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In the Christmas of 2011 I gave my husband a year of dates with my 12 Months of Dates gift that included one date to do every month. We were thrilled to learn Papa John's gift cards don't expire, so pizza came right after the fort was built and a few minutes of testing and #7 above happened.
And guess what- good news, according to the test we both "very impressive" so neither of us had to wonder who that person in our bed is and why we don't know them. This was a free (minus the game and dinner) at home date that we'd highly recommend to anyone who needs a romantic night in! If your idea of romance is a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a cliched rose bouquet, and dinner at a pricey restaurant filled with other couples celebrating their unique love on the exact same day, then by all means, break out that credit card now. When it comes to simple objects of affection, flowers are hard to beat, especially flowers presented at times when they’re least expected. As anyone in a relationship will tell you, the most heartfelt gifts are those not sold in stores. As relationships progress and become comfortable, it’s easy to lose some of the excitement and romance you experienced during the dating process.
We get to know you and your partner a little better by asking you detailed questions about your preferences, hobbies, love story, etc. With the information we gathered, we will come up with unique and custom date ideas for you and your partner. One of the nicest parts of the uber-busy holiday season is finding time to relax with your honey. During the upcoming hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping, mailing holiday cards and all of the other zillion things there are on our cumulative Christmas to-do lists, it’s important to also set aside some fun and romantic “us” time with your significant other.
With a little elf-inspired holiday ingenuity, a few dollars and a couple of hours, numerous stress-free holiday activities are sure to inspire the inner romantic in all of us.
If you live in an area of the country that typically enjoys a white Christmas, remember that getting out in the snow and building various creations is not just for little kids. Cutting out angels and stars and dumping tons of sprinkles and frosting on everything is not an activity that is reserved only for the young—it is also for the young at heart. This is the time of year when just about every channel is featuring some type of Christmas movie or special. This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable things to do during the holiday season—all that you need is a few bucks worth of gas in the tank, and maybe some hot cocoas to go from your favorite coffee establishment. There is something that is just inherently romantic about a couple going out for a fun afternoon or evening of ice skating.
This probably doesn’t sound like a dream date to anyone, but remember, your goal here is to spend quality time with your partner doing something that counts. Spend some time with your partner and go over your finances and see how much you can donate.
If you are on the East Coast, The Salvation Army has dozens of mobile feeding units and shelters that are working to serve thousands in the most heavily hit areas.
Wednesday is the day that we give date ideas!  If you are looking for a great date idea from The Heart Bandits that you can implement right away, we have 3 for you.
We at The Heart Bandits are experts at romance and are here to help you bring that spark into your relationship with everything you need in romance advice and romantic dates and planning.   If you would like more romantic date or proposal ideas, then contact us today.
Go to your local coffeehouse and get a cup of your favorite beverage.  Then sit close to your sweetie and people watch together.  Great fun for about $10!
Bowling is super affordable and can be so much fun.  You can be competitive, drink beer, and eat nachos.  Perfect combo if you ask me! I took a look at the weather this morning and found out that this weekend in Southern California we will have “torrential” rainfall. When I was a kid, my brother and I used to take the cushions from the couch and put them on our living room floor and have Wrestle Mania.
This holiday weekend The Heart Bandits are taking full advantage of our three days by going up north to San Luis Obispo to visit some wineries and beautiful Hearst Castle. There is a gorgeous hidden treasure in Los Angeles where the Korean Bell of Friendship is located at that has amazing views of Los Angeles and is a perfect date spot.
If you don’t have plans to go out of town this weekend, it does not mean you can’t have a similar fun time at home. Get this bag and tell your girlfriend that you want to head out to a park or a nice non-treacherous hike at a scenic area. If you are in need of great date ideas, romance help, or romantic gifts then we are your answer. If you want to be more romantic, consider hiring The Heart Bandits – Romance Experts to be your personal romance concierge!

