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We stumbled across this amusing (but take our word on it – serious) article on recognizing psychopathic symptoms in three common staples in your daily circle – your lover, your friend and your boss.
Whether you have had the (dis)pleasure of experiencing a psycho in your life, counseled a friend through this problem or have laughed your way up to this point saying “yeah right, as if I couldn’t spot a psycho”, read on anyway – you may well thank us later! Take, for instance, the girlfriend who declares her love for you one minute and threatens to return to her ex the next; or the boyfriend who seems present in company and with his affections, but appears to have a cold, cold heart when you need him to warm up.
The article also states – “psychopaths are most frequently found in the corporate world”. So just when you think your boss personifies the qualities of a successful entrepreneur – confidence and ruthlessness – these are actually classic psychopathic traits (great…) and they could potentially harm your career and your growth if you don’t steer clear of them.
Of course, we’re not out to spark paranoia with these three relationships in your life (or are we? So have a read of the full article here to find out how to spot, dodge and tackle potential psychopaths! I have always thought it safer to keep personal stuff very much to myself, as when a relationship breaks up, invariably that is when all deep dark secrets you’ve told the other person will then be public knowledge to others, don’t you think? The couple’s problems are as varied and as old as the existence of couples, often allowing the couple to consolidate after the crisis but, in some other cases, allowing couples to define whether or not to stay together. Because if their problems are related to trust issues among partners and these problems could be solved through dialogue, then there might be a solution; but if, on the other hand, if the problems are physical, psychological and sexual abuse and cannot be corrected with the help of a specialist in couples.

When problems are in their most critical stage, it is worth trying to answer a series of questions that can help minimize the difficulties presented. But all these problems are nothing when there are problems of physical violence that often culminate in sexual violence, psychological violence problems, or where one partner has fallen into the clutches of drug addiction or alcoholism or suffer from a disease which somehow aggravates his or her mental condition. The interaction between members of the couple is the best way to behave and to solve the problems that arise in the process of relationship that they live and it is necessary to establish a place to talk and spend minutes of their time for achieving solutions to the conflict. In the process of discussion of marital problems, each partner should always look for the elements close to the couple that separates them. In short, conflicts or relationship problems are solved to the extent that its members show mutual respect, trust, love, and that there is no physical, sexual or psychological violence. Professional Life Coach and Social Worker, I have the tools to help you overcome your relationship issues. Illustrations of couple in darkness, convey facing or overcome relationship problems together. Psychopaths lack empathy, are good at imitating love and know how to take advantage of your emotional weaknesses. Someone who seems like the life of your party and goes the extra mile to win your trust may be a friend to keep, but when you find yourself wrung into cleaning up their endless mess and being bogged down with having to support them (emotionally and financially), it’s time to reassess the friendship band.

But it is exactly at this point that one should use their moral values to stand and reaffirm their love towards your partner. Remember that in the solution of marital problems that occur along the relationship, there will not be an avenger or a winner, but the both of them will be winners. Period puns are the most frustrating kinds of puns… see, I'm annoyed when men make period jokes, but I love any kind of pun ever, so I think they cancel out? Like a sweet giant cookie that ends up bitter on your hips, it’ll take a lot of effort to shed these crazies from your life (unless of course you’re quick to spot them before it’s too late!). Our message is simply that it is important for you to be aware of unhealthy relationships, as they could damage your personal growth, your self-esteem and your love and respect for yourself. Never pretend to disqualify the other partner, when you are explaining that anything you dislike about your partner and the consequences generated by this attitude.
A very important point of discussion of the problem is to accept each partner their share of responsibility.

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