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Preparing for the birth of your baby, like any special event, takes planning and organisation. Pelvic rocking is used by women in labour to help them focus during contractions and it can assist with moving the baby down the birth canal. Labour is a challenging process when thinking about it, talking about it, preparing for it and going through it. I have always viewed pregnancy as a nurturing, beautiful and loving time of ones life and I always looked forward to the day when my husband and I made the conscious decision to start our family. Often in life, we have experiences that we would consider to be stressful, and the thought of labour for many women can be very stressful. If you knew that you had an interview tomorrow, a blood test or a dentist appointment, how would that make you feel? TENS works by delivering nerve stimuli to the surface of your belly and back, which interferes with transmission of deeper pain impulses. An epidural provides pain relief by freezing the nerves that bring pain sensation from the uterus.
Roseanne Hickey works at Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre as a nurse in labour and delivery and has taught prenatal classes for many years.
Birthzang runs weekly classes of Pregnancy Yoga in Reading on Thursdays 6.45pm at Sun Street Community Centre in East Reading. In each class we practice gentle yoga positions designed for pregnancy to help you stretch and strengthen your body in preparation for birth.
Classes cost ?10 drop-in, or ?30 per block of 4 in a row (this is the equivalent of ?7.50 per class or 4 classes for the price of 3).

If you have paid for a 4-week block and you miss a class then unfortunately you forfeit the class.
Throughout my day-to-day life I find myself using your tips and tools and all sorts of different yoga stuff…it’s brill! Whether you’re pregnant with your first, second or subsequent baby, there are some really simple things you can do to prepare yourself for labour.
Jacqui Venkatesh, a senior midwife at the Lindo wing St Mary’s Hospital advises perineal massage to avoid tearing. A curry might be a tried and tested way of starting labour, but once it’s underway, avoid the spicy stuff. Corinna and I love to see the responses we get when we start talking about this little bottle of 100% natural wonder oil… As we’re chatting to the pregnant woman about how to use it, her partner often goes a little pale and wanders off. As strong as that nesting instinct is girls, when it comes to packing that hospital bag of yours you need to show some restraint.
Love Boo was born in 2008 by two ex-magazine editors Jennifer and Corinna who met at the start of their journalism careers. Some women find this quite a natural thing to do, timing their breathing with their rocking, to give them a focus.
There are breathing exercises, yoga poses, gentle stretching, and even massage that can help stimulate the birthing process. Electrodes are taped on specific locations on your back, and the stimuli are given using a small, hand-held machine.
This is done by administering a small amount of medicine (local anesthetic and narcotic) into the epidural space. We will also learn birth preparation techniques, breathing techniques and finish each yoga class with a deep relaxation. It is helpful if you can bring a cushion or pillow to support your head during relaxation, and a mug for your tea! If you miss just one week from a block of 4 it works out the same cost as doing 3 weeks of drop-in so you don’t really lose out.
It’s a lovely way to break up my work week, and is helping me feel more aware of the changes to my body during pregnancy.
If someone starts to tell you a story about their labour, stop them and ask if the story has a good ending.

Sleep patterns may change with women being more wakeful at night, they may start to do activities that involve adopting comfortable positions e.g. Many women find their confidence dipping, thanks to a changing body shape (and hormones flying all over the place – thanks hormones!) and it can be tricky to know how to dress your growing bump while keeping your sense of identity. Here you can find some more insights into what you can do to help you prepare for the birth of your baby or your babies.
There are many takes on what hard work is though, and every single woman will have their own measure of what hard work is for them, hence for each woman, labour will mean something different. Even if none of these methods cause you to go into labor, at least you will feel more relaxed afterwards.
Studies have shown that women who use tub therapy report higher comfort levels and have less need for pain relief.
TENS therapy must be arranged ahead of time through the physiotherapy department of your hospital.
We finish each class with a cup of herbal tea and a chocolate biscuit and have a chance to make friends and chat. You operate the device yourself so it is a good idea to practice using the unit ahead of time.
Since the medicine can cross over to the baby and can slow down the baby’s breathing after delivery, the timing of administering these drugs is very important. There are lots of hypnobirthing classes which then give you an mp3 to listen to afterwards. As the baby’s head moves down the birth canal women may also appear that their bump is lower (some call this lightening). Other signs could include passing a plug of mucus from the vagina. Worrying about why you arena€™t going into labor wona€™t cause you to be any closer to seeing your new bundle of joy. When considering any of the options above, ask your caregiver questions you may have or voice your concerns.

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