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Or perhaps you think the idea is just ridiculous … after all, why would anyone intentionally create war, disease, car accidents, and horrible romantic break-ups? Now let me be clear, understanding the power of your subconscious mind is a VAST topic and it is also full of paradoxes.
Today’s article is just an introduction to understanding the power of your subconscious mind. It’s hard to believe that I spent years of my life in non-fulfilling pursuits all because I had one subconscious belief that could have been changed years ago. Are you going to be one of the excuse-makers, or are you going to be one of the people who makes the commitment and changes your life, starting right now? I want to thank you for this gold mine of information on the subconscious mind and EFT tapping that you put out there for us.
Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting… Sure, you can get in there and clean house. I know that I have many subconscious blocks, some I am sort of aware of, some I am completely aware of, but I do think the scariest ones are the ones that I have no idea even exist.
Yea for sure Anita, I have been blown away to discover what unhelpful shadow stuff was lurking in my subconscious mind, and we don’t know what we don’t know! I do believe everything I see is just a projection of my subconscious mind and I see it the way I see it because of what is buried in side my subconscious.
Hi Lesley, yes and it is such a fascinating process to go deeper and deeper into the power of your subconscious mind to see how the patterns are created. Have you ever tried to change a behavior or habit, only to find yourself disappointed and dissatisfied when you weren’t successful? I want to share these secrets with you, so you can apply these transformation techniques to some of the habits you might want to change, such as smoking, dieting, even negative thought patterns and any other undesirable behaviors. The conscious mind is responsible for logic, reasoning and all the voluntary action with awareness—such as reading, listening, writing, speaking, etc. The information we receive from reading, listening and learning will be recorded in our subconscious mind, the second part of the mind. Therefore, we must be very careful about our actions, which will program our subconscious mind and also determine our attitude and the quality of our life.
Based upon the information saved by previous actions, we automatically respond and do things without thinking about them (auto responses). For example, when we first learned to drive a car, we had to consciously think where to put each foot and how to use each new control. The language of the subconscious mind is feelings (pain, pleasure, hot, cold), emotions (anger, frustration, happiness, sorrow) and images.
Our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between thoughts that are created by physical events or imaginary events. It does not matter what label it is given; what really matters is that this is the only force that both science and spirituality have acknowledged as the mastermind for all the creations in the universe. It has no boundaries or limitations in its power to create, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, from the microscopic to the greatest of the universe.
Both parts of the mind, conscious and subconscious work together to establish the connection with the super-conscious mind, which is the ultimate source of unlimited power. When conscious and subconscious mind have any conflict, then the super-conscious mind resolves the conflict, brings the harmony and takes care of all good things in our life that we aim for.
Once we understand the function of the subconscious mind, we can also understand why we behave differently.
Take action at subconscious mind with positive feelings: The change has to take place at the subconscious level with respect to one’s behavior or habits, unwanted emotions or feelings. Know the change you want to make or habit you want to change (ask yourself what behavior, emotions and feelings I want to change or what I wish to do differently-Make a list). Give messages or affirmations to your subconscious mind for the change you want to make within yourself.
Continue to practice until you have accomplished the change you want to make (A 30 days daily spiritual planner to help you with this process and keep you on track is available to download. Performing actions with awareness at a conscious level will bring some slow and temporary change, however, combined with relaxation, meditation, affirmation (positive and motivational messages), and prayers will bring faster and everlasting change.
Here both parts of the mind, conscious and subconscious are the part of the body (science-matter) and Super-Consciousness is Supreme Energy (Spiritual Mind).
Finally, have patience because transformation of habit is not a quick fix but a slow, steady and gradual process.
Satya Kalra is a self- empowerment, self-transformational and happiness coach, spiritual guide, international speaker and bestseller author.
Here’s a Little Step-by-Step Guide to Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind that we hope you will enjoy. You'll be able to create customized audios that can help with focus, creativity, relaxation, healing, personal growth and inspiration.
It’s dribble like what this book spouts that keep many people who need help from finding REAL answers and EFFECTIVE ways of changing that behavior.
I kind of agree with cactusheart, there is more than that to reprogram your subconscious mind. Even though I have more big opportunities than anybody can imagine, I always fail to accomplish anything. As we grow older, our responsibilities also increases and finally we cease to control our mind. I loved the suggestion in the Tip Sheet to write a newspaper report about my success as though it had already happened; writing it in the third person silenced my inner critic.
May I respectfully suggest that you choose a new name; one that reflects what you want yourself to be, not what you currently believe to be true.
Interestingly the free e-book has no links or advertising in it at all, (that I noticed) which means that someone is missing out on an opportunity to receive back.