For the best ways to completely Affair Proof your marriage (and just a really great read!), {click here!} from the Art of Manliness.
Surviving a DIY project together is like marriage boot camp…or like practice for marriage. Pick out your favorite movie trilogy…(probably gonna have to skip Anne of Green Gables if you want him to sit all the way through! Melissa Hadfield - My husband and I learned yoga together and it ended up being so much fun. Dates at home can be very romantic and help your relationship flourish even during a recession. So do you really need a hyped-up Hallmark holiday like Valentine’s to show that special someone how you feel? So make an extra effort to send that special someone a hand-written card and drop it in the mail box. And few expressions of affection can make the day of the person you care about like a hidden love note.
There are plenty of monthly subscription services out there that make it easy for you to pamper your loved one. While it wouldn’t hurt to be an artist or a poet, all it really takes to produce the perfect gift is a little thought and creativity. And one of the best things couples can do to recapture those moments and feelings is to continue to date one another, especially after long-term commitments have been made. He creates kick-ass accountability systems for entrepreneurs and free thinkers who want to forge a unique path in this world. According to the Bang Style website said, find an easy sugar cookie recipe that is impossible to goof up, set aside a couple of hours with your sweetie, and get busy baking. Put a Christmas CD in your car stereo and let Bing, Ella and Frank put you in the perfect festive mood as you drive around town, checking out some of the best and brightest displays. Lois loves to write about the quick and easy ways that working women (and men) can keep a clean, organized and happy home. All you need is graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and something to put the marshmallows on while you roast. If you aren’t poetic, print out a poem that you think is relevant to your relationship and read it to her. We are romance experts and can help you bring that spark in your relationship that you’ve been looking for. It’s a bummer because you never expect that in Southern California and it takes away a lot that you can do in terms of having dates with your sweetie.
Depending on what part of the country you live in, you can always find wonderful hiking locations nearby.
We can help you with date ideas, romantic gifts, anniversary ideas, and the planning and execution of elaborate dates that will be sure to make her heart melt. She will be absolutely amazed that you (you’ll take the credit that the bag deserves) brought everything you need to make a nice and romantic date. The Heart Bandits-Romance Experts and can help you with putting that spark into your relationship and help you create the perfect Anniversary date, 1st date, celebratory date, or just plain random date.
Whatever you do, you MUST set up a tri pod and take your best and CHEESIEST prom photos to commemorate the night! The first few nights we laughed hysterically at how silly we looked TRYING to do the different poses, but eventually we got better at it and it became a great work out and bonding time.
We'll probably add them to everything we do from now on no matter what the activity or season is. They ask questions essentially about how observant you are about certain aspects of each other's life, as well as some random things you have or may not have had conversations about. For that special man in your life, send him a tasty, high end, new beer each month or the latest flavors of beef jerky. What man or woman wouldn’t want the person they love to ask them out on a date—not a “hey do you wanna’ hang out” kind of date but a real date, where you get ready, get picked up at an appointed time, and go somewhere special like you did in the early days.
Dress the finished couple in your clothes and add a handwritten sign that says “Merry Christmas from (fill in your names).” You could even ask your neighbor to take your photo with your new snow couple to send in a Christmas card. There are several classic holiday films that are sure to warm your collective hearts, including “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “White Christmas,” and “Charlie Brown Christmas” (Lights please?). Check out the general public skating times and make a date with your honey to lace up the skates and cruise around the rink arm in arm.

Today’s Romance Tip from The Heart Bandits goes out to all you people stuck in an area that will have rainfall, snowfall, or just plain ugly weather this weekend. When you have a movie night in, you can actually do a similar type of thing, minus all the head-locks and elbows to the stomach.
If you do not have plans yet for this weekend and would like to do something fun and romantic with your sweetheart then here are some great date ideas that don’t require much planning but will result in a memorable time with your sweetheart. Flying a kite is a fun time to have and is so easy to group together with a picnic to make for a spur-of-the-moment date.
Even if you live in a city, try taking your loved one to an eclectic part of the city and walking around checking out the shops and having a good time.
Go to enjoy the pizza, play air hockey, and watch those animatronics animals sing their country hearts off.
That is why today we’re featuring a product that will be excellent for you to purchase to create a perfect (and spontaneous) romantic date approved by The Heart Bandits. Try these ideas for sharing a wonderful time with your partner and making simple enjoyments more memorable.
And did I mention #7, because geez, it felt like we had just started dating again or something.
In fact, a long weekend or overnighter at a favorite local destination is actually preferred, as it will be easier to add the elements of mystery and spontaneity that help to make romantic getaways even more special.
Who wouldn’t want a gift that entitles them to a massage, hot bubble bath, or any other activity or indulgence spelled out on a coupon that’s redeemable at any time? Get a nice fire going, heat up some hot chocolate or tasty spiced cider, cuddle up on the couch and just enjoy the time together.
Open up the bag and it comes with 2 acrylic wine glasses, 2 forks, knives, and spoons, a cutting board, cheese knife, salt and pepper shakers, 2 plates, a corkscrew, and 2 napkins. We rode up and down the beach, we stopped to kiss, do some pull-ups (yes we are weird), have a beer, watch hippies dance, and have a cheeseburger. If you want to learn some new techniques, browse around your library for a video or instructional manual. Prepare your favorite dishes or select a recipe that sounds romantic like seafood paella for two. He let me know that was fine, but requested I still give him a couple dates just for fun, and because he loved it so much. With a little creativity, even one of these at-home romantic staycation ideas can be memorable, such as dragging your mattress into the living room to watch a movie or play video games. You can mail a custom-made card straight from your iPhone by installing the Cards app by Apple. Tucked in coffee pots, sock drawers, bathroom mirrors, wallets, lunch bags, and laptops, even the simplest message, such as “thinking of you”, found unexpectedly on a tiny piece of paper can speak volumes about how you really feel. And since love coupons can be created and presented on very short notice, they can be custom made to provide that certain something when it’s needed most, like a neck massage after a stressful day at work, or, well, weird and nerdy sex. Move the coffee table, place some blankets on the ground, and grab as many pillows as you can.
The backpack is even insulated so that whatever you bring to accompany your cute wine picnic, such as sandwiches, cheese, or desert will remain at the perfect temperature.
When I put those together with those I gave the year before, I realized I had about 10 dates, and decided to buy two more and give Jacob 12!
The other good news is that if you can’t find a park with them, you can always buy one for your backyard for $100 and up. We had so much fun together and it just reiterated what we already know, we are best friends! So this year we will be doing A Year of Dates again, and using some from last year's present! As an added cute gesture, try getting one of those nostalgic popcorn makers and enjoying some while you watch. And ladies, this would make a perfect gift for your man to encourage him to be more romantic.
For the guys, if you’re going to want to get some bonus points, rent a chick flick (you can muster up one) and get your girl’s favorite candy as well.

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