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Some review sites send you a specific date to post your review, and some are more flexible.
I’ve also been fortunate enough to win a couple of online drawings for books from various blogs, and those have been great as well! I’ve worked with a couple of these sites, I enjoy posting reviews about the books that I have read. Beginning this week in Jacksonville and culminating in early April in Tallahassee, students across the state of Florida will have the chance to learn about the importance of reading and giving.
We Give Books, a digital initiative from Penguin and the Pearson Foundation, enables people anywhere to put books in the hands of children who don't have them simply by reading online for free. The Pearson Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, extends Pearson's commitment to education by partnering with leading nonprofit, civic, and business organizations to provide financial, organizational, and publishing assistance across the globe. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Ana Dominguez, Executive Director and General Manager, SC Johnson Canada, members of the SC Johnson Community Enrichment Team and Kids Can Fly babies gather to announce the opening of registrations for the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Books from Birth program. Announcing that ALL babies born in 2014 in Brantford and Brant County will be able to be registered into the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library for one year under a new initiative, Books From Birth. As a family company, at SC Johnson we have always believed that along with providing great products that make life better for families, we should have a positive impact in our communities. Reading to your baby is the foundation of language and learning and builds a strong bond between parent and child, it is a simple idea but the effects are deep and provide long-term benefits for the person and the community.”  Sharon Brooks, Executive Director of Kids Can Fly. Kids Can Fly is thrilled with funding that has been granted, but in order to facilitate planned growth additional funds are still needed. Currently, in Brantford and Brant County 860 children are registered and over 230 children have graduated from the program.  There are approximately 5,600 children in Brantford-Brant that are ages 0-5 years old and Kids Can Fly’s ultimate goal is to have all 5,600 children enrolled in the program.

The positive response we have had for the Imagination Library in this community is overwhelming, we receive inquiries or additions to the waiting list almost every day”.
Parents in Brantford-Brant can add their children to the waiting list if they were not born in 2014, under 5 and residing in Brantford or Brant County.  Registration is limited to one child per household.
Serving Brantford and Brant County, Kids Can Fly is a registered charity focused on the importance of early learning initiatives and parenting support.  A champion for positive change during early childhood development, Kids Can Fly operates and supports a number of programs based on the teachings of the late Dr. If you want to grow your library with brand new Christian books, there is an easy and free way to do it. Step 2: Sign up with Christian publishers for free books through their “Blogger Review” programs. If you know of any other similar programs to the ones listed above, please let us know in the comments section below. Nathan serves on the pastoral staff of Grace Church and teaches theology at The Master's Seminary in Los Angeles. And I would also say, Brandon, that you should pick two or three higher trafficked blogs that you enjoy and commit to being a regular reader and commenter there.
There are several different websites where bloggers can sign up to receive free books in exchange for a blog post containing an honest review. Be sure to read all of the terms of the agreement when you sign up so that you know exactly what is required in your review (including legal disclosure language). Thanks to an initiative from We Give Books, students will receive a special visit and free books from the ReadMobile, which is bringing school and family reading celebrations to Florida's communities. In communities large and small across Florida, thousands of students, educators and families will take part in this month-long tour. The foundation aims to make a difference by sponsoring innovative educational programs and extending its educational expertise to help in classrooms and in local communities.

Together, Penguin and the Pearson Foundation support literacy through programs that engage entire communities.
But for those who don’t, it is an exceptional opportunity – especially for those who love to read. Christian publishers will gladly send you free books, in exchange for your willingness to post an online blog review of each book after you read it. Most major Christian publishers offer these kinds of programs (at least for bloggers living within the United States and Canada). Different publishers may have slightly different criteria for your online review (in terms of length and the places where it is posted).
Read each post carefully and then interact thoughtfully with what the author had written and what other commenters have said.
Working around the world through programs like Booktime, We Give Books, and Jumpstart's Read for the Record, Penguin and the Pearson Foundation have touched millions of lives in thousands of communities.
Since 1917, we have been proud corporate citizens of Brantford and we are committed to help make life better for children and families.A creative program like Books from Birth through the Imagination Library which builds literacy skills right from the start is a positive example of how young children can realize their full potential. If you enjoy reading good books, and like telling others about them, starting a blog that includes regular book reviews can be both easy and enjoyable.
On behalf of SC Johnson Canada, I offer sincere congratulations to Kids Can Fly for delivering this essential program to Brantford families“.
Not only will this train you to be a better writer and thinker, but if other regulars on that blog are often served by your thoughts they’ll check your profile or click through to your site.

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