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Tell your wife if something is bothering you, but don’t emphasize her weaknesses every chance you get!
When you and your wife just started dating you had no problem to pay some extra money in order to take her to a nice restaurant. Looking to keep your Valentine’s Day celebration close to home, then taking the staycation route could be the best way to spend some time with your honey. If chilling out with your baby is on the menu for V-Day, why not take that rest and relaxation up a notch?
If taking it easy isn’t really your thing, then why should Valentine’s Day be any exception? One of our favorite Valentine’s Day ideas is a fairly simple (and definitely affordable) one. After ten years of committing to the wrong person, I finally ended an unhealthy relationship. It seems like every unimportant event is a main issue for her, but these are the things that make her happy!
You did everything to impress her… so why is it that after the wedding you think that you can avoid spending the money on romantic dates?
But before you know it, it’ll be the most romantic–and one of the most stressful–days of the year. Staying in your home (or hometown) allows you to not be distracted and to focus solely on that special someone.

The weather might not be ideal depending on where you live, but that doesn’t mean that hitting your local ice skating rink, taking a stroll through a beautiful park or even working out together should be off limits. Why not take in a show for Valentine’s Day?  While we’d probably suggest not going to, say, a rock concert, a more low-key outing could be the perfect way to liven up your V-Day date night. Grab a bottle of your favorite wine, pick up or whip up some delicious food and kick back enjoying your loved one’s company.
Not only will you be able to turn what can often be a stressful day for couples into one that is calming, but you’ll be able to share that experience with the person you love most. It’s definitely an unconventional way to show that special someone in your life that you care, but also makes Valentine’s Day less about the sappy, emotional stuff and more about doing something fun with the person you love. But why not skip the crowds and the overpriced prix fixe menus in favor of something a little more intimate? But please keep in mind that you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to have a good time. You don’t have to like every event she wants you to attend, but by going anyway you’ll be earning a lot of points.
Whether you’re looking to splurge or keep things in a tight budget, we’ve got the answer for you. To take the staycation idea up a notch, might we suggest booking a hotel room for Valentine’s Day night.
We won’t lie, spas can definitely run on the pricey side, but some do offer Valentine’s Day specials that can help you save a few bucks on your way to complete relaxation.

And even after a day of playing and exercising, there is still plenty of time for you and your loved one to enjoy a cozy, romantic dinner or just a relaxing night in over a bottle of wine and a good movie.
That’s why we suggest combing the internet or a great cookbook to find a sexy little recipe that you and your significant other can cook together.
There are plenty of affordable and unconventional options (opera, ballet, etc.) available for that special evening. Many hotels offer special packages (no, not that kind of package you dirty, dirty person), and added perks like champagne or chocolate to reservations.
Over glasses of wine and with some great music playing in the background, you and your boo can enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed setting, while still getting to nibble on some delightfully yummy food.
In addition, you get the added bonus of changing up the scenery without having to fly or endure hours on the road…always a plus. Some spas allow guests to pay a day fee that allows them access to the sauna, pool and other more common areas.
Sure it’s not some one-on-one time with a masseuse, but it will still have quite the impact.

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