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Valentine?s Day is the perfect time to plan a romantic Valentine?s Day Date Night for the important person in your life. Also, be sure to check out the Tip Junkie Valentine's Day site for decorations, party ideas, free printable Valentines, and kids craft ideas.
If you are looking for a romantic summer date idea, a secluded beach is the perfect choice.
3)      Bring a large beach blanket and some pillows to make a comfortable nest on the sand. If you’re in a long-term relationship, a successful date always starts and ends with sexy underwear. Book a hotel downtown Montreal and make sure the front desk has an order of cocktails waiting for you as you check in.
Yes, for most of us romance is an intimate exchange between two kindred spirits, how does a romantic date for two at Le P’Tit Plateau Restaurant on Marie-Anne Street East sound?
Enjoy the option of letting loose before and after a romantic night, check into the Hotel Le St-James, a famous venue known to deliver spa treatment and a staff ready to pamper and answer on every demand on any whim. Take a cruise down the St Lawrence and take your beloved to the soothing sounds of tranquil water. One of Cincinnati’s premier fine dining restaurants, Jag’s Steak and Seafood is always a date night favorite. It’s the most romantic day of the year…until you end up basically sitting in the lap of the couple next to you at an exorbitantly expensive Valentine’s Day dinner, wondering if the gift you got your boyfriend was too much or not enough. We know, we know—we’re all tired of freezing every time we step outside and slipping on ice when we walk to class.
The easiest way to spread Valentine’s cheer is to go elementary school and wear pink and red.
As we searched for the perfect gift for our boyfriends last Valentine’s Day, we knew that guys love two things: beer, and lots of beer.
If ice-skating is too tame and your school is in a sunny place, many HCers recommend nighttime skinny-dipping. If you want all of his friends to be saying, “You seriously have the best girlfriend ever, ” tickets to his favorite sporting event are the way to go. Harvard collegiette Olivia Ford suggests taking the dinner in bed idea even further with an indoor picnic. Strawberry bellinis, chicken parmesan, spaghetti and chocolate mousse—nothing will make your man swoon more quickly than a delicious Valentine’s meal.
Whether you’ve been dating for a while and you want to tell him how you feel or you haven’t been dating long at all but want to show you care, a card goes a long way. To ensure a smile on his face this V-day, the HC team recommends wearing hot underwear that he has never seen before. Even though Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the moment, there’s no better day to reflect on what makes you so happy with your man in the first place.
If you are willing to splurge on a gift, why not get away from roommates and sharing twin beds (no matter how much you love sleeping right next to your boyfriend!). It’s true, coupon books are hardly a new concept, but what guy doesn’t want his Valentine’s gift to last all year? While getting drunk on V-day is probably not the best idea, making Valentine’s Day-themed cocktails with your boyfriend is a fun and festive way to celebrate the day. Spend some quality time with your significant other enjoying the gentle breeze of the shore and all the natural beauty it has to offer.  The plans for your romantic date are only limited by your imagination, but we do have some great ideas to get you started.

