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Reflections of Faith: An Inspirational Verse Collection by Katie Sciabarrasi published by Spirit Life Media. Spirit Life Media is a publisher of Christian inspirational works intended to uplift and exhort others to seek a deeper relationship with the Lord.

But when you feel overwhelmed by the challenges you are facing, you can remember that you serve a God who truly cares and is ready to comfort you in the midst of the storm. As I have experienced spiritual growth through the study of God’s Word, I have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to write Scripture based inspirational poetry that ministers spiritual truth that speaks into our very hearts, souls, and spirits. This was not a gift that I sought, but a gift that the Lord chose to bestow upon me as I spent time in His Presence. He sees the needs of His people, and perhaps He has raised me up for such a time as this to use my gift to minister to the needs of His people, and to those who are searching for answers, but have not yet committed their life to Jesus Christ. I began to write inspirational poetry that reflected the life transforming spiritual truths that the Lord had and continues to reveal to me.

As the collection of poems began to grow, I was filled with a strong desire to minister encouragement, hope, and healing to others through the spiritual truth in the poems.

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