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For the best ways to completely Affair Proof your marriage (and just a really great read!), {click here!} from the Art of Manliness. Surviving a DIY project together is like marriage boot camp…or like practice for marriage. Pick out your favorite movie trilogy…(probably gonna have to skip Anne of Green Gables if you want him to sit all the way through!
Melissa Hadfield - My husband and I learned yoga together and it ended up being so much fun. In the Christmas of 2011 I gave my husband a year of dates with my 12 Months of Dates gift that included one date to do every month. We were thrilled to learn Papa John's gift cards don't expire, so pizza came right after the fort was built and a few minutes of testing and #7 above happened.
And guess what- good news, according to the test we both "very impressive" so neither of us had to wonder who that person in our bed is and why we don't know them. This was a free (minus the game and dinner) at home date that we'd highly recommend to anyone who needs a romantic night in! Having a date night out is expensive, so we have cheap, romantic date night ideas at home often.
Gather several wines and find out what pairs well with them (I’m thinking meats, cheese and chocolate).
Have a hot game night while challenging each other to get a question or a hand of cards wrong.
Put on your fanciest and finest clothes, put out some candles and have a romantic dinner in. Make a play list of your favorite tunes (think back to your wedding if you need ideas) and dance it out. Your next vacation might not be too close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a great getaway and where you would love to visit. If it’s warm enough, or grab a jacket, and head out into your back or front yard with a blanket and lay down under the stars. See if you can include chocolate in every one of the courses in your dinner for the evening…yes, after the kids go to bed so you don’t have to share. Each take some time to write out your bucket list aka things you want to do before you “kick the bucket” and compare.
There are so many great cheap and romantic date night ideas that you can accomplish at home and this just scratches the surface.

Want to win a $75 pre-paid gift card to use on your date night in (or however else you see fit)?
February 4, 2013 by Jenni Mullinix 32 Comments As busy parents with a small child, my husband and I sometimes struggle with making time to plan a special date night.
After a long, exhausting week trying the come up with something creative to do can be difficult.
What a neat idea to rent a dance instruction DVD – that one is new for us, and could be so much fun! Our beloved is to lay on the trampoline after the children go to sleep and look at the stars! Whatever you do, you MUST set up a tri pod and take your best and CHEESIEST prom photos to commemorate the night!
The first few nights we laughed hysterically at how silly we looked TRYING to do the different poses, but eventually we got better at it and it became a great work out and bonding time.
Pro-tip: Those fancy restaurants that take reservations will likely be happy to do a pick-up order for you so you don’t even have to cook. Flower petals, massage oils, candles and maybe a bubble bath and sensual smells are all great ways to make your bedroom extra special. I imagine you all are very creative and come up with even more amazing ideas for taking advantage of your time together and not spending a lot of money.
While we haven’t been out on a date night since becoming parents, we do strive to have a date night at home on a fairly regular basis. Therefore, I am often on the look-out for creative ideas can be done at home in the evening after our daughter is all tucked in for the night. We'll probably add them to everything we do from now on no matter what the activity or season is.
They ask questions essentially about how observant you are about certain aspects of each other's life, as well as some random things you have or may not have had conversations about. Most of the time, you can even pull it off without any planning or even leaving the house to go to the store. I imagine some of these could easily be pulled off for “free” if you already have everything at home!
Whether you cook a meal together or get carry-out to bring home, create a romantic atmosphere with a tablecloth, formal place settings and glowing candles.
Brew up two steamy cups of joe (or hot chocolate or tea, if you prefer) and pretend that your kitchen is a coffeehouse.

Pop a big batch of popcorn and snuggle on the couch while watching a favorite flick or new release.
Lay a blanket down in the living room floor and enjoy finger food like cheese, crackers or bread, and fruit.
Create a cozy, romantic atmosphere with silky sheets, fluffy pillows, scented candles, and soft music. And did I mention #7, because geez, it felt like we had just started dating again or something. I’ve included some great ideas beyond the typical romantic dinner at home that I hope you will enjoy.
I paired Josh Cellars wines and Ghirardelli chocolates that I found at Walmart for a great after dinner tasting.
Sitting outside this past weekend with a glass of wine, we slowed our brains, and really spent time with each other because there weren’t any distractions. I would get out S’more fixings and roast some marshmallows, too because that’s what you do when you are camping. Whether you choose a popular board game or team up for a Rock Band tour on the PS3, have fun with a little competition.
I hope at least one of these ideas will inspire you to plan a special night with your spouse in the near future.
He let me know that was fine, but requested I still give him a couple dates just for fun, and because he loved it so much.
Or maybe you want to go on a 10 day cruise or see a new continent (I’m looking at you Australia).
When I put those together with those I gave the year before, I realized I had about 10 dates, and decided to buy two more and give Jacob 12! So this year we will be doing A Year of Dates again, and using some from last year's present!

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