Pack a picnic basket with a bottle of wine and yummy finger foods, perhaps strawberries to feed each other?
In the early evening, the two of you can share in the beauty of an epic sunset and in the early morning you can greet the day with the sunrise.
You can either plan your romantic beach date to coincide with a scheduled community firework show or bring along fireworks of your own. A few popular choices include the Fairmont Tremblant, Loews Hotel Vogue, or Hotel Stay Mont-Royal. For the traditional choice, try delivering two dozen roses to your hotel room and have them set a bed of rose petals via Le Bouquet. Take your date to the Atwater Market where you can pick and choose fresh produce and flowers together.
Watch the sun set on the horizon and witness the cool wind blow her new dress and your favourite scent through the night’s air.
If like what you hear or have suggestions, let us know how you’d spend a romantic date in Montreal in the comments box below. Visit Covington’s Devou Park before sunset and take in some of the best, most romantic views of downtown Cincinnati.
Take your special someone to Bella Luna for dinner and enjoy a menu of delicious, authentic Italian food. Relish Modern Tapas has a special ‘Tapas Discovery Menu,’ perfect for your next daytime dating adventure. Take a walk through historic downtown, visiting the unique shops and then extend the evening with a walk on the Little Miami Scenic Trail.  Cross over the Little Miami River and take in the sights while enjoying dinner at Tano Bistro. We've all fallen prey to Valentine’s Day snafus (don’t even get us started on Valentine’s Day 2011), from lingerie mishaps to dining disasters.
But few things are as romantic as playing in the snow with your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Meet your boyfriend for a day date in skinny jeans and a pink top or sport a red mini dress for your night together.
Not only will you make his night and show that you’re into his interests, but you’ll also get to share something special to him together, and what’s better than that?
Unless you’re Posh and Becks, the service is bound to be terrible, the menu limited and the prices steep. To decorate your space, string white Christmas lights around the room, buy some picnic-y snacks, pop the champagne and set up a blanket and pillows for you and your boy to sit on. If you're feeling ambitious and extra sweet, cooking dinner for your boyfriend is the way to go. Instead of stressing about buying an expensive gift, set a budget with your guy and get creative.
A great way to celebrate your relationship is to make a scrapbook—look through old pictures, find cute stickers and paper and then channel your inner Warhol.
Make him a coupon book for things like fresh-baked cupcakes, a movie night or a massage—and feel free to spice it up! Make each other drinks post-dinner; after all, ending Valentine’s Day with a homemade Be Mine Mojito doesn’t get much better. But even if you spent the past three weeks dreaming of sailing on a yacht with your boyfriend or opening a Tiffany’s box, be appreciative if he gives you a teddy bear. Plus with 76 other date night ideas your Valentines dates can continue on past the holiday!

This couples valentines advent is a great way to spend time together leading up to the day that celebrates love! Or, if you don’t cook and have the budget, you could always arrange for a catered, candlelight dinner. Watch boats float down the Ohio River while you and your sweetheart swing on the giant swing set overlooking the river. Afterwards, keep the night going with dinner at Forum restaurant where in addition to great food you can enjoy live music, eclectic cocktails, interesting wines, and much more. Afterwards keep the evening going and head to After-Hours on The Square at Union Centre for more live music.
Head to The Melting Pot and take advantage of their special date night deal that includes a champagne toast! Enjoy a meal of small plates of familiar dishes infused with flavors from cuisines around the world and afterwards take a hike at one of Mason’s beautiful parks.
This year, to keep you embracing candy hearts and Cupids, Her Campus has compiled 17 cute things you can do with or for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Channel your inner 10-year-old and head outside for a snowball fight and snow angels—we're sure your man will be happy to keep you warm. Amazing Clubs is a website that lets you send a 12-pack of gourmet beer to your boyfriend every month for as many months as you choose.
So go have yourself a Serendipity moment and spend the day ice-skating with your BF—don’t forget the cocoa! If you're an all-star in the kitchen, check out Food Network’s Valentine’s Day food and dessert recipes. For 10 dollars, you could buy a cheesy, V-Day themed stuffed animal; bake cupcakes or, better yet, purchase massage oil to really make his night. Spend the night ordering room service, cuddling in a big bed and taking bubble baths…what could be better than that? We're not talking being understanding if he forgets the day altogether, but V-Day can be a little stressful for everyone, so make sure to acknowledge the effort he makes—you'll have more fun, and he’ll be thankful to have such an appreciative girlfriend! I?m sure you can come up with clever ways to adapt it for your circumstances, if you and your Valentine like a little adventure with your romance! Included is lots of great ideas that can be used any day of the year for any date and a free download for The Dating Divas, ?Love Hunt?.
So to help take the pressure off and get those creative juices flowing, Weekendtrips has assembled a quick list of ten romantic dating ideas for all of you to mix and match and take home with you. Spend the night relaxing over good food and cozy company instead of cramped with strangers.
However, if you’re like most of us and cooking a full gourmet meal is not a possibility, look at ifood’s simple recipes, like heart-shaped pizza.
We’ve put together a variety of romantic date ideas for wonderful evenings that are sure to help you take your date to the next level. Check online to see when movies are playing at the Seasongood Pavilion and add a classic flick to your night. Also, if your boyfriend is up for it, cook dinner together—it will be surprisingly sexy to see your guy move around the kitchen.

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