evening at home. Let him know that you feel so lucky to be in love with your best friend every time he looks at this!
If he ever wonders what makes you happy, he won’t have to look far when he sees this fun printable saying You make me happy!
Two frames and a printout of these two pieces of paper is all you will need for this sentimental heart art that will look great in any room!

Pick and choose from our Top Ten Love Quotes to find the ones that suite your relationship best.
Let him know you are Eternally Thankful to have him in your life with this gorgeous and free art! Let him sit back and relax from all the hard work he has done with this fun and creative coupon book! These stocking stuffer coupons are meant for a fun Christmas surprise, but they could easily be used year round!
Show him that he is appreciated with these sentimental and fun coupons that look so fun up on the wall! A Private Affair game cards will open up a lot of conversation that will bring you closer to your spouse than ever!
In a love relationship offering only  an expensive gift doesn’t entirely convey your love  message.
Well, imagine how much he would love to have it done by a professional…and with you lying, barely clothed, just a few feet away.
Whipping up your guy a full, multi-course meal that includes all his favorite dishes (and a little candlelight), is a surefire way to bring some serious romance into the room. You know the drill, you strip down to your dramatically sexy skivvies and then lay yourself across your bed, your chaise, your floor, your kitchen table…you get the idea.
For me the idea was exciting, and that’s the reason why I started making plans in January itself! One of my bedrooms was not used, so I cleaned up the place, and made it our Valentine’s Day destination. Tell her this, and I’m sure your wish will come true, especially if you use this gift idea to transmit your message. I love how you can create sweet letters for your man to open up at specific events during the year. With this gift of the month gift basket you can spread your love for your husband out through the whole year!!
Keep him going with this running themed gift basket that is sure to please any sporty fella!
Order this Romantic Italian Dinner For Two Picnic Hamperand enjoy a stress-free night at home together!
This Chocolate Lover’s Dream Basket is sure to fulfill all those sweet-tooth fantasies! Then just find a perfect frame to match and you have an easy and sentimental gift for your man! Choose from our favorite long distance love quotes to tuck in h is bag before he leaves, or to mail in a sweet care package. Special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas are the perfect opportunity to choose some really romantic gifts for husband so he knows exactly how you feel.Of course, although lovely to give thoughtful gifts, it doesn’t need to all be about buying things for each other. Try Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole, Cartier, or, if you’re feeling really generous (or you just really love him), Rolex. Trust us, this perfect gift is not only totally romantic and uber relaxing but it’s also super sexy. Trust us, ladies, you hand your guy an album full of these kind of shots, any time of the year, and things are definitely going to get…um, VERY romantic. As the clock stuck 12:00, we entered the ’Love Den’ and cut the cake, poured the champagne and celebrated ‘Love’.
The idea for this article sparkled a few months ago, when I was pretty tight and I wanted to find a gift that would be budget friendly and also sentimental. However, these can vary depending on which design you choose, so make sure you check the tutorial before start crafting. Spending some quality time together and enjoying each other’s company, just the two of you, can help to keep you both close. Take it one step further surprise him with a pair of sexy knickers with his name emblazoned on them as well…bonus point if you’re already wearing them at surprise time. However, for the first few days all I could of were traditional gifts like – Watch, wallet, clothing, accessories, and all that.
So wrap up warm and go out for a walk, snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie or have a date night. Then, I placed candles all over the room so that there was just enough light for us to roam around comfortably. Today, I decided to pen down some of those memories, and to share my ideas of Valentine’s Day gifts for men.
It is a sterling silver necklace that splits in half so you could wear one half and your husband the other.

