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Holly Suttle looks forward to Valentine’s day with iconic romantic gestures from her favourite fictional characters.
Despite having passed away, the love messages that Gerry had organised to be sent to Holly after his death are without a doubt one of the most romantic things that someone could ever do to show their love. In his attempt to show how much he cares for Belle, the beast tries his first romantic gesture — she loves reading.
Based on William Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of The Shrew’, who can forget the moment when Patrick (Heath Ledger) sings ‘I Love You Baby’ on loudspeaker through the school’s PA system, to express his love for Kat. That romantic moment, when Allie realises that Noah did actually write to her every single day, for 365 days. Although she might be having an affair, Queen Guinevre’s love with Sir Lancelot is illustrated as being both pure and true, as Lancelot proves his ‘trouthe’ and ‘faythefulness’ towards Guinevre, by rescuing her from near death experiences.
While it is addressed to the men, women are welcome to read, comment, and share, especially since their perspective would be quite valuable. Joseph and Carla in their first month of dating – so delightfully cheesy and awkward. Everything I’m writing about has been learned from many other people – older, wiser men and women who set great examples to follow.
These aren’t tips on how to get a different girl every week and try to score more points than other guys. So many guys are desperately trying to get a girl, but don’t know what they wanna do once they have her. When I started to fall for my wife, one thing that held me back was her career – being an accomplished actress. I remember this gem from Pastor Ferdie Cabiling: Don’t be afraid to mess up her life! Then spend the rest of your life proving to her every day that she made the right decision choosing you.
Some men think we women are complicated (maybe a little), but the truth is we just want to be pursued.
What I’m saying though is for the relationship to last, the couple must be willing to prioritize each other over the careers if it comes to that.
I have come across countless number of couples,attached,engaged,married and otherwise who do not even know what they want in life. I am a family physician and can honestly say the majority of my colleagues are married with families. Greeting sir Bonifacio, first time reader here… and thank you very much for this inspiring piece. I just hope that before a man continue to pursue a woman he really likes, he should lay down first his intentions in pursuing the relationship with her and patiently wait for the girl to reflect on the vision he has for their future. What’s really disturbing to me is that, in spite of Joseph constantly stressing the quality of selflessness, so many commenters still unconsciously fail to be truly introspective.
Also, the whole point of thinking in terms of VALUES is people will opt in when they find something they value. I also agree that if we keep liking and getting rejected by these women, we need to check our own selection process first.
Out of the blue, give her a small gift - she'll love almost anything - to let her know you are thinking about her.
Give in and try that thing shea€™s been begging you toa€”like going to the gym with her or checking out that new clothing store down the street. When youa€™re planning a date night, suggest something you know she wants to do before she has the chance to suggest it. The only thing i guess i could say is hold her tight, shower her with your love and talk often.
I think it should be noted, he was at bowling league when I sent this message, I was home with the children, and some of them were already in bed when Aunt Flo decided to pay me a visit.
OMG, that pic of the text exchange made me laugh so hard I am sort of wishing I was actually wearing a diaper right now….
The number one way to a girl’s heart is getting off your butt and do some of the household chores! It’s a medical fact that men get flu and girls only get the sniffles, but she’d still appreciate being looked after, when she isn’t feeling so good.
Show her that you are thinking of her, even when you are not together, by giving her a call during the day. Flowers are good, but they do get a bit boring, so use your imagination and create a few surprises for her. Why order fourteen-dozen roses when you can invest in hundreds of tortoises to demonstrate your devotion? The only thing Doctor Noel likes more than dangerology is Gretel, his Cabbage Cabin owning next-door neighbour.

