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All that is about to change, because Natalie Ledwell, Personal Development Guru and Law of Attraction Expert, is waiting to show you the blueprint to getting everything you want.
The invisible barrier that holds 99% of people back from achieving their dreams (plus the super simple way to breakthrough anything standing in your way!).
You’ll learn from a very exclusive guest, Morry Zelcovitch, how to effortlessly train your brain to achieve success with everything you do.
You’ll leave with an all encompassing success action plan that you can implement immediately. Add to this portrait the fact that most involved in the rat race are doing so with run down sneakers and a half empty water bottle; victory is a far stretch for many in these conditions. Some companies seem wise enough to develop motivational and educational programs to provide their employees with resources to better manage the very fast paced environment in which they evolve. The reality is this: before an employee shows up to work, coffee in hand, for 9am sharp, he has had to accomplish a much greater feat than making sure he can meet deadlines. The very first accomplishment in anyone’s day is as simple as getting out of bed, standing up and looking straight ahead!
It might sound really simple but as most of these corporate soldiers will tell you, by 2 or 3pm, they are tired and their reasoning ability is simply not the same that it was at 9am when they started their day.
What if employees could be just as productive, swift and sharp by 5pm as they were first thing in the morning? That very brain we need to perform at work was developed via movement in our early years and, to this day, its capacity can be improved via movement.
Some neuroscientists actually believe that there is no purpose for the brain if there is no movement.
At the very least, if your body is built for movement, you are one step closer to climbing the corporate ladder.
Brain Exercises as suggested by your posturologist, allow you to grow your brain, improving your processing speed. Feel free to contact us for information about our corporate solutions packages at (514) 880-5424. We are all programmed, starting from the moment we are born, with things that make us who we are today, and that includes our problem areas and obstacles. Beliefs about money, how dangerous the world is, love and relationships, self worth, body image and everything else under the sun is drilled into us until we lose our true nature, which is perfect, and made of conscious light.

We, and everything in the known universe, is made up of energy that can behave as waves or particles, depending on whether or not it is being observed (by you observing, or deciding how the world is, you make it so). In the video we see that the thoughts of the observer affect the experiment every single time. I have been obsessed with finding a way to reprogram my mind for the past fifteen years or so. Since then I have made many different versions, and this latest cd has all of the most positive messages in one.
I have been told by friends who have used the cd, that for the first while you may experience frustrating dreams (I didn't go through that though, so you may not), as your ego mind struggles with the new ideas that are getting through to your subconscious, but this soon passes, and then you can expect to hear the messages as part of your dreams.
You may wake up inside the dream (lucid dreaming), and hear yourself excitedly telling people (in the dream) that they can do anything, and that all things are possible etc. I always used to struggled when it came to relationships, often finding myself in negative partnerships that would end badly, until I started reprogramming. I have been blessed with a beautiful life of exploration, art, travel and adventure, raising my son, (home-schooling him for many years), achieving two degrees in Fine Arts, writing my first book, (working on the second one right now!), and I have drawn thousands of people from all over the world to read my thoughts on consciousness and the vegan lifestyle.
I thought it was a little funny at first because it's my voice repeating messages to myself, but then I started to see the effects. Ok, so my two week detox is over and I want to tell you some of what the results are so you might go and try this yourself.
Or maybe you’ve had that feeling of being kind of scared of a high place, like a bridge or rooftop deck.
I apologize if I get right to the point, but this is too important to spend a bunch of time dancing around it. Once you know this valuable piece of information, you’ll be unstoppable when going after your goals, no matter how big or small they are!
Morry is the only certified brain entrainment engineer in the world and was personally invited to train the Brazilian Military to peak mental performance! The book is comprised of 16 world-renowned author’s and teacher’s greatest tips for setting goals, manifesting money, attracting happiness, and loads more. The effort developed to fight it will be a predetermining factor in explaining your level of mental acuity and your performance as the day progresses.
Postural reprogrammation instantly corrects postural imbalances as to allow the body to fight the pull of gravity efficiently.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, but for years now I have been making reprogramming cd's to train my subconscious to be positive, and to bust through obstacles I have had in my life. In our first 5 years we are taught (programmed) with the ideas of the main people and media we are raised with. I started out recording my voice onto tapes (believe it or not), because I didn't know how to do anything else.
I gradually became attracted to a different kind of life, which included two really beautiful relationships (one of which I am currently still in, going on eight years).
I am currently writing this to you on my laptop inside a tent on the beach in Dominical, Costa Rica. My other obsessions with quantum physics and spiritual evolution have convinced me beyond a doubt that our world view is everything. Set it to repeat in a loop and listen to it with the volume turned down so you can barely make out what is being said, or slightly higher if you like that better.
Sure, you can set goals and all that, but somehow you just seem to lose focus before you get there. Their world view has shaped us, and then school, along with things like television, internet, movies and marketing enforce those beliefs.
I would record one full side and then the other, so I could flip it at night when it stopped. Since we have had an entire lifetime of programming, we need to listen to the cd as much as possible to see greater and greater effects. I can count on one hand how many times we have had arguments, which is a dramatic improvement from my past.
I do a couple of different things- I listen to the cd either while I sleep throughout whole night, during the day in the background as I do my daily activities, or both. Then I met someone who had a recording studio who helped me make my first professional one with a meditative tamboura (Indian instrument), in the background.

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