There is a heart on both sides of the medal along with the touching sentiment: The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another. This is a biblical quotation from Genesis 31:49The quote is a very touching one and even more appropriate for a couple with a strong and religious Christian faith. Once I was done placing clues in the washroom, kitchen, and in bedroom, I dressed up, rather dressed down for the action!
I wear my wedding ring on a chain around my neck and I often hold it while thinking about my husband when we are apart from one another.
Wherever you are, you can be reminded of your best friend and your soulmate by wearing this sentimental charm.Demonstrating your affection is even more important in a relationship that is no longer new. It can be very easy to feel giddy and in love in a new marriage or relationship but sustaining that feeling over many years occasionally needs to be worked at. For an extra wow factor gift this year, choose to buy him lounge pants made from 100% silk. These pants can be worn on their own, with a matching top which you need to purchase separately or with a simple sleeveless cotton top. Depending on your overall budget, consider getting a matching robe for one very lucky and well sleep attired guy. Love is often implied but how often do we remember to say these words to those who are nearest and dearest to us.
It can be so easy to take the ones we love for granted and forget to stop for a moment and let them be reminded of the depth of our feelings.I like this small heart shaped frame with its very big sentiment. My husband keeps a couple of frames at work that I gave to him: one with me and one with our little girl. He loves being able to have a sweet reminder of us in his otherwise bland and impersonal office space.
You can insert a photo of you, of you as a couple or you could have a photo of a special place that you’ve been to together.
I think this heartfelt and inexpensive sentiment resonates especially with a man who is having to work a lot away from home, perhaps being deployed in the military. Maybe he is away over Valentine’s Day or Christmas but this is a way of showing him how much you care while you are apart from one another.My heart will guide you home. The heart compass can be carried in a pocket or placed at his desk where he can be reminded of you waiting back home.One very good piece of advice I had in the early days of marriage was being told never to go to bed on an argument and to always kiss and make up before going to sleep. I can imagine that having a lovely, heartfelt message like You are my Happily Ever After mounted up above the bed or on your bedroom wall, would help to remind the pair of you of that each day.You are My Happily Ever AfterHappily Ever After Wall DecalIf you have the time to do so, you could get your other half out of the way on and pop this up on the wall.
You can always enlist help from friends or family if you’ve never applied wall decal stickers before.If you have a rented home or you prefer the idea of applying this quotation on something that can be moved along with each home you have, consider mounting it onto a cut piece of plexiglass that you can take with you from home to home. These are designed to work on smooth surfaces so are not easy to apply to heavily textured walls. In this case you can mount them up onto plexiglass instead, drill holes and hang from the wall.Coffee Caddy Filled with TreatsCoffee Caddy with Treats Gift BasketIf you have the time to spare in the run up to the occasion, really consider putting together your own personalized gift basket or hamper just with your loved one in mind. You know this man, you know his likes and dislikes which means only you can really select items that he will love.A wicker basket always looks good but you can get any container you like to fill with thoughtful and romantic surprises. Even a simple cardboard box can be wrapped in nice paper and have a big ribbon bow stuck round it to look smart. You may already have a suitable container at home that just needs a little transformation.What should you put in it?
Think of meaningful and delicious items: favorite candy, chocolate, drink sachets, gourmet food, a favorite movie you can both watch, reminders of special times you’ve had together, a love letter, items wrapped up with lovely quotations on the outside, a Holiday picnic for two … There are lots of ways to make a unique basket which is crafted with love.
Planning out what you can put inside will make the task easier.Lots of Gift Basket Ideas Here on Making and Buying ThemAnd, if you don’t have the time to make one yourself, there are plenty of wonderful gift baskets online that you can choose from instead.
I liked this coffee themed caddy shown above because it looks very masculine and something that would be appropriate to give to your man.Fall in Love Canvas SignRomantic Quote Printed Canvas SignA ready to hang canvas sign with an inscription to remind both of you that you have the happily ever after. Of course you can purchase items which are touching and sweet and deliver just the right message for your particular relationship.
But they will never really compete with something that you have taken the time to make or do yourself. If you plan in plenty of time , you can make something that really says so much more than anything you can buy from a store.Something as simple as writing down a list of all the things that you really love about your husband is a touching gesture that he will not forget.
Or, if you’re not confident in trusting to your own words, find some sentimental quotations online that are meaningful to your partnership and place them where he can enjoy discovering them, one by one. Individual authors may generate income through relationships with affiliate advertising programs: please see our Disclosure page for more information.

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