Adam tells Mia that he has some spare tickets to a cello concert and asks her to go with him.
I thought he would laugh or throw up his arms in mock surrender like he did when I beat him in an argument. Candy Grams, the invitations to the Valentine’s Day dance, are flying around school – but Greg hasn’t received one yet.
His letters to Holly keep her going, supporting her through her struggles, even from his grave. From Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister knocking on every door on Christmas Eve to find his Natalie, to Jamie learning another language to propose to, Bonete Aurelia, the foreign waitress  whom he was living with.
No technique is going to work if your very approach is already faulty because of the mindset. Plenty of them wonder, how do I get a girl to notice me, to like me, to be with me, to be my girlfriend, to marry me?
So they put all the effort into the pursuit and have no plan of action for the relationship itself. I asked Dennis because his wife, Thammie, had a promising medical career that she decided not to continue in order to pursue a family with Dennis. So Carla and I are clear that our marriage and our family is more important than my work in ministry or her work in showbiz.
It takes an extraordinary man to support a woman who has decided to contribute her gifts to the community as a physician.
I remember how my fiance decided to pursue me, beginning with the same mindset and concerns such as yours. I don’t think all women only look at the externals, so maybe adjust your scope to see where they are? That’s a helpful comment and a great reminder to use it in the upcoming blogs on this series.
Thanks Lei… Maybe a book will work one day, but at least now, in a blog it’s for free! Joe is Thank you for sharing this, Answered Prayer Need to change my mindset, she(in the future) deserved more from me.
I was so consumed by your message that it sank in my heart and just months ago I found reviewing my notes because I find it timely in my life! There’s an insidious undercurrent of blame, belitting and infantizilation of women that needs to be called out here. Women are complicated not because they’re women, but because women are people, and ALL PEOPLE ARE COMPLICATED. Maybe instead of complaining that women are indecisive and selfish and what-have-you, maybe you can ask yourself why the heck you keep gravitating to women who happen to be indecisive and selfish.
You’re right that the healthiest first step is to check ourselves first before blaming other people. It doesna€™t matter whether youa€™re in public or at home, keep your relationship alive by showing affection even in its simplest form.
Ita€™s not exactly a whole library like in Beauty and the Beast, but it should melt her heart. I even left notes on the mirror as i left for the day, surprised her with dinnner ready often, gave her surprise spa days, would give her a massage often, rub her feet, her head, her shoulders. She was my everything and i was deeply in love and then after 17 years of marraige i caught her multiple times with her ex husband. Surprise her by putting the vacuum cleaner round or offering to do the dishes for her, and she’ll love it.
And, if you are not usually the one that does the cooking, look it up on Google and follow the instructions! Put your arm around her and tell them how clever she is, how beautiful she is and how lucky you are to have her in your life. If you always remember them, then you will be a romantic hero, but, if you forget just one, then you will have a lot of ground to make up.
Be supportive of her and offer advice when she asks for it, because her day and her problems are just as important as yours. Remember to open doors for her, pull out her chair at restaurants, and never forget that a lady always goes first. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Peter Pan and a few other unexpected romantics have come up with some novel ways of saying I LOVE YOU this Valentine’s Day. She thinks the magic poem she reads is the key, but Mr Hoppy has actually bought one hundred different tortoises to substitute for Alfie so that Mrs Silver believes her pet is slowly growing. After taking Gretel’s garden gnome (for safety reasons!) he decides to write her a poem to apologise and tell her how he feels. He holds his hand out expecting to receive something from her, and to save him from embarrassment Wendy gives him a thimble.

He makes out that it’s no big deal – but then it turns out that he has saved up two weeks of pizza delivery tips to buy the tickets even though he doesn’t know anything about the cello. But he looked straight at me, so I could see the green and browns and grays swimming around in his irises.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s been having a little celebration of all things lovely and would like you to know exactly how he feels. Join him in his celebration of love and let someone know you care with this Very Lovely Valentine’s Day card. We all remember the guy who’s in love with his best friend’s wife, telling her through holding up large cards how he thinks she ‘is perfect’ (even if it is Keira Knightley)! Here are some questions you want to ask yourself to see what frame of mind you’re in.
These are pertinent questions, but the first one should be, what do you want all of that for? Now if that’s your mindset, you’re starting selflessly, which is great for the relationship, and great for you as well! Otherwise, be happy with wherever you are now because anything further might cost you more than you’re willing to deal with right now.
I knew that entering into a relationship with me might cause her to downscale her role there. However, I do feel that for a long term romantic relationship to work, both parties must be willing to prioritize each other even over their careers.
I am blessed that you were able to tackle all the areas in which I am having questions with. Please let me know if there’s other things I failed to address or other suggestions of questions you have for the following ones.
Like I said at the end of the blog, I don’t think a career and a long-lasting relationship are incompatible. In fact, it can enrich the relationship because it gives both parties the opportunity to mutually sacrifice for each other. When I started looking to God, being surrounded by godly people, and desiring what God wants for me, I saw that there are still lots of men who can pursue a woman with purity and selflessness.
Now I realized why my past relationships don’t last, I always make myself look good for her, look decent for her, everything that makes me more attractive to her and forgetting about what I can offer. I’m so encouraged to hear you say this because knowing our own selfishness is the first step to becoming selfless.
I learned a lot from reading this especially dun sa part about the proper mindsets when entering a relationship. But, don’t be disappointed if she does it again, because no one can do it as well as she can!
It could be a trip to see her favourite band or it could be getting a signed first edition of a book by her favourite author.
Simply follow the steps below and you’re guaranteed to win the affections of your Valentine this year.
It comes from a rock-solid conviction, that I will give what’s best and most valuable to you.
Let Christ transform our mindset, break every culture and norms of this world, set our hearts in the right direction. The mindset of selflessnes, being totally dedicated to the flourishing of the other, these are only small reflections of how Jesus loves us.
When I was praying for my God’s best, I only had 2 things in mind, I want a man who honors God and who will honor me as a woman.
That kind of realization has to be divinely-inspired because on our own we will defend our selfishness. Will definitely take note of these Even though the article was meant for boys, super applicable din siya for girls – in choosing the right partners and in checking if we are already prepared to become great partners I will share this with my brothers and cousins. I realized I was out of tampons and screamed a couple of foul words from the bathroom and then started getting ready to run to the store.
Through all the years after their perfect summer romance together, it turns out he never stopped loving her. Of course, she should be willing to compromise, but that is a part of any relationship- communicating well and being a good team. Of course, you could always go the traditional route, but why not try one of these other romantic gestures that will melt any girlsa€™ heart? This article should be in the front-pages of magazines and news papers that people’s eyes will be open.

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