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Reiki II – includes 2 attunements which further opens your energy fields to receive higher frequencies of the Universe. Send distance Reiki to future events: interviews, auditions, testing exams, court dates etc. In this class the children will get in touch with their innate ability and recognize the subtle energy in and around them. Cost: $150 per child includes Reiki Kids Certificate, Reiki Kids book and all craft materials.
It is designed to be fun, while learning about their energy centers, how energy helps clear, and how they can help themselves, their pets, and others.  They are very close to the flow of life. It has been our dream came true when we were given this concept by our fellow Reiki Grand masters Jitender Kumar and Navneet Mathur. We are grateful for their web development and designing, which gave us a platform to share our works with you.We have been getting emails and suggestions from you all on writing an article for better concentration and something so that they are able to do better meditations.

In this class we honor their unique perspectives and present Reiki in a way they can understand.
As you all know us that we try to work on almost all as is asked to us and what we find is useful for all.
Mary's Hospital Senior Center, Queen Mary Health Spa, Tranquillity Massage & Yoga Center - Renaissance Hotel, World Evolution Yoga Center, Cheong Gae Oriental Healing Center in California, USA. We all the Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters started thinking and working on it and have a good finding last week.
With their help, we were able to find some images, downloaded from net and are sharing with you all here. She took classes in Behavioural Psychology and Alternative Healing and Medicine at Baron University, Los Angeles, CA. We should try to keep in mind that if we are having a slow music played in background or some meditation music, we will be able to work better.We must keep either of the images on a wall and play a slow music or meditation music n the background.

When we are focusing at the center of the picture, we might feel them rotating either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
Once we are able to see them with our closed eyes, we should do it and can see that our concentration is improving. We can also see that our meditation is improving and we are able to increase time and our inner energy with the help of these deep meditations.

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