I know that this can work because when i had my child by natual childbirth I was able to hypnotise myself so that I felt lille or no pain at all. Can’t wait to read the e-book, especially the part that talks about spending time in prayer everyday.

I think these are some great beginning tips on how to reprogram the subconscious mind, but I was surprised to see you left out meridian tapping therapy. Anyway…great start to get people thinking about all this, and your suggestions on brainwave entrainment are on target!
The Biggest Personal Growth and Self Development Tip The Manifestation Secret Mind Movies ReviewReview of "The Secret""The Power of Now" ReviewMeditation Methods. Consider this, many people have become rich and then lost their fortune, to turn around and become rich again. Truly, the reprogramming of the subconscious mind of that person is what makes the difference.
When you begin reprogramming the subconscious mind, your habits and actions will slowly change, bringing results which are consistent with that new conditioning.
Click here for the revolutionary reprogramming program that has changed thousands of lives. One of the most exciting discoveries ever made was when physicists proved the intuitive theories of ancient sages, that is, that we live in a world of energy.
The encouraging thing is, that as you take charge, use your power, and start reprogramming the subconscious mind, it actually begins setting up a different type of vibration in your body, or more specifically, your body is vibrating at a different velocity. In recent years, the idea or getting yourself on the same vibration as the thing you want, has become known as “The Law of Attraction” which states that the things which you have in your life are a result of your subconscious programming. Have you ever felt frustrated about this idea of creating your own reality with the power of your subconscious mind?
This article is barely going to scratch the surface of what you need to know to start getting real results in the physical world.
And before we get started, this article will do you no good at all unless you are willing at least to be open to some new ideas. My blog was really popular its first year of existence, but I made no money at all that entire year.
My business turned around within about three months, and last year I made almost $400K, paid off my mortgage, and now have a lot more choice about what I do with my time.
I could write 5000 articles about this topic of harnessing the power of your subconscious mind, it’s so vast.
Fortunately, I was able to change these habits when I learned the secrets to making positive change.
It requires reprogramming of the mind, which takes place at the subconscious part of the mind.  Therefore, it is important to understand the function and process of the mind, especially the subconscious mind.
As we develop our driving skills our subconscious mind takes over and we become so proficient that we can drive, navigate, listen to music and also talk on the phone at the same time! We cannot change because we are stuck in old ways, and our subconscious mind doesn’t know how to change.
It can be changed only through subconscious programming, through meditation, sending auto-suggestions and creative visualization to the subconscious mind. The things rather negative feelings, bad activities like smoking or inhuman attitudes were owned by us in our age of born to 5-10 year were ruling us the whole life. Having helped people reprogram themselves for over 20 years, I can tell you that the suggestions in this book are useless. I started with a bit of background of what has already happened so far, then flowed on through to describe my chosen future in the same vein – as a factual report of things already achieved. Website visitors are so used to receiving information for free that we take it for granted. Yes we all, at some level or the other, need to reprogramme our sub-conscious minds, to get over the gloomy scenario which everyone is painting for us…. About a century ago, the world of personal achievement exploded with the notion of the subconscious mind ,but only recently,  have the first early notions or intuition of searchers been verified by the World of Science. This gives you a power over circumstances, but you have the right to use it, or not use it, correctly. They have discovered, (and often this has happened by intuition)   that the most basic law of the universe is The Law of Attraction  and have got themselves in harmony with it. And surprisingly,  not only that, but that we and every other thing we “see” is virtually a vibration or mass of energy made up of vibrations. You create a vibration in your body which naturally attracts that vibration, (or anything of a vibrational equivalent.) And I must add, whether you want it or not !
Do you notice re-occurring circumstances?  Have partners left you in the lurch repeatedly?  Do you make good friends, just to lose them time after time? It’s too confusing and contradictory, so we may be tempted to reject the power of our subconscious mind entirely.
Teaching this topic in depth is what my extended EFT tapping video programs and personal coaching programs with Erika Awakening are designed to do. If you want to learn more, get started with my EFT tapping video products or private coaching programs today – you can do both of them from anywhere in the world. If we always think negative things will happen, this will cloud our judgment, and everything that happens will seem negative. For example, I became aware of my unhealthy eating habits and made the conscious decision to change them. This will also change your “auto-response.” When I decided to change my eating habits, I made a conscious effort to change by creating a meal schedule and list of the foods that I could eat each day. The whole education system had no part in it to educate about this filth and make us more good.
Just because an ebook includes a link or a suggestion regarding a purchase you may choose to make, doesn’t take away from the gift that it is.
After the release of the film “The Secret” several years ago, an astonishing number of people began to become aware of the link between the power of the subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction, and the fact that reprogramming the subconscious mind was vital.
Only human beings have the option of completely reprogramming the subconscious mind according to what they choose to think about, on a consistent basis.
