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Lightly massage on either side of the nose, while moving gradually from the portion between the two eyes from the nose tip to under the eyes.
Make a loud peal by visiting an open garden full of flowers, all tiredness will go in minutes.
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Take Time to Read– My favorite escape is a book, but rather a physical book or tablet the best way to escape is through a book. Meditation– Meditation is a great and effective way to lower your blood pressure, clear your mind and focus on yourself. Yoga- An amazing way to increase breathing, flexibility and relieve built up tense in your body.
Tension is mental or emotional strain; intense, suppressed suspense, anxiety, or excitement.

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It will improve the blood circulation, which make you will feel that your fatigue is cleaned.
Rather better is that you enjoy a long bath, and if possible in Bath Tub, It will bring the freshness in the whole body. They are known to increase circulation, relax your body and put the toxins out of your body, but the best part is you can make your own detox bath! It’s much cheaper than a real vacation and the easy access allows you to be submersed in as great journey any time you want. Music is known to have physiological effects on individuals, can aid in relaxation and increase your mood.

These provide the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends, catching up, building bonds to making everlasting memories.  However, with all the rigorous and time consuming events and festivities, sometimes you need to take personal time and have a break.
Curl up on your favorite couch with a blanket and cup of coffee to enjoy the great escape.  You may want to check out this list of summer reads. As you do so, go back to the most beautiful place you have ever been; this place can be real or imagined. This service of the legs and feet will make you fresh and will also be beneficial to your beauty. Imagine that you feel the way you feel right after you have just finished some exhilarating physical activity.

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