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Sometimes we like to send our kids to the grandparents, and get our favorite take out and watch movies at home. As recent newlyweds, the hubs and I have discovered that dates don’t have to happen exclusively at night.
One year, I had talked about wanting to take ballroom dancing, but our funds were really low. Our inexpensive take on dinner-and-a-movie dates has been fast food and then browsing through the free stacks of movies at the local library for a fun show to take home.
You know i’m super girlie and I know this sounds so redneck but going to a shooting range. We usual will go out to eat and then go to a local park with walking trails and we walk together and talk.
My husband and I have great fun when we each take a digital camera and head outdoors for a photo shoot of nature, architecture, etc. My hubby and I may go on an eagle sighting excursion … maybe something similar in the great outdoors.
Community theater is great (and usually free if you volunteer to usher or help with concessions!). My husband and I love to go to a pottery painting place and make mugs for each other (with hidden messages) or paint project that takes contributions from both of us (we made a turn table with several tiles) and we’ve made all kinds of things. Sign up for Tricia’s Inspired Living newsletter by entering your e-mail address below! But you don't have to resort to Netflix and a value meal to have a romantic date that's also affordable! Having a date night out is expensive, so we have cheap, romantic date night ideas at home often. Gather several wines and find out what pairs well with them (I’m thinking meats, cheese and chocolate). Have a hot game night while challenging each other to get a question or a hand of cards wrong. Put on your fanciest and finest clothes, put out some candles and have a romantic dinner in. Make a play list of your favorite tunes (think back to your wedding if you need ideas) and dance it out. Your next vacation might not be too close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a great getaway and where you would love to visit. If it’s warm enough, or grab a jacket, and head out into your back or front yard with a blanket and lay down under the stars. See if you can include chocolate in every one of the courses in your dinner for the evening…yes, after the kids go to bed so you don’t have to share.
Each take some time to write out your bucket list aka things you want to do before you “kick the bucket” and compare.

There are so many great cheap and romantic date night ideas that you can accomplish at home and this just scratches the surface.
Want to win a $75 pre-paid gift card to use on your date night in (or however else you see fit)? My favorite Valentine’s day was a low-key bedroom picnic, with champagne and a great film to watch.
Disclaimer: All data and information provided on this site is for entertainment purposes only. I did this one time—kidnapped my hubby from work (I set it up ahead of time with his boss). Watch websites like space weather or NASA’s Hubble pictures for a good event coming up. We combine a picturesque drive with either a picnic or a meal at a restaurant (often one from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives) depending on the budget and time constraints. It was winter and I just wanted to get out of the house without spending a lot—and the school was three blocks away. My husband downloaded a bunch of free music into a playlist and found dance steps online, printed them, and put them in my stocking for Christmas. The challenge is to do on your date something fun that will be covered by whatever amount of money you came up with…no more. Like tennis, racquet ball, biking the Big Dam Bridge, or working out together is fun and can be quite romantic and physical.
It’s relaxing, we can talk while we do it, yet it’s not face-to-face which is WAY more up a masculine alley! Give me the creativity to spend time with them and creatively invest in those relationships. I remember during some lazy cold rainy days, we just love to stay late in bed, cuddle and sip hot chocolate!
No one said that dating had to be dinner and a movie - there are plenty of ways to enjoy each other's company on cheap; especially smart if you're looking towards the long term. Pro-tip: Those fancy restaurants that take reservations will likely be happy to do a pick-up order for you so you don’t even have to cook. Flower petals, massage oils, candles and maybe a bubble bath and sensual smells are all great ways to make your bedroom extra special. I imagine you all are very creative and come up with even more amazing ideas for taking advantage of your time together and not spending a lot of money.
You can make your own with cheeses, wine, garlic, etc, but it’s hard to beat the price, taste, and ease of this Trader Joe’s version.
Even better: check out what’s streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime if you have it, or borrow some films from a friend. Get gussied up in a pretty romper that will be comfy enough to cuddle up in but majorly cute.

Get dressed up, go out to a classic dollar theater movie or do some free art gallery-hopping, and then grab a bottle of wine from the store to share at home.
And Then We Saved makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. Plan ahead for a clear night, get blankets, binoculars, and, perhaps, a picnic basket of yummies and spend an evening under the stars with your love. We had toddler children, so we aren’t plugged into HS sports at all, but it was fun to watch the antics of the high school kids and cheer on the school that my girls will eventually go to HS at. They have pretty guns to choose from and they have targets that you can play games on like battleship or hangman. One time we went to Walmart and each person had to choose the most random, funny item that cost half the amount of money we had. We spend little or no money, and in the process, we find new ways to look at everyday things–including our marriage.
We also love watching CSI and other TV Series during our vacation at my parent’s Love those fond memories….
Most of the time, you can even pull it off without any planning or even leaving the house to go to the store. I imagine some of these could easily be pulled off for “free” if you already have everything at home! Here are a few cheap date ideas for a night in that goes beyond the standard vegging out we do all the time. With a whimsical approach and a little creativity, an intimate and cozy evening could easily beat any fancy-schmancy wining and dining out on the town. I want you to have a debt-free life too so here you'll be able to read all about: How to do a Spending Fast®, saving & making more money, DIY's, & a lot about living awesomely with less.
I’ve included some great ideas beyond the typical romantic dinner at home that I hope you will enjoy. I paired Josh Cellars wines and Ghirardelli chocolates that I found at Walmart for a great after dinner tasting. Sitting outside this past weekend with a glass of wine, we slowed our brains, and really spent time with each other because there weren’t any distractions.
I would get out S’more fixings and roast some marshmallows, too because that’s what you do when you are camping.
We drove for well over an hour and pulled into a lovely lake-side park (I had scouted out the location weeks earlier). Or maybe you want to go on a 10 day cruise or see a new continent (I’m looking at you Australia). Wine pairs well with cheese and chocolate and romance, and wine does not have to be expensive.

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