There’s another aspect of the power of the subconscious mind which is even more awe-inspiring and incredible than that.
Let me give you an example, an accident, is one vibration, and a happy holiday by the sea, is another.

It takes time and lots of negative vibrations to get you having an accident, but on the other hand , it need lots of reprogramming of the subconscious mind to get you on to a happy vibration. While meanwhile they continue sitting on their tush, watching cable TV, using a wide range of prescription and non-prescription drugs to numb the pain. You can make baloney and excuses for why you are not investing ALL of your available time and money in learning how to reprogram your subconscious mind. So until you become intimate with the Shadow Self, which lurks below conscious awareness in your subconscious mind … frankly, you have no idea what you are capable of creating. I’m sure they said stuff like this throughout my childhood because they had a TON of limiting beliefs about money. Haven’t the people in your childhood done enough to harm you already with their critical words? Indeed, people began to realize that this was the great secret of success and prosperity that can help a person attract his ideal lifestyle. You must keep on the happy vibration and not on a negative vibration which could eventually cause an accident or other negative occurrences. But accepting the shitty life they have is actually less painful than trying to have something better and FAILING over and over again. Just don’t come crying to me when you are still working at a boring and tedious job, sucking it up in a lackluster relationship.
The power of your subconscious mind is in understanding how you are creating what you see, and then learning how to change that picture – one belief at a time. Similar to how a computer-generated movie you might watch is created by thousands of lines of computer code. Also, I was Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper and Co-Editor of the literary magazine. Because I had a deep subconscious belief that it had to be a struggle, and this became a self-fulfilling prophecy. While meanwhile they continue sitting on their asses, watching cable TV, using a wide range of prescription and non-prescription drugs to numb the pain. But accepting the lackluster life they have is actually less painful than trying to have something better and FAILING over and over again. Why do I deserve this?” However, it is the way our conscious mind perceives the situation that creates the negativity, and it keeps us in a cycle of negative thinking and missed opportunities.
Are you telling the world your heart is prickly, or (in Aussie vernacular), that it’s broken and useless? Trying to correct this failure mindset when you already on some level expect yourself to fail is one hell of a catch 22 *LOL*.
As one writers many years ago stated in an ancient book “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  The Old Testament of course.
You can take two people, one is born in tragic circumstances and his whole life becomes one great personal tragedy. This particular filter has the job of scanning all the new stimuli from the outside world and decides the priority of each item.
But what does this mean when it comes to the power of the Law of Attraction and attracting prosperity, health and success? Another, with the same beginnings, breaks free of his childhood prison and becomes a leader of people or gathers a fortune beyond what many men would dare to dream. The circumstances are different, as are the names of the people involved, but the underlying re-occurrence is basically the same.
And yet if you turn your head around, often you can see the light of the projector up above your head, creating the image on the screen.
It is then sorted and some information is sent to the conscious mind and some to the subconscious mind.The subconscious is responsible also for conducting basic functions like making your heart beat and putting one foot in front of the other. What is the difference?  What that man has thought day in and day out for  the span of a lifetime. However, to find out how unnecessary it is, you will need to stop making bullshit and excuses, get off your ass, and learn my system of Holistic Belief Reprogramming.
I’ll tell you, when it comes to your subconscious mind, cynicism and skepticism are not your friends. However, to find out how unnecessary it is, you will need to stop making bullshit and excuses, get off your tush, and learn my advanced EFT Tapping Techniques.
Lull yourself to sleep every night with the idea of perfect health, and your subconscious being your faithful servant, will obey you.5. Without the power of the subconscious you would have to divert your attention to making the heart beat every second and would simply not be able to function effectively.
Cynicism and skepticism are devices your ego mind uses to keep you stuck exactly where you are, too scared to try something new … too scared to try something that would actually work. I mean why should this keep happening to YOU?  It is evident that  there is a negative pattern which is causing the same situation, time and time again. Did you have to think about every manoeuver or were you somehow able to get from A to B with little or no conscious awareness of how you conducted such complex actions and maybe you still had your mind on a hundred and one different other thoughts. In the same way, you must give the right orders (thoughts and images) to your subconscious mind, which controls and governs all your experiences.8. Anything we learn is processed and retained by the subconscious mind which is why we can use this to chnage many of our unwanted behaviours.With access to your unconscious or subconscious mind you have the power to modify the internal neurological pathways which can sometimes be responsible for all kinds of unproductive behaviours and thoughts, from addictions to phobias. This internal framework relies on all kinds of multi-sensory process which sometimes become corrupted by years of patterned behaviours. Something we process subconsciously becomes a part of us like our names and cannot easily be modified without using a key to unlock the internal mechanism. Do not hide your face from me, do not turn your servant away in anger; you have been my helper.

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