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Reprogramming your mind is the key to success.  In this exciting seminar, Pam will reveal how you can change your thoughts and release your hidden potential.
Life is an ongoing process of self-exploration and the more you advance the better success you shall have. You can use this information in a practical way to pass through everything in YOU that hinders living a fulfilling life.
Living on a fast pace, we skip this little and yet profound way of changing our experiences. There will be failures, there will be moments of regrets and wanting to go back to your previous state, you will be halfway, an inch away from the freedom you yearn but remember that no matter how hard it is you will eventually succeed  because the Universe loves you!
And here’s something special about visualization – the best way to practice is before you go to sleep.
Once a person learns the mysteries of the mind he can use all those invisible laws that govern all of us to help him in every enterprise. Recently, I came to the conclusion that the subconscious mind is indeed the last step towards success and there is a way to make it obey you. For some, Beta might seem like a distant mirage that cannot be achieved, that you need to have superhuman powers and only the chosen one can do it.
There are many techniques to slow your brain cycles and get in Beta but the technique I will share with brings real results and you have probably heard it before.
If you’re a beginner, there is a great rhythm to start with – inhale for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 2, exhale for another 4, hold it like this for 2 and repeat.
Georgi Karalov is the founder of the project 'Inner Outer Peace' - become a master of yourself. Bli forst att betygsatta och recensera boken Reprogram Your Mind for Success and Happiness. Let’s now talk about doing your mental work properly in order to reprogram subconscious mind. This is why it is pretty important to take your time everyday and do the exercises properly. Then, when you feel you are feeling at ease and when you are detached from your everyday problems, take out the list of your affirmations and read them slowly. Another thing to consider is using questions to direct your subconscious mind towards detailed visualisation of your goals.
If you make a list of about 10 questions for everything you are visualising it will help you a lot to describe it in detail, thus make you more clear and confident about what you really want. Learn the creative approach to using the energy within you to get exactly what you want from life. But, with the everyday life giving us more challenges it’s hard for us to make any progress. Knowing that only 5% of all our behavior is conscious while 95% of all our actions are coming from the subconscious mind.

And you will learn in a minute the most powerful mind reprogramming technique for success in anything you wish to change.
The moment you modify life to your tastes is the moment you become aware of the simple fact that even the minor word or image that comes from you shapes your reality. Imagine the whole process of reprogramming your subconscious mind like an army (your motivation) invading an unexplored island (your desired reality).
The efforts you put in will seem at first that aren’t producing any result and if they actually do it is a temporary one. The biggest battles in life needs courage, blood and sweat to succeed and to win them you just don’t have to stop persisting. You put images of what change you desire in your mind and do it with all the minor and yet essential details of the life you want to live.
Capturing the subconscious mind unguarded and open to your conscious efforts is what you should strive to make the change. In that precious moment, the mind leaves the well-known energetic Alpha brainwave that operates during your whole day and steps slowly into Beta (you start feeling more relaxed and calm and are aware of the processes happening in the background of your mind) until the mind goes in complete Theta and you fall asleep.
You’re more automatic, you trust your logic while your right hemisphere of the brain is your creativity and helps you visualize. No, I’m just joking, but I’m serious in the meantime – parapsychology holds a grain of truth in it and is worth exploring.
With these insights, you will be able to transform your current being and take it to a higher level, while many have tried and failed because of insufficient knowledge, you’re surely going to outclass them and successfully free yourself from the mind. Georgi is passionate about spirituality, metaphysics, psychology and can be often seen writing about the levels of our consciousness. Unfortunately, too many in this world suffer from low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, and little motivation.
As we spoke in our last article using visualisation and affirmations to achieve your goals is a very powerful way to manifest your dreams in your life. Actually the whole point of doing the mental work is to evoke positive feelings and emotions, as if the dreams you are trying to bring into your reality already manifested in front of you. Many people are struggling to imagine things these days, since in the era of new media everything is given to use in amazing visual-audio package, due to which we rarely have to use our imagination, like we had to while reading books.
In order to reprogram subconscious mind, and make your visions really sink in, you need to feel certain about your visions. If you are unclear or vague about what you want, you cannot expect it to come into your life and you will not succeed to reprogram subconscious mind. Many disorders like ADHD, OCD have recently become more and more common and that’s the reason why many of us search a way out. It’s all about our own personal identity, our nationality, our religion and lastly, our sense of self.
No matter what trick your subconscious mind will play to prevail your invasion, you have to be humble and knowing what is your final goal all the time.

The moment you explore all aspects and make the turning point in the battle with your subconscious mind, everything will become much easier than before. You do that 10-15 minutes a day and soon afterward (2-3 months) the results will start to be more noticeable.
While, during the day it can be hard to affect the subconscious and make any significant progress, the subconscious mind opens while you’re about to go to sleep. Now, the right hemisphere of the brain can be accessed by going into Beta brainwave which means the brain must operate at slower cycles. Meditation is a relaxation technique that helps you slow down the working pace of your brain and turn your attention in the present moment.
With time, you will become better and will have a greater and more permanent access to the slower cycles of the mind. Close to nature and with the spirit of an explorer, he took on the cause to help people improve their life through fulfilling one's vast self-potential.
In his self-help guidebook Reprogram Your Mind for Success and Happiness, author Cleophus Jackson shares inspirational methods that teach others how to discover their hidden powers and train their minds to begin believing that they too can become successful, happy, and self-fulfilled.Jackson believes that within each of us there is a power just waiting to be awakened-the kind of power that can help us achieve anything in life.
If you just read your affirmations while feeling boredom or scepticism, or if you are simply doing it out of necessity and if you are forcing yourself, you cannot expect good results. You could start with a bit of meditation, sit down comfortably and slow down your breathing.
If you have hard time visualising your dreams, write a list of questions to direct your imagination on the right path. While the subconscious mind, lives in the present moment, it’s non-linear which means that if something happened to you 5 years ago, the subconscious mind will experience it like it is happening now. During your time in bed and when you’re about to fall asleep, the subconscious mind is most vulnerable for access.
You’re becoming more conscious of the actions stored in the subconscious and can change them to your taste once you become conscious of them.
With encouragement, any of us can change our methods of thinking that paralyze us and prevent us from achieving success.
For a moment forget about all the shoulds and musts – you could unwind to some really relaxing meditative music.
Jackson shares a step-by-step process that leans heavily on trusting spiritual guidance in order to make decisions, learn to love ourselves, set goals, change habits, take risks, and create a clear vision for the future.Reprogram Your Mind for Success and Happiness traces a path out of the darkness of insecurity and into the light of achievement, where dreams really do come true. If you do this every day and evoke positive feelings while doing it you will effectively reprogram subconscious mind.

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